Can Ron Paul Win? YES!

“Ron Paul can’t win”

I’ve heard a dozen variations of that statement over the past six months. Most of the people who say he can’t win actually support his views on most of the issues but are so jaded by the Washington Machine that they feel there’s no way for a real Statesman to take the day. If you’re one of those people, I’m writing this post for you. I’m going to point out how Dr. Ron Paul is already winning and how he’s only getting started. He may not have a pretty face like the Barbie Twins or pretty hair like the Ken Dolls, but it’s a simple fact that there’s more substance in the doctor’s message than can be found within the walls of the entire Barbie Dreamhouse.

If you don’t know what Ron Paul is all about, let’s boil it all to one document: The Constitution. This single document is what separates (separated?) the greatest nation in history from all others that came before. If you are even slightly aware of history you will know that the vast majority of humans have lived (and died) under oppressive regimes; from Stalin and Pol Pot to Mao and Hitler, I would go so far as to say that 97% of all humans to have ever lived suffered under a tyranny. The Constitution has one simple premise: Every man derives his rights from God, and the State is the servant of the Citizen. It’s true that it may have taken a Civil War and a couple of Amendments to put this into full effect…but I digress. Anyway, without getting too technical, or delving into the meaning of God, it’s obvious that this document and its inherent philosophy laid the framework for the most prosperous and peaceful 200 years ever seen.

You see, prior to the formation of good ole America nearly every form of government was based upon Divine Right, or the assumption that the State received its mandate from God and the common man was subservient to the State. That sounds like it came out of a textbook…Translation: The King could do whatever he wanted to your wife, whenever he wanted to, because God said so. Your fourteen year old daughter too if he was feelin randy. Luckily, some fancy words changed all of that, so while it might seem a little boring it’s actually kind of important to try and stick to the Constitution. We haven’t been doing that, and things are falling apart for that simple reason.

Ron Paul is a Champion of the Constitution. He has a flawless voting record with respect to the Constitution: No on Bailouts, No on Iraq and Afghanistan, No on the Patriot Act, No on Obamacare…it’s a wonder why they call him Doctor No. The thing that Ron Paul understands is that we must fight to keep our liberty and we must fight to keep the Constitution the centerpiece of our society; he understands that there are always those who look to abuse the document for their own gain, and once you start down that particular slippery slope it’s pretty damn difficult to go back. I challenge you to spend one hour of your week watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube. Get some variety in there: The economy, healthcare, the endless wars…check out what he has to say. You may not agree with everything he believes in, I don’t, but the amount of Truth in his words makes the other candidates look like used car salesmen. I guarantee that you will be impressed, despite the fact he doesn’t have great hair or a nice pair of….eyes….like the Ken and Barbie dolls.

So, back to the question: Can Ron Paul Win? The answer isn’t just ‘yes’, it’s ‘he’s already winning’. At the coveted Iowa Straw Poll in August he came close enough to Michelle Bachmann that, although he placed second, the result was within the standard margin of error. In laymen’s terms, it was a statistical tie and there should have been a recount. Of course, this analysis doesn’t factor in Bachmann’s blatant attempt to influence the vote count in her favor. The record shows that Bachmann spent nearly one million dollars to hire country music star to play in front of more than 6,000 concertgoers; in fact, all one had to do to get their hands on a ticket (valued at $30) was register at her table and cast a vote in the straw poll. While I’m sure not every person who signed up for a free ticket cast their vote for her, that buyoff is a de facto tie-breaking win for Paul in my book.

