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Down w/ Bankster Scum!!

2016 Year in Review & 2017 Preview!

2016 was one of the most important years in human history; but it’s clear to see that it served as a simple warm-up for what’s to come. As the battle against the Banksters heads into the Championship Rounds, be sure to look for new articles, videos, and features here on Dethrone The Banksters.


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Kicking off 2017, Ben was honored to participate in a virtual roundtable discussing geopolitics, economics, and keeping ourselves (and dogs!) healthy into the new year and beyond. 


Thanks to Sean Caron and Sentinel Jeff Hays, had a great time!
Also, be sure to check out the final Patriot Power Hour of 2016, with special guest Michael Howell, for a deep financial analysis of 2016 and a preview of what’s to come


Down w/ Bankster Scum!

2016 – The Year It All Comes Unhinged?

The mathematics are simple and clear: The reign of the petrodollar is quickly coming to an end. An out of control welfare state, repeated bailouts of ‘Too Big To Fail’ institutions, and decades of unjustified wars (financed through deficit spending) paint a clear picture for those who are informed and have a semblance of common sense. The question isn’t if the modern financial system will collapse, but when, and what’s the best way to prepare for the next leg down in the debt spiral.

When considering the near-term future of the economy one need not look further than the (not so) Federal Reserve and their recent statements concerning interest rate policy. Recall that as part of the response to the 2008 Financial Crisis the Fed began a Zero Rate Interest Policy (ZIRP) which, in theory at least, provided liquidity and stability to financial markets worldwide. In addition, the Fed soaked up trillions upon trillions of dollars in toxic assets on its balance sheet; many of which are worth pennies on the dollar (if they were appropriately valued, of course). While these measures may have helped to prevent a deep recession in the short-term, in reality these actions only kicked the can down the road, all while setting the stage for a worldwide depression orders of magnitude worse than what would have resulted without central bank intervention.

In plain English? The economy is a strung-out heroin addict; rather than committing the patient to a rehabilitation facility and forcing a painful – but necessary – detox, the Powers That Be instead elected to double the daily ration of smack and send the addict on his way. What could go wrong?

Just about everything.

Fast-forward to mid-April of 2016 and its clear to see that the Fed and Friends are out of ammo. Nearly $20 Trillion in National Debt; Interest Rates at near record-low levels; currency wars raging worldwide (it’s not just the Fed devaluing the currency!); collapsing industrial numbers and commodity prices – the list could go on indefinitely. Despite nearly a decade of unprecedented ‘emergency’ action, nothing has been fixed, and the Fed and Friends are running out of ammo. So what’s the next step? A few potential scenarios could play out over the rest of 2016:

Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP): While impossible for someone living in the real world to comprehend the logic behind negative interest rates (a lender pays to lend their own money?!) such a scenario is all but certain in the coming months and years. In fact, several large central banks worldwide (including the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan) have already crossed the event horizon into the black hole of debt. While the Fed continues to posture and jawbone – allegedly planning to raise interest rates at least twice in 2016 (recently revised down from their initial promise in January that they would raise interest rates 4 times!) – the simple mathematics show that the only option for the Fed is to engage in NIRP once the façade of economic recovery has completely fallen. We are approaching that eventuality quickly.

Fiscal Crises: The government shutdowns of the past few years were nothing but a dress rehearsal for the drama to come. Once the Fed goes all-in with NIRP (and perhaps additional quantitative easing) it will be clear to markets worldwide that America will soon be unable to service the interest on its debt, let alone pay back the principal. Simply put: Once creditors worldwide realize the petrodollar is in its death throes, dominoes will fall fast. A preview of what’s to come has begun to manifest itself at the local level: Chicago’s bloated public pension system is nearing bankruptcy; Puerto Rico has all but defaulted on its bonds (with the US Taxpayer on the hook, of course); dozens of cities and counties have already become bankrupt; and we’re just getting started. Once the house of cards begins to fall, and the Federal Reserve can no longer serve as a backstop of last resort, prepare for absolute chaos.

