The importance of the Republican Presidential Primary is growing by the day. The last inkling of Hope for Change was tossed out the window when Obummer signed the National Defense Authorization Act on December 31st, 2011. He’s already failing on so many levels it’s pathetic, but this crossed the line; anyone who would vote for him is either ignorant or a traitor. Those are some strong words but I feel comfortable writing them knowing how treacherous the NDAA is. This piece of legislation allows the Department of Homeland Security and the Military Industrial Complex to secretly and indefinitely detain – or even kill – US Citizens without giving a fair hearing or trial. Did You Read That? Here it is again. This piece of legislation allows the Department of Homeland Security and the Military Industrial Complex to secretly and indefinitely detain – or even kill – US Citizens without giving a fair hearing or trial.

Now, please select one of the following three choices based upon your reaction when you read that sentence. Think of it as one of those old school Choose Your Own Adventure books.

A) “Hey, we need to be able to detain, torture, and kill US Citizens to fight dem al Qaeda! If we don’t, they gonna nuke a city!”

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You now realize that the War on Terror is a Fraud. Continue reading below the Dotted Line.

B) “Fine, I’ll admit….that’s kinda shady…but at least Obama saved the economy! It was all Bush’s Fault, what do you expect?? I will never vote for a Republican!”

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You now realize that the Republican vs. Democrat paradigm is a joke; the Banksters control both parties through fiat debt and insider payoffs. Continue reading below the Dotted Line.

C) “Who gives a shit! We’re America, we’re #1, it’s Super Bowl/Jersey Shore season, and I’m getting a beer because politics are fuckin lame!”

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You now realize that America is degenerating into a cesspool of disease, crime, and corruption. Hopefully you will Wake the Fuck Up before we fall harder than the Roman Empire. Continue reading below the Dotted Line.


If you made it this far then the odds are that:

You didn’t click on the links above, despite my best attempts to drive traffic through my site so as to expose Bankster scum.

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for any blogger; much more so for a guy who literally has the word Analyst in his job title. Unfortunately, I have noted that many readers do not click on links I place in my articles. Hence the Choose Your Own Adventure gimmick. I urge you to read more articles on my site so as to get a better understanding of the crisis facing our country, here is my homepage

You know America is falling apart

This is pretty apparent to anyone with an IQ over 80.

You care enough about your country and the people in it to try and understand why America is falling apart

This is the key. There are a ton of geniuses out there who don’t care about the issues, and there are a lot of not-so-geniuses out there who do care about the issues. There is little correlation between intelligence and your drive to understand the corruption and deceit plaguing our country. This holds true only if we assume the sample population consists of somewhat functional human beings – I will give you the benefit of the doubt since you are able to access the Internet and read a blog.

You aren’t motivated to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary

Shit, I’ve never voted in a Republican Presidential Primary. I’ve never voted in a Democratic Presidential Primary. I’ve never voted in a Gubernatorial Election, a Congressional Election, or a Presidential Election. I think the most significant vote I’ve cast involved picking the winner of the Dan Henderson and Fedor fight. I’m with you on not being motivated to voted in a Republican Presidential Primary.

Well, I was with you. Now I’m registered to vote and can’t wait for Super Tuesday here in Virginia.

