The Forever War

This past Veteran’s Day weekend CBS News held the “Commander-In-Chief Debate” in South Carolina. It was billed as the first debate that would allow the eight candidates to put aside the issue of the dying economy and instead lay out their foreign policy platforms. What it turned out to be was nothing more than an orgy of seven war-piggys and the censorship of one wise owl. It’s a simple fact: In his 2008 Presidential run, Dr. Ron Paul received 70% of all donations given by active military members. Again, of all the money donated by those men and women who can be commanded to die by the Commander-In-Chief, a full 70% of it was given to Ron Paul. Don’t forget that this is as compared to McCain and our current joke of a President. It makes sense though – those guys don’t need donations from our men and women in uniform; they are quite satisfied with the donations given by the Banksters and their Mega Corporation pals. With this in mind, is it unreasonable to believe that the average American should hear what the Troops’ Candidate has to say about the current geopolitical quagmire we’ve gotten ourselves into? I’m pretty sure someone with an IQ of 85 would find it appropriate to give Paul his fair share of time so that he may address the voting public.

In the first hour of the 2011 Commander-In-Chief Debate CBS News gave Ron Paul just 89 seconds to make his case. Fuck CBS News.

They think you’re stupid. They think you will ‘not notice’ that they are censoring the man who has been solidly in third for the past several months; the candidate who has won several straw polls in places like California, Illinois, Ohio and Washington DC. They think you’d rather listen to the Bankster war propaganda spouted by Herman “Pizza Man & Federal Reserve Insider” Cain, Nuke Gingrich, and Ken Doll # 1. They also believe that you will fall for their doublespeak once more….and that you will fall for it soon.

You see, the  Banksters and their Friends have some big things in the works. I’ve been exposing the ‘impending economic meltdown’ for a few months but what I have yet to really cover are the myriad of ways that the Banksters will use suppressive fire to keep our heads down while they rob the vault. When evaluating their hand, it’s clear to see that their trump card is the Forever War. If you’ve read the book by the same name or studied Orwell’s 1984, you already know what this term means, but to sum it up quickly: The Forever War is a war, or series of wars, that goes on FOREVER.

In our time, the Forever War is known as The War On Terror. The price tag for our Forever War is somewhere north of $5 Trillion…and is rising every day. The number of dead and maimed is in the tens of thousands…and is rising every day. That, of course, is only the US Count. There are many other countries that have spent their blood and treasure for Victory. For example, one Middle Eastern country heroically sacrificed 100,000 to 1,000,000 men, women and children between the years 2003 and 2007. Such a generous contribution to the Cause that an accurate count cannot even be made! Of course, this small country can’t take all of the credit, for others deserve praise: Afghanis, British, Libyan, Canadian and others – many have valiantly sacrificed themselves for Victory.

Last weekend’s Commander-In-Chief Debate was nothing but a confirmation that our Forever War will not only continue, but escalate. Iran, Syria, Pakistan, take your pick, one will be the new Enemy soon. The fucked up part is that the relatively low-hanging fruit has already been picked. Iran’s manpower and technology far outstrips Iraq at its prime, Syria has tight connections with Russia, and Pakistan has a a whole arsenal of nuclear warheads. The next stage of the Forever War brings with it the potential for a nuclear flash point not seen since a flotilla of Soviet ships sailed towards Cuba in 1962. I am fully cognizant of the fact that there are more than a hundred nuclear missiles (from several countries) pointed at targets within five miles of me. Google Earth tells me the direct center of the Pentagon is 1.9 miles from my apartment, I would prefer to avoid death by nuclear blast…although it’d be over pretty quick so that’s good. Now, I highly doubt that the Banksters and their brethren in the military-industrial complex will allow for Washington DC to go up in radioactive smoke…but mistakes happen.

Regardless, the primary reason for the escalation of our Forever War is to inspire (read: force) a duty of national sacrifice during a time of struggle. In reality, it’s a smokescreen set-up to cover Bankster pillage and rape. You know how it goes, the old “sacrifice for the Cause!” and “your rights are suspended in a time of War!” crap. The Banksters’ intention is to overload our senses with so much war, chaos, and economic hardship that we break down and look to them as our only hope. With that mandate, they will implement the new system of control and technological serfdom which will prove to be the most efficient Tyranny in history. They’re also looking to bring it to the next level because they just love to blow shit up and waste our money on ammo and new toys. You know how much they make off this shit? I don’t, but it’s A Lot. Like, enough to feed the entire world several times over, A Lot.

That’s it for this post. There’s so much going on these days it’s tough to keep up with it all let alone write about it but I’m going to try to redouble my efforts. The good news is that Ron Paul support has hit a critical mass and he’s right there at the top of the polls in Iowa and many other battle states. Check him out and don’t forget that you have to register Republican in order to vote in the Primary. In most States you have to register several weeks before the Primary, so get on it! 🙂 Please continue sharing this blog and its ideas with your friends and family because our only hope is to get others to wake up from their Sports and Entertainment trance and realize that things are about to get really shitty, really quick, unless we get our asses in gear. Ron Paul 2012! RIP Joe Frazier!

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  • photographe de mode| December 20, 2011

    Excellent cet article ! Merci bcp ^^
    J’aime tomber sur ce type blog ! Je vous ajoutes à mes Favoris!

    Bonne continuation et à bientot !

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  • Gold Sun| November 21, 2014 –Smedley Butler on Interventionism
    — Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC. –I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers.
    1933…you can download his book also…

    • Ben| December 1, 2014

      This guy really ought to be a national hero but 98%+ of people don’t even know who he is!!

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