WAR: Nothing fixes overpopulation and insurmountable debt better than an ole fashioned war! Hotspots from Syria to North Africa to Ukraine to the South China Sea are only waiting for a spark. A global depression and currency war will be more than enough to set off the fireworks, and the first Great War of the 21st Century will be underway. Many believe we are already in the initial stages of this new Great War. While the climax may be years in the offing, it’s better to be prepared much too early, than one hour too late.

Making detailed predictions is very difficult, especially when the Banksters & Co. have a myriad of tools at their disposal to bend, twist, and distort reality. But in the end, mathematics – the language of the universe – will always prevail. Prepare now!

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2016 and Beyond: An Update From Lucifer Bernanke


In the Fall of 2011 I created this website as a method for me to spread awareness about the true plague of humanity: The Banksters.  What began as a small blog with just a few posts soon evolved into a centralized location for my many efforts to expose and dethrone these ‘elite’ scum. While it’s been awhile since I have published an article, take heart in the knowledge that I have only begun to fight, and 2016 looks to be the most productive year yet!


As the pillage and rape of humanity continutes to ratchet up, so must our efforts to resist! In addition to all-new articles to be published throughout 2016, be sure to seek out fresh and engaging content which brings the fight to the doorstep of the world’s true terrorists!


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– Ben ‘Lucifer Bernanke’ Cochran

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Ben “Lucifer Bernanke” Cochran has been fighting to expose and dethrone Bankster Scum for several years now. His efforts began in earnest in 2008 when, just three weeks before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, his company (a global insurance carrier) gave he and hundreds of his co-workers the pink slip seemingly out of nowhere. Months passed as the world panicked and trillions were used to bailout MegaBanks and MegaCorporations alike. Something didn’t smell right.

Ben returned to his alma mata Purdue University to earn his Master’s in Finance, hoping to learn more about the causes of the Great Recession (and the weapons of financial mass destruction used), all while improving his odds of employment in an ever-worsening job market.

The next couple years combined extensive, formal education with meticulous ‘extracurricular’ research into the workings of The System. Upon graduation, Ben found a job as a Risk Analyst in the heart of the Beast – Arlington, Virginia. Sick of being just a scholar and a spectator, Ben used his new-found knowledge and income to launch Dethrone The Banksters and The Patriot Power w/ Lucifer Bernanke, his independent, non-partisan efforts to inform others and rally them to the cause of liberty and freedom.

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Down With Bankster Scum!

How To Dethrone Bankster Scum (In 5 Easy Steps)

Thinking about Bankster Scum makes me want to puke. Literally. The warning signs of financial doom and gloom are innumerable and legitimate, but all too often it feels as if I am the only one struggling to steer the ship clear of the proverbial iceberg. Gut-wrenching. Perhaps the worst part is dealing with the vast majority of the population; either asleep, or willfully ignorant to the horrors facing us, in a strange way I envy these poor souls – ignorance is bliss, or so they say. Yet after authoring dozens of articles meticulously documenting these horrible crimes against humanity I still cannot help but to question my own sanity at times…



The following example perfectly illustrates the dilemma I face many times a day. Am I suffering from delusions? Or has the fluoride, GMO, and television truly dumbed down the Sheeple to such a level that they cannot see war literally being waged upon them each and every second of their lives? I’ll let you make the call:

In November of 2013 the USS Gerald R. Ford was commissioned by the United States Navy. The first of the new ‘Super Carriers’, the Ford set US Taxpayers back a whopping $13 Billion – a sum which does not even include the cost of aircraft, crew, or operations going forward – Ouch! Reviewing the ship’s impressive capabilities, one could argue that this $13 Billion is an important investment in the future of the Navy, especially given a service life of forty-plus years, and a rising threat from China in the Pacific, among other concerns. No matter one’s stance on 21st Century military theory (personally I believe these Super Carriers may be a misuse of resources given the current and future development of drones, carrier-killing missiles, and cyber warfare, but I’m just a 29 year-old civvy, what do I know?), it is clear that this one ship is the culmination of decades of research and development, and massive amounts of American Capital.

