Everyone agrees that the Healthcare System is a joke. The doctors know it’s a joke, the patients know it’s a joke, and the financial analysts project a complete fiscal shitshow starting about….five years ago. In a time of such anguish and anxiety America is in luck; there are two men who – together – have provided the Solution to our problems. The first Hero of the People, Mittens Romney, laid the foundation for success when, as Governor of Massachussettes, he signed a ground-breaking bill enacting an individual mandate, thus ending the suffering of every Bay Stater overnight.* Just a few years later another courageous man – Barry Sotero Barack Obama – expanded upon his Republican counterpart’s efforts with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. ObamneyCare was born!

* Statement not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Many realize that ObamneyCare is an affront to what made this country great; a top-down takeover of the healthcare system that transfers authority and resources from the Individual to the Federal Government, eroding personal freedoms and throwing bureaucratic red tape into the mix. Not good. Interestingly enough, there are some who actually support the lovechild of Mittens and Barry. To the best of my determination, these people are those who ______.


A) personally gain from the bill

B) believe the bill will result in a net benefit for society

C) parrot anything that comes out the mouths of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Piers Morgan and Fareed Zakaria, without second thought

D) Any/All of the Above


Let’s take these one at a time. First off, supporting legislation that benefits oneself is only logical, so attacking someone who personally benefits from ObamneyCare is a bit inappropriate. Even the Bankster-owned and operated insurance companies that helped to write the bill acted in their self-interest and are (almost) exempt from scorn. Those who fall into ‘Category A’ might be a bit selfish, but it’s a cold world. Do you.

The likely well-meaning souls falling under ‘Category B’ truly believe that ObamneyCare will result in a net benefit to society. These people are wrong, but their heart is in the right place, so that’s a start, and I can’t hate on them. Some benefit will come from the new laws and regulations, but be assured that the vast majority of Americans will see a major reduction in their quality of care – and standard of living – as a result of ObamneyCare. Given the fact that the full document is more than twice as long as the Bible it is understandable that not everyone foresees the toxic effects of this legislation. While I haven’t even read 1% of the bill, I feel that I have a great shot at explaining its practical ramifications to a casual audience, which I will get into later. Finally, I can’t be mad at those who can only parrot the talking points of the ‘mainstream’ corporate media. Literal victims of brainwashing and pre-programming, this cohort would throw their child into a furnace if a teleprompter-reading, $3,000 suit wearing presstitute instructed them to do so. True victims.



The only people I can blame for this abomination are those eugenics-loving Bankster scumbags that I hold so dear to my heart. And – of course – their minion Obamney.



This will be quite the article so I hope you take the time to read all of it. It’s not that long, a mere 3700 words, chump change as compared to the estimated 2.16 million words comprising ObamneyCare and its related regulations. Take fifteen minutes out of your day to educate yourself on the implications of this legislation so that you can make an informed decision about how you and your loved ones will be affected by this abomination. Should you be impressed with this essay, please pass it on to everyone you know: Family, friends, co-workers, classmates – anyone who needs independent commentary and analysis on the issue. I am a one-man operation that gets no revenue from this site; it’s all about the page views baby, help get the word out if you like what you read.



Wait up. Even I think I sound a bit cocky right now, so I must be pretty bad. I talk a big game, but why should you listen to my healthcare rant? Well, besides holding both a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Finance from Purdue, I believe I am wholly qualified to comment on the topic because:

I work in the industry. As a former workers’ compensation adjuster for a major insurance company, most of my job involved authorizing and coordinating medical treatment for a myriad of ailments. From Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Black Lung to broken femurs and a couple dozen amputated fingers, I have witnessed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – well, from across a phone line and monitor, anyway. My current position as a Risk Analyst affords me the advantage of seeing the industry through the eyes of a company that provides workers’ compensation coverage for tens of thousands of injury-prone associates. Considering I’m a twenty-seven year old kid, I know a lot about insurance, and the Healthcare System in general.

