I’m sick of the pathetic freakshow henceforward known as The Presidential Reality Show (2012). I could certainly spend a whole article talking trash about Mittens and Obummer, but the globe is on the verge of both thermonuclear war and economic collapse, and neither of these puppets has the ability (or inclination) to save our once great Republic, so I simply don’t have time to mess with them. The point is, we must remove the current power structure*** and fix shit before billions of people – including millions of Americans – die from starvation, disease, and war over the next several years. Once you realize Obamney won’t save you and everything is deteriorating at an accelerating rate, trash TV isn’t that appealing anymore.

***Once again, for the record, I do not espouse violence against any man or women, let alone the President of the United States or a Presidential candidate. This shall serve as disclaimer against charges that I call for violence against The System. I find this disclaimer necessary; the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it monitors all internet activity in the United States to identify domestic terrorists. It’s important to put this in writing lest I be disappeared under the new National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation which allows for the secret and indefinite detention of any US Citizen deemed a threat. I prefer to not be disappeared.


These two clowns (and those who have come before them) are nothing but frontmen for those who truly call the shots in our world – The Banksters. Follow the money and you will see that both contestants are owned by the exact same MegaBanks and MegaCorporations which, in turn, are all owned by the same extremely small group of people. I’m sure you can guess what I call that small group of people (Bankster Scum). I make this assertion not as a Conspiracy Theorist, but as a student of history, and an ardent follower of geopolitics and high finance. The many articles on this website do a decent job at outlining the general threat we face, so be sure to bookmark this site and share with your friends and family. The rabbit hole is deep but – as always – everything comes down to Good versus Evil. Right now, Evil is winning, so let’s wake up and do something about it.



Anyway, the matter of ‘financial conspiracy’ notwithstanding, even nonpartisan logic dictates that the result of the Presidential Reality Show (2012) will not affect our country’s future in any meaningful way. As I wrote about in ObamneyCare, there really isn’t much difference between the two contestants, Mittens and Obummer. Both men are on record for supporting Bankster-bailouts, illegal wars of aggression, and government-mandated healthcare (amongst other attacks on the Constitution and American System), and it’s not like anyone actually likes the contestant they plan to vote for; the majority of people I’ve spoken with admit that they will be picking the ‘lesser of two evils’ on Election Day. To them I reply:

“I don’t hang out or do business with Evil, why would I vote for Evil?”

‘Leftists’ argue against Mittens’ hawkish foreign policy, fearing it will ignite the First Great War of the 21st Century. Those ‘on the Right’ feel that Hope and Change is synonymous with The Great Leap Forward. During this season of the Presidential Reality Show, the average American has been completely inundated with facts and tidbits about how the Other Guy is a socialist scumbag/vulture capitalist hell-bent on raping what’s left of our great country. Ironically, both political camps make a valid point – the Other Guy does, in fact, suck ass. A total of more than $5 Billion will have been spent on advertising for the Presidential Reality Show (2012); according to my calculations, that money could instead be used to feed, cloth and educate more than six hundred thousand needy children for an entire year. Instead, it all goes to the Presstitutes and the Bankster-controlled media conglomerates. The sad reality is that both major parties are so tainted by misdeeds and corruption that any rational person must consider them unfit to serve and represent the People. If you are voting for a Republican or Democrat, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.



Enough of the Freakshow, time to get back to exposing Bankster Scum. Those who closely follows geopolitics knows that the first Great War of the 21st Century has been raging for years, if not decades. What many don’t realize is that this conflict will eventually lead to the full and final collapse of the American System – economically, militarily, and politically – should we not execute a strategic retreat immediately. As outlined in a prior article, the Banksters have been using the taxpayer-funded American Military Industrial Complex to pillage the Peoples of the world since before the Second World War. From the conflict in Vietnam to the financing of al CIAdea ‘rebels’ tasked with taking down Assad’s regime in Syria, the wealth and might of the United States has been hijacked for use by global elite to lay the foundation of the New World Order. Recent history clearly characterizes both the Democrats and the Republicans as full-fledged warmongers more than willing to spend American blood and treasure to accomplish the objectives set by their Bankster overlords. I’m not saying that the Saddams and Gadaffis of the world were cool dudes, but their crimes pale in comparison to some of the atrocities being committed by the Tyrants of the West. Don’t take my word for it, go do a bit of research.