Here’s where things start to break down for me —

Imagine sitting at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon and your cell phone goes off. It’s the red light, which means ‘Breaking News Alert’ — what, did they find another phantom piece of the ‘lost’ Malaysian Flight 370? — no, instead it reads: “BREAKING: Gerald R. Ford sunk in South Pacific, all hands feared lost”.


People Freak Out


What if, a couple weeks later, another Super Carrier was deep-sixed out of nowhere? Then another Super Carrier lost, two weeks after the second? Three Super Carriers lost in less than two months?! Who are we nuking?!?!

Enter Stage Left: Ben Shalom Bernanke’s goblin-like replacement, Janet Smellin Yellen


QE Crush


Yellen is Smegal


Smellin Yellin and her counterpart Lara Summers

Smellin Yellen and her counterpart, Lara Summers


Bringing it full-circle, consider this: As of this writing (late May 2014) the private, for-profit Federal Reserve is printing more than $45 billion each and every month via its program of ‘quantitative easing’, often referred to as ‘QE’. The vast majority of that $45 billion (per month!) will eventually end up chained to the leg of US taxpayers, burdening future generations with massive debt and lowered standards of living for centuries to come. Pure mathematics. Just look at the growth of the Fed’s balance sheet over the past few years:


Fed Balance Sheet

$4 trillion divided by $13 billion per Super Carrier = 307 Super Carriers (and counting)!


Going forward I will reference the $45 billion per month figure (i.e. about one sunk Super Carrier per week!), but remember, before the ‘taper’ began in late 2013/early 2014, the monthly figure was actually $85 billion per month! Let’s translate that —


Simple Math

The taper to $45 billion from $85 billion reduces the number of sunk Super Carriers per month from 6.54 to 3.46 — whoopty freakin doo! We’re still getting owned senseless!


There is little outcry by the public with regard to QE but I feel that the story would be different if a few Ford-Class carriers were lost each and every month for years on end. Such an analogy has its faults, of course, as not even the Japanese Navy sunk more than a handful of carriers in the entirety of World War II (not to mention that only three Ford-Class carriers are planned). Still, there is little protest from We The People as the Fed continues to launch torpedo after torpedo into the hull of the USS Liberty. Makes me want to puke.


Mayday!…Mayday!…Mayday!…Can anyone hear me? We’re hit! We’re hit! Taking on water! The Fed and the Chinese are raping our financial system while people play Xbox and watch sports and lame sitcoms! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!…


The $4 trillion printed by the Fed is but the tip of the iceberg; throw in $17 trillion in national debt, $100+ trillion in unfunded liabilities, and $1.5 quadrillion in toxic derivatives, and the true picture begins to come into focus. And don’t forget ZIRP. As I see it, the economic battle is lost. The Banksters have already raped us silly and it will take generations to fully recover. This article will show that the war is far from over, and that despite the catastrophic damage the Banksters have already wreaked upon our world, we still have a chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, if we capitalize on recent momentum. I would even go so far as to say that we have seized the initiative and it is in fact the establishment playing defense now that the public knows the truth about the NSA, Obamacare, Crony Capitalism, and to a lesser extent, the dual rackets known as the War on Terror and the War on Drugs. Seriously, we have a chance! Obama’s approval ratings have plummeted to the lowest levels of his Presidency all while Congress is sitting at an historically high disapproval rating. Recent victories are too numerous to list, but with freedom lovers seizing initiative across the board we have a window of opportunity before us if we act NOW!


