Jon Corzine – A Real MFer

A Real MFer


Let’s cut to the chase. Jon Corzine is a punk ass Bankster who deserves life in prison for his crimes against the Republic. In all actuality he probably deserves the electric chair, but I guess I’ll settle for life in the pen.

This is not a statement of a radical fanatic, nor is it a gimmick to ‘spice up’ the introduction of this article. It’s just a true observation based upon the facts available at the time of this writing. I believe that every Citizen – even one of our Bankster Overlords – must abide by the same laws as every other Citizen and, if accused of breaking said laws, must be brought up on charges should the evidence suggest that the allegations are legitimate. Hopefully you agree with this philosophy; I know it’s a bit over the top and isn’t very trendy, but it makes sense to me. Maybe I’m a Conspiracy Theorist.


Only if it’s Federal ‘Pound Me In The Ass’ Prison. Otherwise, give him the chair


Over the next several paragraphs I will review Don Corzine’s storied career. At the end of this article you should be able to decide for yourself whether or not he deserves to be tried for a myriad of felonies – including High Treason.

First and foremost: Who is Jon Corzine? As I mentioned in one of my latest articles, The Life and Times of Mittens Romney, Wikipedia does a great job of giving basic information about a person. You don’t need me to spend 400 words telling you that he married his high school sweetheart and was quarterback of the football team. I’ll leave the mundane details to the Great Wiki and your own personal research on the subject. For my purposes you will need to know just two details about Lord Corzine:

  • He was a career man at Goldman Sachs, one of the six MegaBanks running the Banksters’ operations that span the world. Lord Corzine began his stint with Goldman on the trading floor and worked his way to the top of they pyramid. Well, he didn’t make it all the way to the top, he shared the chief executive position with Henry “Hank” Paulson. You may recognize Lord Paulson as the frighteningly handsome gentleman at the far right of my website’s header image. This particular Bankster became the Treasury Secretary under Bush Jr., running roughshod over the US Constitution during the Financial Crisis of 2008. But I digress. In 1999, Lord Paulson bested Lord Corzine in a power struggle for the ages and Corzine was ousted from the firm – don’t feel bad for poor little Jonny, though – he made more than $400 million when Goldman went public later that year.
  • After being forced out of Goldman, Corzine used his vast treasure to finance successful election bids for the positions of Senator (2001-2006) and Governor (2006-2010) of the straight-laced State of New Jersey. Losing a re-elction bid to current Governor Chris Christie in 2010, Corzine was appointed CEO of a financial futures brokerage firm called MF Global. He was subsequently tapped as a top economic advisor to the Obama Administration and worked with the likes of Warren Buffet and the chief executive of General Electric, amongst others. Poised to follow in the footsteps of his arch-nemesis Lord Paulson, Corzine was soon considered by many to be the de facto successor to Timmy Geithtner at the Treasury Department.

Nothing too crazy here, certainly not enough to justify my allegations of High Treason against the United States of America, which is punishable by The Chair. If one were to evaluate Mr. Corzine based on these two bullet points alone it might be reasonable to conclude that Jonny was a smart, hard-working young boy who grew up to be a true leader. An example worth following, to be sure.

Until I mention the fact that he stole hundreds of millions of dollars from customers’ segregated accounts. And then lied about it during testimony to Congress. And he still hasn’t been arrested because he’s Bankster scum and ‘above the law’. These are only the crimes we know about, of course.



The methods by which this money was stolen are complicated, convoluted and shrouded in red tape and mystery. The full story will come out someday but even now there is enough evidence to indict Jonny on the spot. The only question is if someone in power has the balls to challenge Lord Corzine and his Bankster pals. I guess we’ll see over the coming months. Unless I’m just a hate spewing Conspiracy Theorist and this is all made up in my mind. Here’s the story, you decide.

One day Lord Corzine had a great idea: Place 40 to 1 bets on a recovery in southern Europe’s bond markets by leveraging everything MF Global had on hand. You have a pretty good idea of how that bet turned out if you’ve heard anything about Greece in the news recently. Perhaps Corzine was fed some misinformation about his fellow Banksters’ short-term plans in Europe. He certainly knew about their long-term plans (which I detail here), but I have a feeling he tried to time the market based on some toxic inside information. Whatever the reason, we know he broke the cardinal rule of investing when he put all of his eggs in one basket.

