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My NSA-tracking-device-for-a-phone chimed the Metal Gear Solid ‘codec’ effect a few weeks ago, indicating an update to the mobile news reader. I’m really cool, I know. Anyway, that day’s top story was from the Commie News Network:

Gallup: 56% of Americans believe America will be better off at end of Obama’s Second Term

Struggling to squelch my disgust – lest I alert the Cubeville Overlord to a lack of Production – I gathered myself and began to ponder the meaning of the survey. Could it be that a majority of my fellow Americans actually believe we can reverse our slide into the Black Hole of Debt (Death) over the next four years…with Obama at the helm, no less? Might they see a silver bullet that I cannot? Perhaps my incessant research and ongoing effort to restore our great Republic has blinded me from the obvious Solution(s) to our ills?

Quickly, I came to my senses. Of course the vast majority of people have no idea how fucked we are; six out of ten cannot find Iraq on a map, and two out of three cannot name a single Supreme Court Justice.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help:


Obama’s most recent Supreme Court appointee: Elena Kagan. Kegan helped craft Obamacare prior to joining the federal bench, then ruled in favor of the law this past Summer. Conflict of interest? Not in New America, sucka


Before I continue, a couple of notes:

The following isn’t a strictly anti-Obama rant, and I never supported Mittens Romney. My man was (is) Ron Paul. Choosing a ‘lesser of two evils’ is for suckas, so instead of voting for scum, I used my digital soapbox to publically eviscerate both Presidential Reality Show (2012) contestants, as well as the corrupt, fetid Parties they represent. I have always said that little to nothing of material substance would have changed with a Romney victory. I submit as evidence The Life and Times of Mittens Romney, which was published in February of 2012, several months before most truly understood how perfect hair could really be. Many Obammunists were talking shit to me after the election, almost as if I were part of ‘Team Romney’, all because I didn’t vote for ‘their guy’. Listening to their mindless parroting of Party Rhetoric became quite tiresome after awhile, especially considering my advanced understanding of history, geopolitics, and high finance. These trendy yuppies are a sad sign of America’s decline, to be sure.




Anyway, much of the rest of this article is a work of pseudo-fiction based upon my understanding of America’s political and socioeconomic situation at a particular point in time, which so happens to be at the tail-end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Yes, only about six hours until the world ends, assuming they based everything off of Eastern Standard Time. However, just in case the End Of The World stuff is garbage (knock on wood), below I put together a set of headlines and stories that I hope will illustrate the sheer magnitude of the threats facing our country – and species – over the next four years.

Don’t take these ‘predictions’ verbatim; instead, understand that we are working in a range of possibilities, and all I can do is outline some of the more likely outcomes given our present situation and projected trajectory. Simply put, facts change. Should a working fusion reactor be developed by a Purdue professor next Spring, thus revolutionizing energy production and transforming Civilization as a whole, well, clearly the assumptions by which my analysis is based upon are no longer valid. Of course, if the Mayans were right, and a thermonuclear war breaks out within the next couple of days*, my analysis is also shot to shit. Anything can happen, even a Mayan Apocalypse, but I will try to describe hazards facing us that are a bit more realistic than an ancient Doomsday prophecy. Who knows, maybe the astrological milestone of December 21st, 2012 signals the beginning of an age of enlightenment and awakening; perhaps the tide will soon turn against the Banksters and their nefarious minions. Knock on wood, guess we’ll see…

*** or the planet Nibiru slams into the North Pole, or there’s a Zombie outbreak, or a solar flare fries us…well, at least I took the day off…I’ll be sure to be wasted by midnight at the International Date Line (7 PM EST), again, just in case…


Fiscal Cliff Boner Obama


‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Announced, Markets Surge

Washington Post
February 26th, 2013

Washington – President Barack Obama held a press conference early Monday morning to formally announce a bipartisan plan putting an end to the now infamous ‘Fiscal Cliff’ quagmire. The overarching deal – consisting of major tax hikes, matching spending cuts, and a vastly increased Federal borrowing capacity – seemed comprehensive enough to put a stop to the panic selling that has ensued over the past several weeks, as in early trading the Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed up 683.11 points (7.11%) to a 2013 high of 10,287.