I can see why you may scoff at my suggestion to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary. First off, the Republicans are scum. I understand…that’s 100% True. I mean, just look at the worthless bums they put on stage. Dickless Santorum? A weasel, enough said. Well, he also honored Jerry Sandusky with an “Angel Award” in 2002, so I guess that should be mentioned as well. How about “The Nuke” Gingrich? He left his first wife when she was diagnosed as terminally ill and later told his second wife that he needed a trophy wife and an open marriage to advance his political career. Apparently his analysis was spot on – his poll numbers did surge with the neo-cons in South Carolina and Florida after his ex-wife’s interview – perhaps he’d put Clinton’s stained dress record to shame. You can’t blame him too much though. He wanted to get it in, and he wanted a ‘hot’ trophy wife for the campaign trail. Simple enough. What really disturbs me about The Nuke is his chicken hawk war rhetoric, his support for a universal carbon tax, and his association with the Banksters and Global Elite. He states that he’s ‘anti-establishment’ but earned nearly $2 million working for Freddie Mac before, during, and after the housing bubble. Ugh, I want to puke thinking of this guy. I will defer from taking on Mittens Romney at this time; I have a whole other article planned that will expose this Bankster Minion since I still think he is the main ‘contender’. For now know that he’s been bought by the Banksters and is also a chicken hawk (read: Lived in Europe to avoid Vietnam yet wants to continue, and expand, American wars across the globe). All three of these guys are nauseating at best; no wonder a large number of Americans are so disgusted with the Republican Party that they won’t even consider being affiliated with it in any way. If you are one of those people, I’m sure you’re not motivated to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary. Watching American Idol and the AFC Championship truly is much more palatable than listening to the Three Stooges go at it.

Even if you are motivated to become informed you may believe going through the trouble of registering and voting is pointless because your vote doesn’t count. Assuming a fair and free election, this is a logical fallacy. Of course your vote counts; it doesn’t count very much, but it counts, and its influence grows exponentially as the race grows tighter and tighter. A quick example using simple numbers (but first a funny picture so you don’t fall asleep):

“Fuck The Constitution and Bill of Rights!”

Using basic figures let’s say that your precinct has 10,000 people voting in the Republican Presidential Primary. The top three candidates’ results are as follows:

* 3,369

* 3,125

* 2,837

The average person on the fence about participating in an election will often factor the ‘power’ of his or her vote into their decision-making process. I can guarantee that nearly every person in America would take a little bit of time out of their day to register and cast a vote if they thought they could single handedly choose the person who would go up against Obama in November. Some of them might elect Justin Bieber, or Chewbacca, but it’s a pretty solid conclusion that the vast majority of people would vote if they knew they had the deciding vote. This example is to the extreme, but in a close race one’s ‘voting power’ is often much higher than one realizes. Our hypothetical voter may think that their vote would only be worth 1 out of 10,000, equivalent to a ‘Voter Power Rating’ of 0.01%. Looking at such a small number, is it really worth the hassle of registering and showing up to a polling place only to vote for a Republican Presidential Candidate? That decision is up to you, but I want to show you some quick math that shows that your Voter Power Rating (VPR) is much greater than you might suspect in a tight race such as the one outlined above. If you hate math and decide to skip over this part…..just go vote.

We start out with 10,000 voters and the difference between candidate A (3,369 votes) and candidate B (3,125 votes) is just 244 votes. If you had participated in this election and selected candidate B there would have been 10,001 voters and the gap between the top two finishers would be just 243 votes. The following equation represents the percentage change that your vote made:

1-(243/244) = 0.004098 * 100 = 0.4098%

So instead of a VPR of 0.01% our hypothetical voter actually would have had a VPR of 0.4098%; this is about 41-times more influence than they had initially projected. Would our Citizen have voted if they had known that their vote was 41-times more powerful than they had thought? Not necessarily, but it could have made a difference during their decision-making process. While you won’t be able to single-handedly put a Wookie in office,  you shouldn’t underestimate the power of your vote, particularly in small precincts and during tight elections.

After reading this enthralling entry on DethroneTheBanksters:

You know Obama is a Bankster puppet helping to lead America into a new Dark Age

You know the Republicans are scum

You know that your vote matters more than you might think it does

What are you supposed to do now? Click here, read the article in its entirety, and return to the end of this sentence.

You realize Ron Paul is the only candidate who will restore what was once great about America – not voting for him, or not voting at all, is a de facto vote for the Banksters and hence a vote to sell out you and your family’s future. You immediately find out the date of your State’s primary, register to vote, and head to the polls. Resistance is Victory!

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  • FREDERICK| May 25, 2016

    “At the end of the day, I’m not telling you not to vote. But I’m saying be a realist and know that they’re motherfucking kicking some bullshit up there,

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