We’re Still Number 1!


As I begin writing this post it’s about 5:30 on an NFL Sunday. This very moment, millions of my fellow Americans are watching as the men of the gridiron pit their wills against one another in an epic struggle to move an odd-shaped ball across a line of chalk. Meanwhile, our great nation is disintegrating. From LA to New York and from Minneapolis to Miami, all facets of the American System are coming unglued. Yet on this hallowed Sunday evening we watch intently in the hope that our fantasy quarterback will save the day once more. It’s pretty sad what we’ve become. I’m not just saying this because I’m down 45 points and I doubt Brees will be able to pull me out of this hole, I’m saying it because it’s true and it is pretty pathetic.

Listen, I know how awesome football is. I played from second grade all the way up until Senior year of high school and nothing was better than laying a huge hit on the QB from  the blindside. I also know that the DVR is the second best invention behind Al Gore’s internet, and that Battlefield 3 is going to be an epic FPS when it comes out in a couple of days. We need distractions and hobbies, and if there’s one person who knows that it’s my lazy ass. I went to freaking Las Vegas because I dominate kids in Fight Night, I know I don’t have much room to talk. Still, in the past couple of years I’ve finally woken up to the fact that these things mean nothing compared to preserving Liberty and Freedom. It’s not a game when there are groups of people out there publicaly trying to dumb down and bankrupt America from several different angles. The following is a list of categories that America is number one in; warning, it’s embarrassing, and it kinda pisses me off:

  1. Military Spending
  2. Number of Military Bases
  3. Trade Deficit
  4. Budget Deficit
  5. National Debt
  6. % GDP Spent On Healthcare
  7. Student Loan Debt
  8. Police Officers
  9. Incarceration Rate
  10. Rape Arrests
  11. Murder Arrests
  12. Drug Arrests
  13. Total Crimes
  14. Divorce Rate
  15. Obesity Rate
  16. Hours Of TV Watched Per Week
  17. Anti-Depressant Use
  18. Pharmaceutical Drug Use

I’m sure there are more categories America is at the top of but I think that will suffice for now. While you’re eating your nachos and throwing back some ice cold Coors Light tonight, remember that if America does collapse at the hands of the Banksters it’s only because we let them destroy us, both physically and financially. Americans have always stepped up when it matters most, so I hope that you will start to look beyond the bread and circuses and take the field against those who would see us turn into a post-industrial wasteland. Now, time to order Chinese and get ready for the Saints game, tomorrow’s another day to fight.

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  • allyp| October 29, 2011

    So, is it bad that I use pharmaceuticals? Or that I am obese? Or that I watch a lot of TV? What are you saying about me???? I can read between the lines, you know! 🙂 –allyp

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