Triple Whammy – Facebook, Europe, and JP Morgan

This entry will be a smörgåsbord of Bankster-related news and trivia. Most of my articles focus on just one issue, be it The Life and Times of Mittens Romney or The Poisoning of America, but I decided that I didn’t want to be constrained to a particular subject this time around. I had planned to begin writing the final entry in my ‘Who Are The Banksters?’ series of articles but quickly changed course after realizing that the grand finale will take upwards of 20-hours to properly research and write. It will be the ultimate exposé on the handful of Super Elite seeking to hijack mankind’s mind, body and spirit – to be sure – but it’s not something I can pull together in a couple of evenings after long days in Cubeville. I hereby promise my faithful readers that the top of the Bankster pyramid will be revealed in my next effort. Until then, here’s a little of this, and a little of that.

It’s not easy taking on the Banksters after a long day in Cubeville

I would like to start by commending Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan Chase for the constant and diligent supervision of his company’s trading activity. Stoic leadership and a sound risk management philosophy ended up earning the MegaBank more than $-2 billion over a three-month period. My official Cubeville job title is Risk Analyst so, naturally, I can appreciate the extreme care Mr. Dimon takes while making the tough decisions. At the helm of the largest bank in the world, the blue-eyed CEO of JP Morgan surely knows that a crisis on his watch could lead to a series to a catastrophic events that would spell poverty and death for billions of people, right?

Of course he knows what’s up – he’s a Bankster Capo, not many people are higher in the pyramid than the CEO of JP Morgan, although there are a few (next article!). The same can be said for that MFer Jon Corzine, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs who stole billions of dollars straight out of customer accounts and has yet to be charged accordingly.

Knowing that the foreign banking cartel had his back, Dimon and his team at JP Morgan placed extravagant, highly leveraged bets on credit default swaps and other black holes of debt (death), hoping to make billions of dollars on what was intended to be a relativly risk-neutral position. Luckily for us, this botched trade did not result in another crisis of confidence a la Lehman Brothers in the Fall of 2008. Another narrow escape doesn’t mean that the bough won’t break next week, next month, or next year, though; it just means that our economy lives or dies based upon the result of a friendly game of dice played on Wall Street. Big Money Big Money No Whammies!

Let’s head across the Pond for the evening’s next selection; I will try the frame brulee with a side of Greek austerity, but I’ve heard the crêpes are to die for, so feel free to browse. Yes, as I warned several months ago, the periphery of the Eurozone is on the verge of shattering. Several countries have already hit the Point Of No Return with regard to their ability to service their debt and my research and analysis suggests that only two options are on the table: Print or Collapse. The later would likely lead to a global Depression that would last a decade or more, so let’s hope the Banksters aren’t ready to pull out their big guns quite yet. If the Banksters running the European Central Bank hope to save the currency, their only option is to flood the market with trillions of Euros. The subsequent devaluation of the currency would result in massive inflation, thereby ‘reducing’ sovereign debt to a ‘manageable’ level, buying more time for the beleaguered economic pact. Such an action would also cause the prices of all goods and services to increase by triple digits in a year or two, if not overnight. Once more, the Banksters’ firms and the governments that they have infiltrated are bailed out through a tax on the average Jacques – sound familiar? This is only one side of the equation, though, as the Print-option would surely be accompanied by major austerity measures and tax hikes, further robbing the people of their wealth and freedom. Over the summer I expect a climax to the financial crisis in Europe. I think that the Banksters will choose the Print option so as to kick the can down the road a little further; they aren’t ready to attempt their final takeover quite yet, but the time is coming sooner rather than later, so spread the word and let’s get ready to disrupt* their treacherous plans.

* Peacefully. I have to make this caveat once more because the NSA and other government agencies have admitted to spying on all internet activity to profile for potential ‘domestic terrorists’. I must make it clear that I do not promote violence, lest I be disappeared under the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act. I’m not expecting to be taken away or anything, just saying.