I was once uninsured. For more than two years (3/2009 – 7/2011) I was one of the millions of Americans who could not afford health insurance, and thus went without. Laid off at twenty-four, I decided to roll the dice; I could have squandered my meager savings on a minimal coverage policy at an astronomical price, but I made the choice to forego a medical safety net because I thought it was the best available option to me. This is known as an economic decision made by Rational Man in his own self-interest. While the term Rational Man is certainly debatable, the fact of the matter is that the ability to make decisions in one’s own self-interest – Freedom – is the basis of Capitalism, and the foundation of The United States of America. You have a much better gauge of your needs than the Government does, do you not? Giving up the ability to choose is quite the slippery slope to Tyranny. This country should be the envy of the world; a land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit isn’t supposed to be easy, and woe to a fool taking unnecessary risks solely for short-term benefit. If you hate the Founding Fathers feel free to leave my website, and my country.

I got lucky. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, and I was pretty damn lucky. I took many factors into account before making my decision; in the end, the fact that I was entering the physical prime of my life without a significant medical history (or children) made the analysis fairly straightforward, especially considering how expensive a policy was. Still, I was quite fortunate to never fall ill while uninsured. Serious accidents and injuries were also avoided, save a sprained knee and a broken nose from a couple drunken nights. That said, I didn’t plan to be uninsured for more than a few months, so there was definitely an element of luck involved. Furthermore, it’s not like I got away scot-free, my nose is still a bit crooked and I had my first ever fillings last Fall – perfect teeth, tainted; a cavity-free streak of more than a quarter century, broken. I should have visited the dentist at least once, even on my own dime, but the truth is, I was both good and lucky. Knock On Wood. Thankfully, as of this writing, I have a comprehensive, private insurance policy should disaster befall me.


Knock On Wood


During my decision-making process I was fully cognizant of the fact that being Unlucky would result in (hundreds of?) thousands of dollars in medical bills. This is important because, in order for Freedom to work, it is necessary that people fail at times. A key point in this article is that those who incur medical bills while uninsured must be forced to pay the full balance out-of-pocket, even if it takes a lifetime to do so. This is an area requiring much public debate, as numerous humanitarian factors are involved; however, for the sake of this discussion, I think it’s fair to say that if I had racked up $200,000 in medical bills while choosing to be uninsured it would have been my responsibility to pay off every penny.*

* Assuming an affordable policy had been made available at the time of decision. See below.


Most of the risk stemming from my decision to roll the dice was borne by me; however, Society did carry part of the burden, a key talking point of Obamney and his henchmen. The worst-case scenario for Society would have been if I had died and/or accumulated more debt than I could have reasonably paid off within my lifetime. Without an insurance policy, Society would have suffered a net loss: Massive amounts of Doctor Hours, Nurse Hours, and Medical Supplies wasted on keeping me alive, only to lose me in the end. Quite difficult to collect from a dead customer, especially if he didn’t have an appreciable amount of seizeable assets. While certainly bad luck for the hospital, I will assure you that the potential for the uninsured to bankrupt society is simply overrated. The vast majority of Citizens would be gainfully employed in a healthy economy – private insurers would compete in the open market and nearly everyone would purchase policies of their own volition, especially if they have dependents. Most people are risk-averse and would rather pay a reasonable premium so as to avoid catastrophic bills and/or a lower quality of care. Uninsured patients dying en masse, causing hospital after hospital to go bankrupt, is a non-starter, assuming decent jobs and affordable quotes are available to John Q. Public. The Banksters want you to have neither, of course.


They have your best interests at heart


Now that you know a little about me (too much, probably) let me present to you the basic tenet of this article, and my overarching stance on HealthCare:

“Those who choose to purchase insurance must always be provided with an affordable quote; those who choose to be uninsured must never be forced to purchase a policy.”

The ideal system would efficiently allocate our scarce medical resources via a Free-Market, Capitalist framework, yet it would also dull the sharp edge of Failure so as to protect the Unlucky from being overwhelmed by unfortunate circumstances and events. I’m not such a Capitalist that I believe someone should bleed to death at the door of an emergency room because they can’t afford treatment; however, as alluded to earlier, all Citizens must be held responsible for the medical debt they incur, within reason. There is a direct and exponential correlation between personal responsibility of the People and the efficiency and prosperity of Society. In other words, the less incentive for people to be worthless pieces of shit, the better things are for the rest of us who want to play by the rules. This last part is always a hangup for people. Parasites will try to game any system, but the principle ‘innocent until proven guilty’ must reign supreme, even if that causes some inefficiency and waste. Distinguishing between the Unlucky and the Parasites is a tough task – I’ve had to try many times in my career – so it’s only proper to err on the side of caution when confronted with a complicated situation involving someone’s health and bank account. Further fodder for public debate. For now, know that Obamney and his Bankster overlords will continue to stress the need for ‘everyone to have skin in the game’ as reason enough for ObamneyCare and the individual mandate. Rational people already know that they have skin in the game and will act accordingly when presented with reasonable choices. We don’t need the Bankster-controlled Federal Government interfering with our decision-making process.