Congress Approval

Obamacare Fraud



Our nation may be losing nearly a Super Carrier a week in this financial war against Bankster Scum (and that’s only counting the Fed’s damage!) but, unlike a real war, this is primarily a game of CONfidence. Sure, real damage has been done to the economy, but who’s to say we can’t simply write-off the black hole of debt the Banksters have signed us onto? If they can ‘make up’ all this garbage, we’ll just ‘un-make it up’, confiscate their real assets as restitution, and haul them off to jail. It won’t be that easy, but it’s not that complicated, either. Should enough get active and stand up for their rights, nothing can stop us. The tools of the 21st Century must be used to generate a mass awakening; channeling this political awakening is key to resisting and, eventually, dethroning Bankster scum — but before I get into details, let’s back up a bit and start at the top — In my humble opinion, these are the five steps to Dethrone Bankster Scum:


Step #1 – Know that we can, must, and will win this war

There’s no other choice but to beat these pricks. It’s that simple. As to the question of whether or not we can overcome our dire circumstances, I will let much wiser men and women chime in:


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


“Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda


“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe


“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Winston Churchill


“If you’re going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up” – General George S. Patton


“The path we have chosen for the present is full of hazards, as all paths are. … The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.” – JFK






All the crazy stuff going on in the world is simply a manifestation of the battle between Good and Evil heating up; such battles rarely consist of ‘even teams’. The Founding Fathers were a very small percentage of the population as compared to Loyalists and Sheeple of their day, so it’s not like humanity hasn’t been down this path before, and won. In fact, many historians believe that it was fewer than 3% of the American populace who started the Revolutionary War, and only 10% were necessary to win the whole thing! The other 90%? Sheeple, drunkards, traitors, or cowards. Sound familiar?


Patriots vs Loyalists


Given their full-spectrum dominance of society, the Banksters are rightly confident in their power over the peasants. But their minions – the ones who actually enact the will of the Banksters – are starting to find themselves looking over their shoulders more and more often. The whole ‘New World Order’ system is based upon betrayal and subterfuge; these people know that they’re playing with fire, and that they will probably get torched before all is said and done, yet like a moth to flame they fixate on ever-increasing power and domain for their fiefdoms. Those who operate where the rubber hits the road are particularly tense because they know that they are, ah, more expendable than their bosses, but that rarely deters them, like the moth. Then it’s too late. I’ve posted several articles to Bankster News covering the many ‘suicides’ of said minions over the past few months. I feel as if I will be posting many more of these stories in the near future…



Jumped, or Pushed?


We’re at a key point; the pieces are in place, and the plan for the final takedown of America is well underway, but We The People are picking up momentum as the sleeping giant wakes. Be it the outing of the NSA, thrashing of Piers Morgan and other propaganda agents, exposure of the modern scientific frauds that are man-made climate change and genetically modified food, or blatant hypocrisy of the War on Drugs and War On Terror, pick a topic and find that many people are waking up. We need to become uniters, not dividers!




But is it all too little, too late?


We have to ACT like the result is still up in the air, else we have no hope of dethroning Bankster Scum. I intend to win this thing, no matter the costs, and anyone who is too cowardly or comfortable to fight Evil needs to gut up!


No Cowards


Step #2 – Understand The Problem

Everybody knows things are really messed up right now, but why are we in this situation, and how are we going to get our asses out of the fire? First and foremost, understand that we didn’t find ourselves in this cluster overnight. Humanity has been fighting the ancestors of the Banksters for centuries, and in fact, it’s not all Obama’s fault (though he’s certainly not helping the situation and deserves to be Impeached, immediately!). Understanding the root cause of a problem is the key to solving it, so once awake to the basic horrors of the New World Order, and after taking the pledge to never surrender, it’s start to time hitting the books to get to know thy enemy.

A silver lining to the NSA surveillance grid is widespread access to the Internet. Everything a user does is tracked and logged forever, sure, but for now at least, the Internet is a two-way crystal ball with a role akin to the Printing Press of the Renaissance. Importance of High Technology simply cannot be understated in a conversation about defeating Tyranny worldwide in the 21st Century. At no time in history has the Average Joe been able to access so many documents, opinions, and people as he can today (thanks DARPA). Hundreds of generations’ worth of knowledge and culture at our fingertips, and we can’t dethrone a few thousand Banksters who took power centuries before this fantastical technology emerged? Bullshit. Trounce these fools.