Last week Facebook went public; one of the most anticipated IPOs in recent memory, this event holds a special place in my heart because I was one of the founding members of the social network. I became a Facebook Stalker in 2004 when it was still known as The Facebook and required a university E-Mail address. Since the glory days of college I have watched as hundreds of millions of fellow humans – Mother included – joined the site and learned the art of Facebook Stalking. The stock debuted as $38 and, as of this writing, it has fallen to $32 per share after losing nearly twenty percent in the first two trading days. This poor showing is in of itself is not a ‘Bankster conspiracy’; as a student of finance, I will be the first to tell you that risk is an inherent and necessary feature of the market, and IPOs can be quite volatile. That being said, let’s look at a few simple facts:

Facebook‘s valuation stands at 56-times earnings at a price of $38 per share. That’s an incredibly expensive stock and it should be a significant red flag to any potential investor. Look at the following graph:

Notice the two spikes of the blue line – 1929 and 2000 – the setup for the Great Depression and the height of the DotCom bubble. During each period of irrational exuberance the price to earnings ratios of stocks skyrocketed as investors piled into equities; a short time later, the house of cards collapsed when people realized there’s no such thing as a free lunch. At 56-times earnings, much higher than competitors Google at 18-times and Apple at 20-times, it will be tough for Facebook to meet expectations, even if it does have massive growth potential.

– Just days before the offering, lead underwriter Morgan Stanley (yes, Bankster) increased the price range of the IPO by more than ten percent so as to entice stakeholders to offer a larger percentage of their holdings. This double whammy of more shares at a higher price diluted demand, eroding the support needed to sustain the $38 price, let alone fuel a bounce. Concurrently, a Morgan Stanley analyst informed clients that he was cutting his revenue projections for the soon-to-be-public Facebook. More stock, higher price, less revenue – the triple whammy.

– Major ‘technical issues’ cropped up before, during, and after Facebook hit the market. Thousands of brokers and individual investors alike reported difficulties tracking, placing, and cancelling orders as the day progressed. I’m sure it was all an honest mistake and no one gained from the glitches; after all, the NASDAQ was co-founded by one of the most honest men of our era, Uncle Bernie.

– Everyone knows that the Zuck made fat bank last Friday. Congrats Zuck. Sure, he and his buddies made billions upon billions of dollars, but they weren’t the only ones poppin bottles that night. In addition to Morgan Stanley, 30 other underwriters – including Goldman Sachs – collected hundreds of millions of dollars for their part in the IPO. In addition, Wall Street as a whole raked in more than a hundred million betting that Facebook‘s value would drop on opening day. Get Zucked.

Perhaps it wasn’t an inside job, but it probably was. The good part is that their Pump and Run may have backfired since so many people are (rightly) suspicious of the actions of the MegaBanks and their subsidiaries; if there was foul play, they may not get away with it so easily this time. The stock market is a crazy animal so it’s possible that FB will  fetch upwards of $50 six-months from now (assuming the Banksters keep printing), so not all is lost for those who were caught on the wrong end of the trade. Unfortunately, it’s also quite possible that the stock will tumble to $25 or lower over that same period. To get back to (and sustain) the initial offering price of $38 the company will have to increase earnings by more than forty percent – every year – for the next five years. That’s very tough to do for any company, especially in a stagnant economy like we have right now. Should the actual revenue fall short of the forecasts by even just a slim margin there will be a cascade of selling activity and the stock will nosedive.

It’s OK Facebook, I still <3 you, even if you are the hellspawn of the NSA and CIA, like most major tech companies. Spy on all of my actions, I’m quite transparent in my fight against Tyranny and love to use you to get the word out.
Of course, all of this equity analysis hinges on the assumption that the Banksters keep stringing us along for a little while longer. Sooner or later they’re going to pull the trigger (literally, figuratively, or both) and we’re going to have to deal with a shitstorm of one form or another. What awaits us cannot be predicted with any certainty; the trigger may be Europe, it may be war with Iran, it may be a ‘terrorist’ attack, or it may be a ‘random’ event that comes out of nowhere to smack us in the face. Whatever it is, you can be pretty sure that the Banksters caused it and are going to use it to take your money, your freedom, and your life. Unless it’s an alien invasion, then perhaps it’s not the Banksters’ doing. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past them, since they do possess technology decades ahead of what is public knowledge. I’ll have to do an article on that topic someday. Get prepared, we can beat whatever they throw at us.

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Share this article and read the rest of my website. Then go do something about all this crap in your own way; my niche happens to be finance and geopolitics, but there are tons of ways to fight against the Banksters’ agenda. Just look for bad things and try to make them better – and remember, events are rarely a ‘coincidence’.

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