The bets he made are structured in such a way that Corzine could ‘let it ride’ should things become a bit dicey; all Corzine would need to do is front more collateral to his broker and additional time would be put on the clock in the hopes of a last second comeback. Since all of MF Global’s assets were tied up in the trade, where did this ‘additional collateral’ come from? You guessed it – the private accounts of regular people, many of whom were farmers and ranchers trying to hedge against volatility in the commodities market. Poor Rancher Bob – he thought he could play it safe and lock in a guaranteed selling price for his frozen pork bellies through a simple financial contract – if only he knew that a real MFer was about to ruin him.




If I break into Rancher Bob’s homestead and steal a horse, I’m going to go to jail. Furthermore, if he catches me in the act, Rancher Bob has the right to defend his property through the use of force – lethal force under certain circumstances. What can our middle-class hero Rancher Bob do to defend himself against theft by a Bankster snake like Corzine? Well, the Rancher Bobs of the world are lining up to sue the shit out of Corzine, but I think I have an idea how that’s going to turn out. Corzine isn’t just a mediocre Bankster-minion, he’s one of the Captains. I think he has a few strings he can pull. There’s not even a definite amount of money considered ‘lost’; if they don’t even know know how much money is missing from customer accounts in the first place, how are they going to know where it went? The answer is that they know both of these facts but are keeping a lid on it. Banksters have a lot of strings to pull.

This shit pisses me off. The IRS tracks every deposit or withdrawal over $10,000 yet you are trying to tell me that ‘no one can find the money’ even though the amount missing is worth hundreds of millions of dollars? PATHETIC! Word on the street is that a substantial amount of the missing funds were transferred to JP Morgan Chase in London days before MF Global’s collapse in the Fall of 2011. You better pay papa Morgan – if you don’t, you are D.E.A.D. The Banksters are the true mobsters. The sad part is that this Corzine deal is but a small example of the pillaging being committed across the globe on a daily basis. I have a ton of examples on my website and the bad news is that the heist that’s currently in the works will make Lord Corzine’s work look humanitarian. The Banksters are literally raping your financial future as you read this. I have a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Finance, and live three miles from the District of Criminals. My job title is literally ‘Risk Analyst’. It might be worth hearing me out. Maybe not, I guess I could just be a Conspiracy Theorist. In fact, perhaps Lord Corzine, Lord Madoff, Lord Paulson, and the rest of the Banksters are all great men!

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  • TAHSEEN ALKABEER| March 30, 2012


  • Peter| November 18, 2015

    Corrupt to the core.A glaring example how the rule of law has vacated the premises.

    • Ben| November 18, 2015

      You know it! — I wrote this article a few years ago and obviously it was only the tip of the iceberg, and we’re *still* not even scratching the surface even today!

  • olde reb| April 16, 2016

    You volunteer: “I have a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Finance…”

    Even the esteemed Mises institute adds their name to a recent article that claims the government “borrows” money for deficit spending. The concept is absurd. No consideration is received from any entity—deficit spending is a book entry money creation.
    A theory that a government agency (the Board of Governors) loans money to the government (the creator of the BOG) is the height of folly.     [The BOG operates as a Supreme Court defined government contractor—not as a government agency. The courts have never adjudicated the BOG as a government agency.]

    If a loan was involved, the net result would be a transfer of wealth and there would not be any resultant increase in money in circulation (inflation) or any increase in the National Debt.

    Do all universes teach the same absurd line of a loan?

    • Ben| April 19, 2016

      I agree that stating .Gov ‘borrows’ money from the Fed is a misnomer

      I consider more of borrowing ‘credibility’ — they have a line of credibility with the financial markets worldwide; and borrow against that credit with their scheme

      As long as the US Dollar is the king of Turd Mountain — well, there will be no inflation, or really any negative side effects. Win-Win for Banksters and .Gov

      It’s when the US Dollar falls off Turd Mountain — or Turd Mountain simply explodes feces all over the global economy — that all the pent up inflation will be released. It may not be inflation in the common understanding — more of a total collapse in faith in .Gov and USD (and financial markets in general) which will quickly destroy value of currency, thus leading to ‘hyperinflation’ or whatever you want to call it (people will stop giving you real goods for paper or electronic currency; or at least, will charge you 2x 3x 10x the price)

      Univers(ities) don’t cover any of this in their curriculum, the Bachelor’s in Econ and Master’s in Finance mostly helped to sharpen my mathematical/statistical skills; the last thing they would ever cover in those courses was the scam of the private, for profit Federal Reserve Ponzi.

  • olde reb| April 16, 2016

    A government contractor does not have government immunity.

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