Even supposing that the post-WWII foreign policy of the West has thus far been perfect, several brewing flashpoints should give pause to even the most adamant of Chickenhawks. After more than a decade of conflict in the Middle East, only two major targets remain: Syria and Iran. The former is on the verge of collapse thanks to an influx of heavily armed ‘Freedom Fighters‘ and, barring outside assistance, will collapse a la Libya very soon. Outside assistance is likely already there, but let’s first take a look at Iran.




Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon, which certainly isn’t a happy piece of information no matter your political inclinations. Very heavy sanctions have yet to dissuade the current regime from its nuclear ambitions, and many have called for pre-emptive military action to prevent Iran from acquiring The Bomb. This could surely be done, but the first Law of Economics states that everything comes at a cost. Interestingly enough, Iran’s military capabilities are similar to Iraq’s circa 2003, so Boots On The Ground would require the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers. This option is (hopefully) a nonstarter. However, even a limited campaign – perhaps consisting of only drones, stealth aircraft, and cruise missiles – would still cost many service members, in addition to billions of dollars of freshly printed Federal Reserve Notes added directly to our national debt. The debate over what to do with a tyrannical regime seeks to acquire nuclear weapons is quite a contentious issue, but for now I pose this question:

“What happens to all the ‘stuff’ in the Iranian nuclear reactors once they are blown to shit?”

Maybe all that radioactive shit they’re using to create a nuclear weapon just goes away without hurting innocent people, but that sounds a bit fanciful. Even more disconcerting than pondering the fate of highly radioactive material mixed with 30,000 lbs. of high explosives is the realization that tens of thousands of nuclear weapons controlled by crazy dictators are already in play on the grand chessboard of the 21st Century. Click on this infographic to see what I mean:


Much like the Presidential Reality Show (2012), it doesn’t really matter who wins this contest if we’re all dead.


The Soviet System might have crumbled alongside the Berlin Wall, but everyone knows the Russians are too badass to ever truly be defeated. President Vladimir Putin – my third favorite Russian dictator – is leading his country back to the forefront of world politics at a time when China continues its rise to power. The Bear and the Dragon both see the Bankster Dogs using the American military to encircle their territory with military bases, proxy wars, and political turmoil; it is only a matter of time before a cornered animal strikes back. Syria is a flash point for many reasons – political and otherwise – but don’t forget that it is Russia’s best ally in the Middle East, and the site of the only Russian naval base in the Mediterranean. The same theory applies to Iran – a direct attack might be the catalyst for a greater conflict, or even a thermonuclear exchange. Neither Mittens nor Obummer will get us off the warpath, so voting for either of them is essentially voting for war with the Russians. “Bad idea!” exclaimed both Napoleon and Hitler from the depths of Hell.


Don’t Mess With Russians


I could keep on ranting about how the West is provoking China for no good reason, while at the same time preparing for internal strife as a result of a financial collapse and/or a ‘major event’, but my very own October Surprise is about to hit; I need to publish this thing before Hurricane Sandy knocks out my power for a few days. Hopefully it won’t, but we’ll see. Good things I have an emergency stash, and an ability to defend it. Listen, I’ve written about how important it is to vote, but that only applies to candidates who aren’t total scumbags. In the end, both contestants on the Presidential Reality Show (2012) lead us closer and closer to utter financial collapse and even global thermonuclear war. Please don’t support either one of them; write-in Ron Paul or even Mickey Mouse if you must, but don’t vote for the douchebag or the turd sandwich. Please. There are a lot more important things going on right now than who has prettier hair or sings the best.



Thanks to all my great readers for the support. If you are new, please be sure to bookmark my homepage, read the many articles I’ve already published, share with your friends and family, and come back often. I know it sounds like I ask a lot of you, but that’s nothing compared to what we need to turn this around. I got faith in you Humanity, but get your ass in gear!

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