Just two months ago it looked like agreement on the Fiscal Cliff was within sight, but negotiations fizzled just before the Christmas recess. Partisan bickering had plagued the debate until yesterday’s announcement…


Graduate with no job sucka 

Future Bleak for New Grads

Wall Street Journal
May 6th, 2013

Macy Smith, a 22 year-old business student at Virginia Tech, is set to receive her diploma this Saturday. Like most of the 1.8 million members of the Class of 2013, Macy has yet to find a ‘real’ job.

“I’m going to stay on campus with my roomies until my lease runs out in June,” explains Smith after being asked about plans for the immediate future. “After that? Well, I would love to strike out on my own, but I haven’t had an interview since March, and it’s not like I can live on my own waitressing at O’Charley’s. At this rate, I’ll be back with the parents before the Fourth…”

Smith’s story is a familiar one. The Class of 2013 faces the worst job market in modern history; while Washington and Wall Street may have averted disaster with the New American Deal back in February, new jobs are not being created in sufficient quantities for the labor market to absorb Macy Smith and her cohorts.

One metric says it all: The most recent credit reading by the New York Federal Reserve found that 17.2% of all student loans are in default, defined as delinquent by 90 days or more. This shocking statistic suggests that the student loan bubble has already burst, the ill effects have just yet to arrive onshore. Might this latest reading – up from about 13% this time last year – be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back?

“Fact is, we college kids can’t complete because we can’t get our foot in the door. If we can’t get a first job out of college – even with a good GPA and all of that – how do they expect us to pay back $50,000 in student loans? Hopefully the Baby Boomers start retiring soon, or something…”


Bank Holidays Are Fun!


PANIC GRIPS WALL STREET, Bank holiday declared

New York Times
September 21st, 2013

The ongoing crisis in Europe exploded earlier this week, sending markets reeling until Thursday, when an emergency halt was placed on trading in every financial center from New York to Singapore. Initially sparked by a failed Spanish bond auction, a destructive chain reaction wrought destruction on global markets, leading to the general collapse of fiat currency, and the declaration of yesterday’s unprecedented global bank holiday.

Widely regarded as a last-ditch measure to buy time for leaders of the Fed, ECB, IMF, World Bank, and G-20 nations to come up with a way to shore up the system, the bank holiday severely limits withdrawals from banks, and restricts all but the most basic financial activity on a global basis.

“The chickens have come home to roost,” says Michael Thompson, senior trader at AB&C Trading Firm, LLC. “For decades the Western World has been living far above its means. The wonton borrowing of tens of trillions of dollars to finance misguided wars, banker and corporate bailouts, and an unsustainable welfare state is simply a losing proposition,” explains Thompson.

“At this point, it’s clear that the Dollar is dead. The Euro is dead. The entire global financial structure has collapsed. Only radical action will pull Civilization back from the abyss. Hopefully you are in physical gold and silver, as I have been recommending for years, because if not, this is going to get really ugly, really fast…”


Iran Shock And Awe



Denver Post
February 4th, 2014

Tel Aviv (AP) – Israel launched a surprise aerial campaign against Iranian nuclear and military targets on Tuesday, aimed at halting the ‘imminent deployment of Iranian nuclear weapons against the People of Israel’. Addressing the nation from an undisclosed location, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended the armed forces for a job well done while preparing the citizenry for a wave of terror attacks that are likely to follow.

Reports of activity at US airbases worldwide are sporadic and unconfirmed, but experts agree that Israel does not have the resources required to fully decapitate Iran single-handedly…




Chicago Tribune
April 15th, 2014

Five jetliners were shot down by shoulder-fired missiles on Monday, killing 1,120 and injuring 820, in the worst act of terrorism on American soil since September 11th, 2001. The attacks were sudden and coordinated. The first plane was brought down at 11:08 AM; the fifth a burning heap less than ten minutes later. The nation’s air traffic was immediately grounded, but the damage had already been done. Emergency emergency crews rushed to the scenes of wreckage which stretched from Arlington, Virginia to Los Angeles, California. The attack was immediately blamed on elements of al-Qaeda, teamed with the remains of the Iranian Quds Force.