As long as people don't spend all of their time on 'other' pursuits ---

The Internet can be our Excalibur — as long as people don’t spend all of their time pursuing ‘other’ activities online —


Use technology against the enemy while you still can – every day is precious. Post articles to your social media feed, share stories with friends and family via E-mail with commentary, and support true grassroots efforts and businesses. The Internet is the most powerful tool we peasants have ever been given access to. But I doubt it will last much longer, in its current form, at least. The age of cyberwarfare has just dawned and it’s only a matter of time until the Net goes down, indefinitely. Weapons of Cyber Destruction aren’t the only threat to the Internet; in fact, the more insidious culprit is Chinese-style censorship enacted by our government and/or supranational entities in the name of ‘saving the children’ and thrwarting terrorism. Puke. Always backup and make hard copies of your electronic materials for you never know the next time you’ll be able to use a working computer. Stuff happens.




Without a twinge of guilt I will plug my site Dethrone The Banksters as a great place to learn more about the financial terrorism being wrought against the world by a small group of ‘elite’ criminals. Dethrone The Banksters contains a massive amount of information and analysis that can be applied to all facets of life; I believe anyone who spends some time exploring the site will find it extremely useful and enlightening. I also run Bankster News and a weekly Radio Show – we all have busy lives, let me do the research and analysis for you, I just need you to help spread the word and fight back in ways that you’re good at!

Bias for my own work aside, know that absorbing as much information from as many sources as possible can only help in the quest to bring justice to this world. Sometimes this even means checking-in on the latest propaganda coming out of the lamestream media; trust me, I don’t want to give CNN or Business Insider ‘extra clicks’ on their site, but I sometimes I visit them just to see what kind of garbage the enemy is spewing —



Force yourself to watch and read their drivel day-in and day-out and see if YOU don’t feel like puking on a regular basis!


Education is the cornerstone of resistance. Read as much as you can about as many topics as you can. American and world history, modern geopolitics, sociology, psychology, science, and yes, even mindless entertainment; all topics are fair game and of import while seeking to understand the true nature of ourselves and our enemies. You’ll be a true Keyboard Warrior once you begin to notice tendrils of corruption wherever you look. Some say I’m paranoid, my response: ‘So are the gazelles of the Serengeti’.



Another key point: We all can’t be experts on everything. Listen to those who have more experience and expertise than you, especially in their particular field(s) of study. For example, I have a Master’s in Finance from Purdue University and have worked several years as a Risk Analyst; I believe I am an authoritative source on many things finance and economics, especially with regard to the takeover of the world by the private, for-profit Federal Reserve, and its sister Central Banks around the world. That said, I know nothing about Law, and hate legalese with a passion. Reviewing even simple contracts sets me on edge or bores me to death (depending on how much skin I have in the game). I try to “Be Prepared” in every sense of the Boy Scout motto, but surely I’m no expert survivalist, nor a combat-hardened veteran, so I’m not even going to try and give you advice on how to prep, even though I’ve done extensive research of my own and feel confident in my approach (see below). With so many demands upon our limited time, it’s all about comparative advantage; each person has their strengths and weaknesses, there is no shame in defering to trusted experts when stumped by a topic or skillset. We don’t have time for pride in this fight against Bankster Scum.




Step #3 – Spread The Word

Once you know in your heart that we can, will, and must defeat Tyranny, and have a solid understanding of the world around you (a never-ending quest), it’s time to pound the pavement and get the word out! Now! Those who understand the problem (Step #2) but don’t feel the utter need and duty to fight Evil (Step #1) are part of the problem, not solution. Don’t be one of those who knows true Evil exists yet does nothing out of cowardice, laziness, etc.



