Who Are The Banksters? Part Deux – The European Central Bank and The International Monetary Fund

The European  Experiment has failed. The various reasons for the impending collapse of the Euro Zone aren’t the focus of this article; while understanding the mechanics of the monetary system may be important for a detailed understanding of the situation, this blog is all about the big picture. If you want to read up on the result of Italy’s €800 Million bond auction head on over to CNBC. If you’re looking to perform due diligence on your portfolio’s exposure to a Euro Zone meltdown, please read my post Silver and Gold and consider getting your life savings out of the rigged casinos on Wall Street. Of course, if you are interested in learning about the Banksters’ plans to tax, rob and, eventually, kill us, read on.

This post will serve as the second entry in the “Who Are The Banksters?” series. These articles are meant to help expose those who would seek to destroy Free Humanity for Profit and Power: The Banksters. The first in the series exposed the MegaBanks. Led by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, these six MegaBanks can be thought of as the Banksters’ intermediary with the general public. That’s in stark contrast to the European Central Bank (ECB) and The International Monetary Fund (IMF). These two unsightly institutions are unseen by the masses – you won’t find an IMF branch down the street – yet they control the fate of 330 million Europeans (and scores of investment portfolios) across the globe. While the ECB and IMF’s methods of pillage may differ from the Megabanks’, it is clear that both groups answer to the same small group of Elite who are attempting to control the fate of humanity. Still, we can’t get ahead of ourselves, that discussion will have to wait until the finale of the Who Are The Banksters? series. For now, let’s focus on the destruction of Europe as a prelude to the collapse here in America.

Some former middle school English teacher of mine would probably be angry if I didn’t use the next paragraph to give a formal, robotic summary of the main functions of the IMF and ECB. That sounds incredibly boring to me and I suspect that you feel the same. If you want to know their official methods, go read their websites or their Wikipedia entries. If you don’t feel like reading go find the online game that lets you assume the role of the ECB in a quest to balance inflation and employment. Ironically enough, just hours before I started writing this post I was at work and a co-worker of mine mentioned hearing about “some sort of Finance game” during a Fareed Zakaria CNN piece covering the European Crisis. After finding the link on CNN I found out that this game, meant to illustrate how the Debt Crisis could be fixed by the ECB, was owned and operated by the ECB itself. Of course. I went on to beat it in like 7 minutes…worthless. Anyway, the point is that there are thousands of places out there for you to learn about the basic mechanical workings of these institutions, and some are better than others. This blog doesn’t focus on that stuff unless it’s imperative for the understanding of the big picture. What I hope to do is expose how the Banksters’ actions through the ECB and IMF will help lead to the planned implosion and subsequent takeover of our world’s economy.

As an aside, I know I risk sounding overdramatic with all of this big, scary talk. I may get a bit verbose at times, but the fact remains that I firmly believe that it’s not an oversimplification to say that the Elite’s endgame is the implementation of a technological tyranny that puts both 1984 and Mao Tse-tung to shame. It’s also not unrealistic that it’s put into place within the next 5 years; hell, most of the machine is assembled – it just needs a little tweaking and a spark and it’ll be running at full capacity. Again, more fodder for the series finale, to keep on target I’ll stick to Europe.

The current situation in Europe stems in part from the same type of fraud that afflicted the United States in the 2000s: Those Bankster created Black Holes of Debt (Death) formerly known as derivatives. The story on this is short and sweet: Central banks (including the ECB and Federal Reserve) colluded with national governments to encourage rampant speculation and fraud. When the bubble popped, former Goldman Sachs CEO turned US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s “Too MegaBank to Fail” bailouts saved us all. That came with a stipulation though. The American taxpayer is now on the hook for hundreds of trillions of dollars of fraudulent debt; a level so large it would not even be paid by the time your great great grandchildren were buried in the ground. The European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund pulled a similar stunt for the Banksters in Europe but chose to run their swindle a bit differently than they did in America.

It all began with the creation of the European Union in 1993 and the introduction of the Euro currency in 1999. With the ECB and IMF firmly at the helm, it looked as if the continent had entered a period of peace and prosperity that had eluded it since the beginning of time. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is, especially if the Banksters are the ones calling the shots. There were many ‘side effects’ that arose from the EU and Euro but the one I’d like to cover resulted in the transfer of wealth and power from the periphery countries like Portugal, Greece and Italy to the big boys in France and Germany. Without getting too detailed about bonds and interest rates, the end result of the ECB system was that the less economically stable countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, etc.) were able to borrow far too much money at far too low of rates. Once you give politicians unlimited money, well, they go shopping. These ‘secondary’ countries ran up huge bills on things they could never afford, often importing big ticket items from Germany and France, who also benefited from the situation in the short-term. Then the dam sprung a leak. Then another. And another. In fact, just one day before this post was originally published the ECB and Fed used one of their final bullets in the effort to ‘prevent’ a meltdown of the Euro. In an effort to ‘boost confidence’, the Fed agreed to loan dollars to the ECB at an even lower interest rate than before. I honestly think they did this to squeeze out one more month of Christmas spending before the system comes crashing down in the first few months of 2012, but that’s just a theory. What isn’t just a theory is that the action of the Fed and ECB has made  every American citizen even more vulnerable to the events going on in Europe; where Europe goes, America goes, and at this rate they’re both going down the toilet. Luckily, the ECB and IMF have a plan to save us all Europe (The Fed saves EVERYONE!!).