But who cares about Bachmann? Even the mainstream media now has to admit that Dr. Paul has surpassed her and is firmly in third place behind the two Ken Dolls. Of course, that’s just the mainstream media’s opinion, we know who the real ‘top tier’ candidate is. They used to try and ignore him but they can’t do that anymore. If the corporate presstitutes have to acknowledge that Paul is in third, well, that just means he’s probably at the front of the pack. At the recent California Straw Poll on September 18th Paul outright slaughtered his competition, earning 44.9% of the vote. Ken Doll # 1 (Cowboy Ken) placed second with 29.3% of the vote and Ken Doll # 2 (Businessman Ken) came in third with a paltry 8.8% of the vote. Barbie Doll #1 (Witchcraft Barbie) landed in fourth with 7.7% of the vote, while Barbie Doll # 2 (Beauty Contest Barbie) was busy signing books and leading everyone on. That same weekend the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled due to ‘lack of interest’. Yup. I’m sure there was a lack of interest in the home State of two of the top three candidates. No sir, sounds more like Governor Cowboy called up his posse and had em put an end to that there Straw Poll. Boys, we can’t git embarrassed on our home turf now!

Listen, everyone knows Obama’s a puppet, look at his approval rating. Even the Democrats are starting to question if he should run in 2012. He’s a lame duck, and barring a ‘terrorist attack’ or a third World War (Kinetic Action) he has no hope of being reelected. So, who are you gonna pick, a Barbie Doll, a Ken Doll, or The Truth?

But this article isn’t about these other bums. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll write multiple articles exposing the lies of these puppets…but this is about why Ron Paul truly can win. This being a finance-themed blog, let’s follow the money.

You need money to win the Presidency. A lot of it. Where do most candidates get their money? Well, if you don’t know that, I think it’s time for you to do you research. Finish reading this post, of course, but please go do some research when you’re done. To sum it up, it’s the Corporations and Banksters who supply the funds and influence. Sure, there are some ‘controls’ put into place, but the true support and the true endorsement comes from the Elite. Ron Paul? He’s not really into that…not that they’d back him in the first place…but that doesn’t mean he’s not bringing in huge amounts of money to finance his campaign. Ron Paul doesn’t need to sell out to the Corporate Fascists and Bankster Elite to raise funds. Why? Because he has the People on his side. Ron Paul is the master of the Money Bomb. On his birthday he raised $1.8 Million and on Constitution Day he raised nearly $1.1 Million; in fact, that was his 5th Money Bomb to raise more than $1 Million in a 24-hour period. So what’s the difference between the puppets and the good doctor? Nearly all of Dr. Paul’s donations came from small donors; the Constitution Day Money Bomb alone had 19,219 participants, which comes out to around $56.55 per donation. Just the average guy giving him money because he believes in his message. He may not have GE, Wall Street, and foreign interests pulling his strings, but he does have the People on his side.

I think they missed a string

So go and do some research. Live up to my challenge and spend 60 minutes of your week watching videos of Ron Paul. You might even want to check out the upcoming Republican debates (there’s a big one on Thursday September 22nd, a day after this has been posted). While they pretty much censor Ron Paul, at the very least you can laugh as the Dolls repeat the canned lines and talking points that the establishment feeds them. The only thing that can stop Ron Paul from winning is people not caring and not getting informed. Trust me, the shit-storm is already here, and if we don’t get a doctor on the case we’re going to bleed out.

I’d like to thank everyone who has read my blog and shared it with friends and family, both the feedback and the number of readers has been astounding. If you believe in the message of Freedom from (and their puppets), please subscribe to my blog and continue to pass it along to people you know. If you don’t like what I write, that’s fine, just please try and think for yourself and try to be informed. I love my NFL, Jersey Shore, and video games too, but they mean nothing compared to this stuff. Ron Paul 2012!

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  • Ed| December 24, 2011

    What are Dr. Paul’s chances of sustaining is ascendent position within the Republican primaries subsequent to his recent debacle with that reporter from CNN?

    I was beginning to feel hopeful about his chances until that truncated interview. I hope that ‘damage control’ will restore the “status quo ante”.

    • Ben| December 26, 2011

      New footage came out today that showed that the interview was over he didn’t ‘storm out’ like they made it seem… the allegations are very weak, at one time there were 14 newsletters with his name on them he couldn’t read them all let alone write them….just overhype, i think people will see through it ! Ron Paul 2012!

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