Be relentless when pointing out the injustices of modern society. This zeal for exposing corruption and cronyism may have gotten me in trouble at work a time or two, and certainly my girlfriend is sick of ‘that NWO shit’ (she’s actually very supportive), but overall my ‘outspokenness’ has been for the better. Knowing that I’ve helped to wake up countless people across the world to the war being waged upon Free Humanity is satisfying…but it’s not good enough. Even though I bust my ass 300+ days of the year I’m still weak and pathetic and need to triple-down on my commitment to this fight. For better or worse, the heavy-lifting is still ahead, so I’ll get what I wish for, though in reality I hold onto a slight glimmer of hope that this will all go away one night and I’ll be left alone to play video games in peace. Weak and pathetic, I am. Each day it needs to be asked ‘how can I be a thorn in the side of Tyranny?’. Be creative. This is a true war; every action counts, and when the Banksters really drop the hammer, the last thing you’ll want to be thinking is how you wish you had done more to subvert the system or prepare yourself, your family, and your community for The Collapse.


world Earthquake Concept


Quality outweighs quantity, especially when trying to inform the masses, so try not to get a reputation for being a paranoid troll or a rebel without a cause. Do everything the right way. Suffice to say, we need truth-seekers who feel deeply about fighting back and aren’t in it for glory or money. That said, I certainly don’t feel bashful when I ask for donations at the right hand side of my homepage. Running a site and radio show can get expensive, especially when you have no revenue except donations (this is an ad-free zone!), but I don’t mind shouldering the vast majority of the burden if it helps spread the word.


The best way to get the word out is to give up all shame.


Just do It. While out in the field waking up sheeple you’ll have people laugh at you, criticize you, and put you down – it’s part of the territory, get over it. Try to stay upbeat and connect with them on a personal level; everyone is getting shafted by the Banksters in one way or another, tap into the personal sore spot(s) of your audience and lament on the loss of personal liberty and freedom. If you go out there with a positive attitude and an open-mind you will find that the majority of people aren’t as stupid and zombified as you might have thought; they just feel alone and insignficant, if you build the bridge, they will cross. As for the haters: Simply ignore them, especially online, where everyone’s a tough guy. I’ve been dealing with flame wars and trolls since I was a 12-year old kid playing X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter on a 14.4kbps modem in ’97 — trust me when I say that getting into Facebook wall flame wars/etc. gets you nowhere.


At a young age I learned it didn't matter how much smack you talked, all that matters is who wants it more and sticks to their guns

At a young age I learned it didn’t matter how much smack you talked, all that matters is who wants it more and sticks to their guns


Don’t focus on the 99% vs. the 1% since this will do nothing more than alienate some of the people we need on our side the most. Instead, try to frame the matchup as We The People vs. the 0.00014286%. This is a much better representation of the game at hand. Occupy Wall Street failed because it did not have actionable demands; what I (and many others) propose is a simple return to government as envisioned in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, something people can get behind in a tangible way. Those who earn money in a legitimate way keep their money! Free-market, capitalist society is the best we as humans have come up with so far; return to it and send the Banksters packing, else prepare to enter the Dark Ages 2.0. Smellin Yellen herself stated that she could not comment on whether or not the United States was now an oligarchy instead of a democracy – what more proof do you need?




America was never perfect but its ideals nearly were. At it’s peak it was the high water mark of human civilization. Despite failings and atrocities it produced more wealth and innovation than any other country in the history of the known world. Unfortunately, we have strayed further from those ideals rather than inching closer, and modern society reflects as much. The Banksters and the various factions they control are in fact the true revolutionaries insofar as they wish to return humanity to a (not so?) bygone era of slavery and serfdom. We can stem their tide and set a new high water mark for humanity – worldwide – but we first need to throw these Bankster scum off our backs, and getting the word out is a pivotal step everyone can take.


