The Basics

The Basics

I don’t want to write a blog about the planned and coordinated implosion of our economy. Seriously, I could name about 500 things that I’d rather be doing. Despite several people suggesting I do so, I’ve hesitated from starting this for months. To be honest, I’m just plain lazy…this is going to take a lot of time and brainpower. I like to use my time on non-productive things, and I like to sleep. This endeavor is not going to help with those aspects of my life. I also know that having to organize my thoughts will only serve to reinforce the fact that we are in deep trouble within my mind. Sometimes I’d like to pretend that everything is OK, and that shit hasn’t already hit the fan. Despite this, I feel that it’s time to man up and stop complaining. Millions of people have died for the country, countless others have suffered in one way or another…the least I can do is write a stupid internet blog to try and preserve the Republic. That’s quite a lofty goal, but I gotta do something, and people say I can write pretty well. Plus, we’ve lost our AAA Rating….and as an American who holds a Master’s in Finance, where the definition of ‘risk-free’ is/was the US Treasury, I’m kinda pissed off.

So, the basics first. Trust me, I can (and may) write hundreds of pages on dozens of topics. However, I think it’s important for me to first setup the very basic framework from which to build upon with future entries. Many of the ‘basics’ will seem extreme and, in some cases, contradictory, but I hope to fill in the gaps as time goes on. I also aim to help inspire you to become intrigued enough so that you might take a half hour away from your favorite television program to research a topic in more depth than simply going to and clicking on the Top 3 stories, two of which are about celebrities. Honestly, the whole point of this is to get you ‘into the game’. Trust me, the game of Economic and Political Chess is much, much more interesting (not to mention much, much more important) than Dancing with the Stars, Jersey Shore, or Call of Duty. I do enjoy two of those distractions, but come on, put a little more effort into reality, please?

The Basics:

  • I may cuss. I may use improper grammar. I may even offend at times.  However, I’m going to try to be as objective as possible, while at the same time trying to keep my posts relatively ‘professional’. Still, we’re all adults and our entire way of life is under attack…so grow up and don’t bitch about the little things. Also, I know that I am only aware of…ohh…1% of the data in this world. OK, much less than that. So that means when I learn new things, I may adjust my perspective…isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? So my views may change somewhat  because the world changes all of the time. Still, I’m 100% confident that we are entering the most important period of human history, and it’s gonna be interesting.
  • I really don’t want any of what I’m going to write about to come true. After being laid off, going back to get my M.S. at Purdue (BTFU), and then desperately looking for a job for a year, I finally made it here in Arlington, Virginia. I want to build my bankroll (pay off debt), have some fun, and chill for like 5 years. I think it would kind of suck to be laid off again and have to move back into daddy’s basement, again. I don’t have a sadistic desire for the world to turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I’m not trying to ‘get rich quick’ off a blog. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ on everyone’s Facebook status (I already am aren’t I…oh well). I wanna get paid, own fools in MMA and Fight Night, and not have to write goddamn internet blogs about our country being raped by globalist bankers. So, really, it’d be pretty cool if I am just a brainwashed conspiracy theorist and everything is fine.
  • The Financial Crisis of 2008 was planned, and all we’ve done so far is kick the problem down the road…and the expressway has turned into a dirt trail. The time of economic reckoning is coming nearer and nearer. I’ll definitely be going into this ad nauseam, because I’ve studied it ad nauseam, both at school and (more extensively) in my own free time. It’s actually not that difficult of a subject to understand on the surface, but hopefully my research and education at Purdue has given me deeper insight that I’ll be able to share with readers. To sum it up: The intentional creation and dispersion of toxic derivatives by the ‘Mega Banks’ (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Bank of England, and others) was the real terrorism of the 2000s. Now, they have the US Taxpayer on the hook for 100s of trillions worth of derivatives. Yes, we do have a lot of debt owed to China, Japan, and others, but the true problem lies with these toxic assets and the Federal Reserve System. Well, they say that we can fix the problem by cutting Grandma’s Medicare and Junior’s Education. How about we cut Banker Welfare and War Stimulus instead?
  • This is only the beginning of ‘The Greatest Depression’. If you think that an unemployment rate of 9.8% is bad (or whatever the cooked number may be), you’re going to be in for a surprise when the ‘reported’ unemployment is 25%, and the ‘real’ unemployment is 50%. Besides helping to stop this from happening in the first place, perhaps the best advice I can give to you is to stop wasting money on stupid crap. All it takes is for one company meeting led by the HR Department and you’re out of a job. Been there, done that. I’d also take your money out of any stocks or bonds; in fact, I’d take at least half of your wealth and use it to invest in the following (in order): A supply of water that will last your household 1 Month, a 1 Month supply of non-perishable food, physical Silver, and if you’re lucky enough to be wealthy, physical Gold. If you are fairly well to do, I would have the other half of your wealth in land. This precaution is insurance for a few different scenarios: Heavy Inflation, Hyperinflation, and, God forbid, temporary societal collapse. A total, prolonged societal collapse or ‘doomsday’ scenario means I’ll be dead anyway, so you’re on your own in that regard. All of these very real, quite realistic scenarios will guarantee a doubling or tripling of food prices within a couple of years; the latter two, hyperinflation and temporary societal collapse, will lead to the inability for you to purchase food at the store. More than 90% of us rely on food being available in the supermarket to survive…don’t you think it’s worth investing some money as insurance against a panic? At the very least, you’ll get a much higher return on your investment relative to stocks. To be honest, I’m sure all of our ancestors would mock us for not having a month’s supply of emergency food and water with our level of technology and wealth. In fact, I think it’s prudent to have three to six months worth of food and water, but that’s just me. It’s an insurance policy with a premium of $0 if you want to think of it that way; you can always eat the food or drink the water whenever you want, and we know that the price of food isn’t going down. Anyway, stop buying worthless Chinese slave goods at Wal-Mart and Target and buy some damn food and water. The Greatest Depression is coming right for us.
  • The financial Endgame for the Global Elite is simple: Cause such a panic and painful, lengthy depression that the Western World will sell their souls for a solution. When inflation and dollar devaluation cause food prices to triple, and gasoline is $10/gallon, nothing short of economic martial law will be called for by the people. If you think some punk teens in Britain caused a ruckus, what do you think millions of hungry people will do? People are already desperate enough to risk electrocution while stealing live copper wire that they can sell for scrap…if the full collapse manifests, well; I wouldn’t advise leaving your home at night. Not that you’ll necessarily be safe in broad daylight. The final goal of the global banking elite is to hyper inflate the currency, buy up all of the real assets for pennies on the dollar, and setup a to replace the dollar. If that happens, I’ll be out of a job (AGAIN) so I really hope that people will wake up and we can prevent everything from getting this bad. Do you see a trend here? I don’t want this shit to happen….and it doesn’t have to.
  • We do have a chance to save the Republic and not degenerate into a 3rd World Country. The beauty of America is that situations such as these are what made us the greatest Civilization of all time; getting beat down only to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat is our bread and butter. From George Washington, to Pearl Harbor, to Rocky Balboa fighting Ivan Drago in the USSR, Americans have always pulled it out when it mattered. It matters now, so let’s do it. Talk to your family and friends about it, do some of your own research, write your Congressman (or even better, your Mayor or State Representative)…whatever. Tell people to read this blog. Go buy some Ron Paul stickers and put them on trashcans around your city…I’ve already tagged about a quarter of Arlington, the Military Industrial Complex’s Capitol, but I could use some help. If we let this situation get out of hand, it’s truly our own fault.
  • It’s not a left/right issue. One of the best things I ever learned at school was in Mr. Hitchcock’s history course in high school. He made it simple: Take a piece of paper and write “Communist” on the left hand side, and “Fascists” on the right hand side. Now, wrap that piece of paper into a cylinder so that the two edges are overlapping, and there you have it: Communism and Fascism are really one in the same. Think about it…what’s the difference between Mao, Stalin, and Hitler? Well, Mao killed more than the last two, but no matter the ‘type’ of tyranny they claim to represent, these ‘Great Men of History’ look pretty much alike when you’re the one starving and being led into a gas chamber or firing pit. Currently, both the left and the right of our nation’s political system are doing the bidding of the Global Elite. Some are being directly bought off, some are just ‘influenced’, and some are just too ignorant to realize they’re being hoodwinked (most of them know what they’re doing though, don’t get me wrong). This isn’t an attack on government workers; they’re so heavily compartmentalized and bound by red-tape that 90% of them have no more of an idea as to what’s going than the general public. The Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than two WWE Stars competing in a choreographed ‘fight’ for the Title, it’s time for a new political movement that isn’t full of sell-outs and perverts.
  • The 9/11 Story is a fable. Threw you for a loop with that one. I don’t know what the hell happened that day; all I know is things have never been the same since. I’ll spend a lot of time on this topic (and while writing this section I’ve already had half a dozen ideas about what to write about) but I’ll keep it short for now. There are a lot of theories out there, and I don’t prescribe to one in particular, but I do know for a fact that we’ve been lied to for nearly 10 years. The nation’s air defense system did not fail that badly. Do you really think an aircraft could get that close to the Pentagon? Have you seen that Fortress in real life? I live 2 miles from it, I guarantee that building (if not all of DC) has a highly advanced air defense system that could easily take out any plane coming even close to DC airspace, off-course, while New York City is under a Terrorist Attack. Not to mention that NORAD failed to do one thing to prevent the attacks. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that they intentionally avoided the situation. The most audacious claim in the fable is that Building 7 fell because of fire. Go YouTube Building 7 and tell me that’s from fire. I’ll leave it at that for now because I could (and will) write dozens of pages on the topic. The fact is, some crazies from a cave in Afghanistan did not pull off the most complex terrorist attack of all-time. Even if you believe the fable, it’s clear that 9/11 has been used to create 10 years of hell in the Middle East (costing trillions of dollars), and perhaps most importantly, has led to the creation of a police state that’s waiting in the wings for the American People once austerity hits and food stamps don’t feed the family anymore. The finishing touches are being put into place, and if the economy goes into free-fall, the TSA aren’t just going to be groping you in the Airport. They’ll be out on the streets running martial law with the Police, National Guard, and Military. The Department of Homeland Security can finally turn on its real target: Americans who don’t go along with the banker takeover. I’m never going to call for violence because that would feed right into their plans, but I’ll tell you what:  I’m never getting on a bus or train to go to a ‘refugee gathering area’ run by FEMA.

Well it’s 9:30 PM and I’ve been writing since about 6, so I’ll go ahead and end this first post here. I obviously brought up about 100 points without going into much depth about them.  On the surface, I probably look pretty insane, but I hope you’ll continue to read my new posts so I can prove myself to you. If you’re reading this far, I got hope for ya. Let’s beat these inbreed European banking scum and take back Liberty for Free Humanity. If America doesn’t do it, no one is going to be able to. This should be fun 😉

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