Remember my philosophy on HealthCare:

“Those who choose to purchase insurance must always be provided with an affordable quote; those who choose to be uninsured must never be forced to purchase a policy.”

The first pillar of this philosophy rests upon some sort of re-allocation of resources; strictly anti-Capitalist in most regards, but the life of a human is too important to be guided solely by the Invisible Hand of the Free Market. A cold and strict interpretation of Failure in a purely Capitalist system would result in suffering and death for any and all unable to take of themselves. Harsh. That being said, the more power taken from the Invisible Hand, the more subjectivity required of the Designers and Administrators. It’s a slippery slope – the key is to find a balance between economic efficiency and humanitarian concerns. They don’t call Economics the dismal science for nothing. Still, I would personally find great joy in constructing a model that determines the Price of health insurance as a function of one’s ability to pay and overall need…but I have an M.S. in Finance and work as a Risk Analyst, this is my shit. At the end of this article I will outline a model I came up with in an effort to illustrate how everyone can be given a quote at a Fair And Equitable Price. Feel free to check out this model now, later, or never, but it’s pretty cool, I swear.*

* This is an extremely rudimentary attempt to represent highly complex socioeconomic factors to determine the Fair and Equitable Price of healthcare. I would need at least 30 hours to create the Perfect System. I kid. 20 hours. Keep It Simple Stupid. Of course, my Perfect System wouldn’t match Society’s, so in the Real World it would be important to have months – if not years – of public debate by professionals, academics, and patients alike. Get to work people.


I have laid out a lot of theory but haven’t really gotten into the meat and potatoes of ObamneyCare. Why does it suck so much ass? As I said before, there are a couple Pros in the mountains of regulations, but there are several dozen Cons. As I know your attention span is growing short (and I’m getting tired) I will try to give the 30,000 foot overview:


  • One of the major benefits of ObamneyCare is the fact that insurance companies must disregard pre-existing conditions when issuing and maintaining policies. A nightmare for insurance underwriters, but a necessary sacrifice to protect the Unlucky from unfortunate circumstances.
  • The qualification process for Social Security Disability, Medicaid and other government programs is simplified under the new law. In reality this was done so that the Banksters could get as many people dependent on Government as possible, whereas in my ‘ideal system’ any simplification would be for the sole purpose of reducing the corruption and costs associated with bureaucracy. See below for further discussion.
  • Under Mittens’ and Barry’s lovechild, all restaurant chains (>20 locations) must list calories and other nutritional information on their menu. America is too fat, and I like the idea of forcing large chains to tell you how bad their food is for you, so this one stays, even if it’s a bit authoritarian. Slippery slope.
  • ObamneyCare allows children to stay on their parent’s coverage until the age of 26. This benefit didn’t come into effect until I was ineligible, ironically enough, but I feel that it is only fair to give young people a few extra years to get their life together before feeding ’em to the sharks of the Real World. My model completely re-works the current system by guaranteeing quality care for all children, and I would ensure this feature is grandfathered into potential reforms.
  • Preventative measures are encouraged under this new legislation, which is certainly a good thing from nearly every point of view. However, I am confident that this would be more effectively accomplished in the Free Market. Nothing motivates like fiat money!


  • The individual mandate removes a Citizen’s ability to choose what is in their self-interest. It is a clear and present danger to our freedoms and liberties, and a blatant power grab by the Banksters and their minions who have infiltrated ‘our’ Government.
  • Check out this chart.


