The Poisoning of a Nation

The purpose of this site is to expose the treacherous acts of a small group of ultra-powerful elite that have taken over our country. Committed to the total domination of humanity, these scumbags – collectively known as Banksters – hijacked the global economy nearly a century ago through crony capitalism and the issuance of fiat debt. Within the next few years (months?) the entire financial system will be brought down by these cowards. The ensuing chaos from the Collapse will have Americans desperate for a Solution to their woes. The Solution will be provided by the same people who created the Problem, of course, and they aim to end Free Humanity as we know it. All financial and military power will be consolidated on a global scale – think the United Nations on steroids – and the notion of national sovereignty will be a relic of the past. I’d like to think that the many articles I’ve written have done a good job of explaining the precarious financial and geopolitical situation we find ourselves in. What I have yet to get across is how truly Evil the Banksters’ plan for humanity really is. I have a feeling this post will accomplish that goal.

Like most psychopaths from history, the Banksters’ thirst for power cannot be quenched by Gold and Women alone. To them, real joy is inflicting pain and death upon the peasantry – especially the children. The tyrants of the past raped, pillaged and murdered to get their fix of Evil; the Banksters partake in these activities as well, of course, but scientific progress has allowed them to become more effective, efficient and discreet than ever before. Countless millions have already perished at the hands of the Banksters – billions more may follow unless we do something about it. Now.

Before I list some of the ways the Banksters and their MegaCorporations are poisoning you and your progeny let me plug a very short article I published last Fall. If you haven’t read this yet I would encourage you to do so now. For those who don’t feel like taking the time (I don’t hate you) let me summarize: America has become the fattest, sickest, and most drugged-up civilization of all-time. The incidence of every type of cancer is up several-fold over the past couple decades. The number of Americans with diabetes doubled between 1998 to 2008. Within the next few years that figure will have doubled once more. The life expectancy of the average American recently dropped to 28th internationally; this despite the fact that our healthcare spending far outstrips all other countries on a per capita basis. Of course, the children are the ones who are taking the brunt of the Banksters’ chemical and biological attacks. Let’s take a look at a chart that the U.S. Department of Education released a few years back:

I’ve replicated this chart in Excel so I can play with it.

You don’t have to have a Master’s in Finance to realize that this graph is pretty ugly. If you remember your high school algebra you may recall that the shape of this curve is nearly identical to that of an exponential function. The data from the USDE study is represented by the blue curve and the black curve represents the exponential function that ‘best fits’. This all means that the incidence of autism is increasing, at an ever-increasing rate. I’ve used a bit of Excel Magic to expand this model out to the year 2020 and it gets pretty sickening.

The blue curve from the first chart is still present in this second chart; I merely extended the x-axis to by a few years to see what would happen to the black curve as the years went on. he result of this simple analysis? Nearly 1 in 16 children will be autistic by 2020 if the trend from the USDE study continues unabated.

This sounds ridiculous, so let’s spot check for accuracy. According to the black curve, 125 out of every 10,000 children will be autistic by the year 2012 (orange line). Let’s compare this to a study published March 29th, 2012 that found that 1 in 88 children in America is now autistic. This incidence rate falls almost exactly in line with the model’s projections (1.25% in my model vs. 1.14% in the March study), which is quite disturbing. Also note that boys are particularly susceptible to the disorder, with nearly 1 in 54 (1.85%) being diagnosed according to the 2012 study. In other words:




From 2008 to 2012 my model’s accuracy is nearly flawless. If I could predict stocks with this level of certainty I could have made billions during the same period. Let’s look a few more years into the future…

The horizontal line at 10,000 represents the maximum limit of this function; at this point, the rate of autism cannot increase because, well, a kid can’t be autistic twice. A ceiling will form at – or below – this line. This begs the question: Will the rate of autism plateau once 5% of kids are autistic, or will it happen when 25% are classified as such? Perhaps things won’t level off until seven out of every ten children can’t speak? For the sake of our future generations let’s hope that my model falls apart in the next year or two. I’m not holding my breath.

I will go on. As I was writing this rant I came across a news article stating that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030. That’s literally going to smother the healthcare system. If you think the medical system is jacked up now, trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The number of people hooked on Big Pharma’s candy is, of course, at record highs as well. You get sick, they give you drugs, you suffer side effects, they give you more drugs, and they make tons of cash money.


It’s true that part of the obesity epidemic can be blamed on modern society’s sedentary lifestyle and love of Happy Meals. It can also be surmised that improvements in screening and detection methods account for the surge account for some of the surge in autism and cancer rates. Each and every individual example could be argued against. Go for it. What I’m saying is that a small group of ultra-powerful elite is trying to fry our kids’ brains and get us fat on purpose.

Everybody knows that there’s ‘something wrong’ but very few seem to put all the pieces together. That’s what I try to do in my spare time – I’m cool, I know. Even people that care very much about these issues are looking in the wrong direction. While millions of people were racing for the Cure I was reading for the Cause. My exhaustive research has led me to conclude that the Banksters and their MegaCorporations are intentionally poisoning the species; their final goal, the sterilization of the human race and total control over our Mind, Body and Soul. They already have the Gold and Women, they want Us.

As I know your attention span is waning I will get to the evidence in a rather condensed manner. I will preface by stating that the Banksters’ war on your health is in the style of Death By A Thousand Cuts. No particular vaccine accounts for the exponential increase in autism, just as McDonald’s isn’t the only reason Americans are fat as shit. There are thousands of factors at play, Bankster-controlled and otherwise, but let me assure you that what is happening is not a ‘coincidence’ and it’s only going to get worse unless we get off our fat asses to do something about it.