Eleven terrorists are dead and four are in custody – initial reports suggest at least one suspect may be on the loose. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano made a statement in the early afternoon, consoling  the families of the victims and pledging a renewed crackdown on terrorism.

“Today was tragic. No matter the politics, no matter the cost, we must ensure that something like this doesn’t ever happen again in the United States of America,” said Napolitano.

DHS raised the terror alert to its highest level as agencies across the country implemented a ‘soft’ martial law, coordinated by FEMA and enforced by the FBI, National Guard units, and state, county, and local police forces. Security perimeters have been extended to several miles at many airports, and mobile TSA checkpoints have begun to pop-up on roads nationwide.

The shoulder fired missiles are thought to have been looted from the stockpiles of ousted Libyan Dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi.

A sixth attack was thwarted by an armed veteran, who shot two men targeting a jet that was making a landing at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport…



Trade war with China?

Financial Times
September 17th, 2014

Chinese Premier Zhongsun Chang lashed out at American President Barack Obama over the weekend, calling the Obama Administration’s ongoing effort to implement an exchange rate of four Greenbacks (Old Dollars) for every New Dollar a ‘clear fraud’ and ‘the basis for certain conflict between East and West in the coming years, financially and otherwise.’

Secretary of the US Treasury Jamie Dimon scoffed at Chang’s comments at a press conference on Monday morning. “Our friends in the East can be assured that the New Dollar – backed by the full weight of the Federal Reserve, IMF, and World Bank – is sound money, and legal tender by which to repay all debts, public and private. Our best analysis shows that an exchange rate of four New Dollars per Greenback is optimal for all parties involved…”



State of the Union Transcript

Remarks of President Barack H. Obama – As Prepared for Delivery
State of the Union Address
“The Path to a New America”

January 15th, 2016


“…a New America. A New America where each and every child has the opportunity to learn; where each young adult is guaranteed a job out of college; where each mother and father can provide for their child; where the indomitable American spirit is allowed to grow…

The past several years have given us crisis after crisis. The rash of mass shootings a few years back. An economic panic which made the Great Depression seem tame. The horrific nuclear fire which engulfed my hometown of Chicago just four months ago…

But we fought back. Time and again, we responded to the challenges God put in front of us. Gun control legislation to protect our children. A new currency to bring our markets back from the brink. An army of volunteers to keep terrorists off our streets. The New America may look a bit different these days, but it still shines as a beacon of Hope in this dark, war-torn world…

Some critics have objected to my actions. Many have even called for impeachment. A few have even been caught plotting my assassination. Enemies of the State must continue to be dealt with – Change can be painful – but all-in-all, our New America is poised for success for decades to come…”


Obama and his NWO Friends


I’m up against the deadline of the End Of The World at the International Date Line, so I need to publish this baby and start drinking. As I said before, the events portrayed in this article are hypothetical, but in my opinion, realistic, given current global trends. Anyone who keeps up with current events cannot deny that events are accelerating at an accelerating pace. At some point we cannot kick the can down the road, and at some point we’re going to have to face the fact that a tyrannical group of Super Elite have positioned the world on the brink of self-destruction. Be prepared for financial panics, ‘terrorist’ attacks, and all types of shenanigans. When shit hits the fan, question the official story.

All we need to do is realize that the Emperor has no clothes – that we outnumber the Banksters ten million to one – and we will dethrone these tyrants and bring about a new age of peace and prosperity. How bad do ya want it?

This site could not have become as successful as it has without the help of my dedicated readers. Thank you to all who have helped so far, and please be sure to continue to share my content with your friends and family via E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, et al. The first step towards defeating Bankster scum is waking up as many people as we can. Just about everybody knows that shit is getting crazy – they need to know why it’s all going to go down, and who to blame when the implosion takes place. The next four years are critically important; if America is lost, Humanity is lost. Get out there and do something to expose Evil before it’s too late!


Disclaimer: I do not espouse violence against President Obama, government workers/officials, or anyone else for that matter. If someone breaks into my house – yes, they’ll get a few AK rounds to the chest – but I do not call for violence or plan to conduct violent actions. Just for the record.

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