  • The IRS is in charge of administrating all of the programs, fines and fees associated with ObamneyCare. That sounds awesome.
  • More than 30 million new customers are put on a silver platter for the Bankster-owned MegaCorporations. Think of all the drugs Big Pharma will be pushing and all the skimming the AIGs of the world will get away with. All sponsored by Obamney!
  • 1212 companies received exemptions from key provisions until at least 2014. If you are unwilling to click on the green link and look at the list, you are implicitly trusting that Obamney gave out these waivers in an impartial manner. Who knows, maybe he did.
  • A ridiculous amount of taxes are buried in this behemoth. So-called “Cadillac Plans” (top-notch private plans) will be subject to a surcharge of 40%. Additional taxes will be levied against the ‘rich’ – those making $125,000 ($250,000 married) will see rate increases of several percentage points; more private wealth sucked into the Machine, never to be seen again. In all, those who create jobs will be punished, and they will be less inclined to, well, create jobs. Bad for Us. Good for Banksters. Easy Math.
  • Any Socialist system will result in rationing and waiting lists; ObamneyCare is no different, and you can expect a major reduction in your quality of care no matter what insurance policy you have. Many doctors have already stated that they will be forced to reduce the number of patients seen, if not close their practice entirely, as the result of Obamney’s lovechild. Prepare to wait months – if not years – for minor procedures and treatments that you used to be able to get same-day just a few years before. Sinus infection or chest cold? Take some Tylenol, drink some water, and if you don’t get better in a few weeks, come back. Oh, you say you will pay out-of-pocket for antibiotics? Too bad, you haven’t hit the waiting period, here’s some Prozac you Conspiracy Theorist. Move along! Next!

I’ll leave it at that. Feel free to do your own research from here. If you think this piece of legislation is a great step forward for America, please feel free to comment below. There are some benefits – true – but at its core ObamneyCare is about forcing people to purchase health insurance from Bankster-owned insurance companies at an artificially high Price. Treasonous. I’m just a Conspiracy Theorist, though, because the Supreme Court ruled that we are not being forced to purchase insurance, rather we are being taxed. Oh, I see, another tax directly to the Banksters – pathetic. A failure to repeal this bill (and replace it with a legitimate system) will result in the total destruction of our economy, or at least what’s left of it. Of course, the main reason the Banksters are pushing for socialized healthcare is to encourage the continued deterioration of America’s health — sure, they want to bankrupt us, but their Endgame is ensuring we are too sick (or dead) to fight back against their many Ponzi Schemes. In reality they want 95%+ of us dead in the next decade or two, but I digress.

That’s it for this article, you’ll find my hypothetical HealthCare model below. If you agree with what I’ve presented please share this article with everyone you know.As noted earlier, I receive no revenue from DethroneTheBankstersand I rely 100% on my readers to spread the word. This isn’t a game and this site isn’t a gimmick. They’re coming after Free Humanity and if we don’t fight back we will enter a Dark Age of epic proportions. If we don’t all die first. Educate yourself, spread the word, then go out and do something about it in your local community! Finally, be sure to subscribe to this site using the box at the top right of this page. You will receive a quick note whenever there is a new post and I can guarantee that you will not receive any spam. Thanks for reading and God Bless America!


HealthCare Premium Allocation Model 1.0

HealthCare Premium Allocation Model 1.0


This is one small part of my HealthCare model. I will probably not build any more of it, but who knows, maybe I’ll be bored someday and will construct the whole thing. The purpose of this model is to allocate premium amongst those Citizens wishing to purchase insurance from a government-backed entity. You heard me correctly: My model provides government-backed health insurance policies for those who cannot purchase private policies on their own. It’s sorta Commie, but as I said before, human life is too important to be fully at the mercy of Capitalism. The degree of suffering experienced by the Unlucky and the Parasites would be up for debate by Society as a whole. The closer to pure Capitalism the better for Society – and the Average Person – but there is a bit of, ah, collateral damage at times. As the pendulum swings towards Socialism, those unable to take care of themselves benefit, but things are rather inefficient and corrupt, weighing down the overall prosperity of the nation. If you get too far everything falls apart – ObamneyCare goes too far.

The first thing you may notice is the fact that nearly everyone is able to get coverage for free. If you are physically and mentally able to perform Community Service then you have the opportunity to work for your insurance, no matter your current financial situation. This system would provide for the elderly and disabled; it would also ensure the best possible care for the children of America, independent of parents’ life choices.


A child should have stellar healthcare no matter the life choices of his or her parents


I only spent like 30 minutes on this model. It’s parameters should be debated and many simulations would need to be run, but it’s all about Keeping It Simple Stupid. Complicated systems degrade and are prone to mismanagement and fraud. You have to keep it simple and transparent.

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