I don’t have to spend much time discussing how poor the American diet is because, with an obesity rate of 42% quickly approaching, you can go to any mall and see the proof for yourself. What I want to point out is that self-control and exercise can only go so far when the food we eat is void of substance and smothered in pesticides. The farming methods used by Big Agra have stripped the nutrients right out of the soil. To steal a quote: “Instead of eating cereal you might as well eat cardboard, at least you’ll get your daily fiber intake”. Think of all the artificial substances have been created and added to our highly-processed food. Look at the back of a frozen dinner in your fridge…try to guess what half of the ingredients are. Go do some research on high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and aspartame. Unless you grow your own food – or know the farmer who does – you’re likely eating a bunch of crap. The Banksters make money and sicken you at the same time? Easy Money.


Genetically modified foods grow their own pesticides. This means the food has poison grown into it. Farmer Joe still has to spray the fields, though, since bugs are becoming resistant to the ‘natural’ pesticide and still require ‘spot treatment’ when they get a bit out of control. Oh, and by the way, studies have shown that mammals brought up on GMO suffer from all types of health problems, often become sterile by the third generation. We’re about a generation into GMO in America, so I guess we won’t know its effect on humans for a little while yet. We’re mammals though, right? Maybe we’re immune. I trust Monsanto.


There really is something in the water: It’s called fluoride, and it has been shown to lower IQ by several points. Sodium Fluoride has also been linked to bone cancer and other major health issues in both children and adults. When used topically on the teeth this chemical can prevent cavities and strengthen enamel, just ask your dentist. You should also ask your dentist to comment on the effectiveness of fluoride when ingested internally, without dosage controls. I specialize in economics and geopolitics – not medical research – but I find it hard to believe that ingesting the primary ingredient in rat poison helps protect teeth. This toxic substance, found in 70% of America’s water supply, is a byproduct of phosphate mining and is chock full of uranium and other heavy metals and poisons. Drink Up!

Did you know that vaccines contain mercury and aluminum?Β  How about the fact that the EPA quickly raised the ‘safe’ levels of radiation after multiple reactor meltdowns at Fukishima? I could keep citing examples to show how we are under chemical assault by the Banksters and their MegaCorporations, but I’ll leave it at that. Again, everything I’ve referred to can be explained away or rationalized to some degree, there is no smoking gun. All I know is that my model predicts that, if I have kids, they’ll probably be fucked up. The prepoderance of evidence suggests that it will be the Banksters’ fault. I’m Mad.

Go share this article with everyone you know. Do your own research and fight against the Banksters in your own way (peacefully). The rest of my website is a good place to start, but don’t take my word for any of this, go find out yourself. Good luck, we’ll need it!

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  • Floyd| June 28, 2013

    i read on subjects like this alot in it all sound so true. I just need help, cause everything u cant learn on your on, (need help in some way)

    • Ben| June 28, 2013

      Yeah it’s tough there is so much information out there and it seems like everything is trying to poison you! I think the best place to start is by getting a high quality water filter if you can. After that, boycott all fast food, then try to do your best to eat LOCAL vegetables and fruits and stuff….it’s very difficult but make small changes at a time and they add up! Keep trying and be sure to check out other articles of mine I talk about all types of stuff πŸ™‚

  • John| July 15, 2013

    One of Big Pharma’s Company, Pfizer Limited, got bought by Monsanto and merged together.

    These twisted, profit-hungry, moral-less people are experimenting on us.

    For Ben, you’d want to get a Water Distiller (No maintenance, comes in huge or small up to 15 gallons and more), which filters all chemicals, or a Reverse Osmosis (Maintenance needed every 1-2 years max) that filters 97% Fluoride and 100% of other chemicals.

    Organic is the way to go. Organic is a little more expensive, but you support the local community, traditional normal natural farming, and sanity. Good for you, good for the farmers, good for the environment. is a great website to give you information about the Hexaflurosillicic Acid (Fluoride) – Which are by-product of Alluminium and Phosphate Products manufactured in those companies fight, and has a wealth of information for activists, doctors, dentists (Those who see the light), and is a great resource and international coalition for the removal of Fluoride.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  • John| July 15, 2013

    Excuse my above post. I didn’t proof read the last paragraph.

    * is a great website to give you information about the Hexaflurosillicic Acid called Fluoride, a by-product of Alluminium and Phosphate Products manufactured goods. has a wealth of information for activists, doctors, dentists (Those who see the light), and is a great resource for education in the ultimate goal to end Fluoridation once and for all.

    Fluoridation has been fought for over 60 years since it was first made. The Public Health Service government lied about health problems, and all of these government institutes lie about studies and not give you the truth, like Aspertame was kept a secret until it was leaked, just like the NSA was kept a secret until it was leaked, just like 9/11, just like vaccines.

    Oh, and if you have a family, let the children play in dirt. Studies show it significantly increases the immune system. Children with animals or pets have less allergies than others.

    And I don’t buy into religion, therefore I don’t buy into Illuminati Satanic NWO crap. But I easily buy into human selfishness and stupidity, criminal countries like China’s child labor, Samsung funding congo tribe wars to get minerals to make phones cheaper, and these problems.

    And screw wars. Wars are only for stealing resources. Those brainwashed soldiers will just say they are protecting their country. What bullshit!

    Except where it’s to neutralize a threat to people, ok.

    I hate corrupt governments.

    • Ben| July 15, 2013

      Good stuff, keep up the good fight and don’t give up against these scum!

    • Ben| July 16, 2013

      Awesome stuff thank you!!

      I would say that the NWO/Religion stuff is what THEY believe, so even if it’s all hogwash, they sure as heck are trying to be Satanic, or as close as one can get! But yes, it’s the ‘average’ human/minion making small, greedy decisions, that allow the Banksters and Friends to trample all over us.

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