What is their plan? The short of it is that the ECB will continue to print fiat money to monetize debt (read: inflation) while the IMF imposes strict austerity measures on the countries that it bails out. In other words, the ECB is a printing press much like the Federal Reserve whereas the IMF is more of a loanshark/vampire hybrid that serves as the Banksters’ enforcer. I’ve discussed the impact of inflation and austerity in detail in many prior articles but I’ll challenge myself to explain the concept in just one sentence:

Inflation and austerity will lead to a sharp decline in the standard of living that will leave millions starving in the street; in an effort to survive, those millions of refugees will turn to theft and violence which will result in the implementation of a brutal Police State that will have the general public begging for a Solution.

I don’t like blurbs, which is why I never joined Twitter, but I guess that’s a decent assessment of the result of inflation and austerity.

It’s already pretty apparent that the ECB is a fraud just like the Federal Reserve…but what’s so bad about the IMF, and how does it fit into the Banksters’ plans? A casual observer may read the IMF’s mission statement and feel that the organization serves a useful and benevolent purpose; of course, avid readers of Dethrone The Banksters know this is just a dog and pony show. The IMF’s main objective is to identify countries in dire financial straits so that they may offer them emergency loans to stave off a financial crisis or default. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing as a ‘no strings attached’ loan from the IMF. Far from it. In order to receive IMF assistance a country must turn over its entire financial sovereignty to the organization. That may sound benign at first but looking a bit deeper shows that this is equivalent to a complete and successful Bankster takeover…without one shot fired. A country under IMF control has little to no say over the level and types of taxes levied against its people nor any influence on the ways that the taxpayer money is spent. This inevitably leads to higher taxes and a reduction in services for the people in order to ‘balance the budget’. Suffice to say the primary reason why the budget isn’t balanced is due to fraudulent Bankster debt…they create the chaos and then pose as the saviors. Problem, Reaction, Solution, even a 7th grader should understand such a basic scheme. While I’m a staunch fiscal conservative and understand the need for balanced budgets and a responsible approach to government spending I certainly don’t support an organization that forces its will on a sovereign nation when the only reason a ‘loan’ was needed was because of blatant Bankster fraud and deception.

So there you have it, a small glimpse into the world of two of the Banksters’ most powerful weapons: The European Central Bank and The International Monetary Fund. These two organizations, in conjunction with the MegaBanks, have essentially conquered Europe in a way that Napoleon and Hitler could only dream of. Once they are able to fully control Europe the Banksters will be one step closer to the creation of a Bank of the World and the implementation of total tyranny over mankind. The Age of Technocracy has dawned; no longer do the people have any say in their governance. Just look at what has happened to Italy and Greece in the past month. Former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi (a scumbag in his own right) was ousted by former EU Commissioner Mario Monti…who just so happened to be an international advisor for Goldman Sachs back in the day. A similar scenario unfolded in Greece when former Prime Minister George Papandreou sought a referendum for the Greek people on the country’s austerity measures; he was quickly replaced by Lucas Papademos, a former vice-President of the ECB and an ex-senior economist at the Boston Federal Reserve. Current President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy said it best, “The country [Italy] needs reforms, not elections”. Nope, what every country needs to do is DETHRONE THE BANKSTERS!

Well if you made it this far I’m happy for you. At least you’re trying! You can’t stop there though. Continue your research so that you are more informed and begin telling everyone you know about this corruption. Six out of ten people will think you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist, or they simply won’t give a shit, but those other four people can be woken up before it’s too late. Even if they don’t listen to you now they will remember what you said when the shit really hits then fan in the near future. The Revolutionary War was started by 5% and won by 20%…unfortunately for the British, our Founding Fathers didn’t have Playstation 3 and Facebook back then so it wasn’t as hard to get people out of their trance. It’s a bit different now but I still have faith in America. I hope you enjoyed this post I’ll be back next week. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you are notified when a post is made, and feel free to use that little ‘share’ button down below to tell all your friends about the best damn blog out there!

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  • Eye Floaters| December 9, 2011

    Enough with the crisis in Eurpoe. Fix your problems and move on!

  • Elliptical Review| December 19, 2011

    Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

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  • inthenaw1@gmail.com| March 5, 2015

    Now the Germans can stop calling us lazy Greeks to hide their criminality.

    • Ben| March 12, 2015

      Yup there’s lots of blame to go around; Greece definitely took advantage of being in the Euro but in all reality the vast majority of the blame should go on the Banksters !

  • soultana| August 7, 2015

    GREECE should dump the EU and let all fall before all Europe get trapped
    in hell of the banksters plan.

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