JPMorgan Chase & Co CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before the House Financial Services hearing in Washington


I suggest starting a website, facebook page, or podcast – why not all three? – they set a great foundation for your efforts while allowing you to network with other like-minded people. Not everyone will gain 10,000 followers or become the next Matt Drudge, but each one of us can act as a razor against the lamestream media’s throat. Here are some other ways I’ve tried to spread the word since I woke up a few years back. As always, if you have other ideas or feedback, leave a comment on this article, hit me up on Twitter (@LuciferBernanke), or E-mail

  • Bumper Stickers/etc.: I’ve had a fun time with this one. I must have placed 500 Ron Paul 2012 stickers across the greater Washington DC area a couple years back; this summer I plan to get some End The Fed and Dethrone The Banksters stickers and go to town, on the town. Never know who will end up reading those little stickers, especially in this corrupt cesspit of DC. Regardless of where you live, stickers of all varieties are a worthy investment, so get to sticking!
  • Local Politics: As the saying goes, “Think Globally Act Locally”. Attend city council/county board/school board meetings and community events, especially if you have children or plan to live in that area for a prolonged period of time. Even this ‘Progressive’ haven of Arlington, Virginia is seeing a resurgence of grassroots Common Sense, and if the heart of the military-industrial complex (and DARPA) can begin waking up, so can your town. You may be the person who tips the balance to get fluoride out of the city water, calls national media attention to an incident of police brutality, or exposes a local politician’s kickback scheme – make it happen in your hometown first! Plus, it’s a great way to network with like-minded Patriots who live nearby, which is an invaluable asset.
  • Friends And Family: These are the people most difficult to wake up. The good news is that they’re a captive audience, so don’t give up, and keep chirpin at ’em! Pointing out how ‘The System’ feeds off their labor and pain is always a good tactic since you know the details of their personal and financial life and can really strike deep. Truth hurts. On the flipside, friends and family know if you’re bullshitting, so walk the walk in your daily life and don’t just talk the talk. It will rub off on them eventually.
  • Man On The Street: This is something I would really like to do but haven’t gotten around to quite yet…I guess the main problem is that I don’t have anyone to videotape me! This schtick makes for good Youtube footage while also educating the people you speak with. I really need to get out there on the National Mall and quiz some tourists on the finer points of Crony Capitalism. You don’t necessarily need to videotape your encounters, though, handing out flyers and simply talking with fellow Americans can go a *long* way.

I could go on, but in reality, the limits of spreading the word depend upon depth of imagination more than anything. If each person currently ‘awake’ woke up just two others over the next year, we would be good to go! But of course, not everyone awake will make such an effort, and many will overtly hide their head in the sand, so it’s up to you and I to personally wake up dozens if not thousands of fellow men and women in the coming years! Think about how many sheeple you know personally – the targets are unlimited, and everyone is fair game. Oh, and while the internet is a great tool, don’t forget to occasionally get out there in the Real World and mix it up like the old timers, sometimes that’s the best way to spread the word!





Step #4 – Prepare Yourself And Your Family

Note: This step should be taken immediately —  in fact, all of these steps are to be taken simultaneously, no time to waste! 

This article is running rather long so I will truncate my advice for Step #4. As I stated earlier, I’m a grassroots Economist and Political Thinker, not a Survivalist, so I will graciously defer to the experts on how to best prepare for the coming turmoil. Use the search engine the NSA provided us and Google some advice on prepping. Don’t’ forget to make hard copies of all those plans – computers and cell phones have a habit of not working after an EMP or other natural/manmade disasters! Get prepared spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially – and never give up!


Step #5 – Resist At Every Turn

All of the previous steps are critical in the effort to Dethrone Bankster Scum, but this fifth and final step is what transforms angry sentiment into just action. We’re fighting against cold killers – how badly do you want to defeat these bastards? Are you willing to make the sacrifices required to take town the Satanic forces of the Banksters? This isn’t a game. When push comes to shove, are you going to roll over and be a bitch, or are you going to lay it all on the line in the hopes of spurring a last-second victory? Strategy and knowing thy enemy only go so far; the only way to truly restore some semblence of justice in this world is acting upon your knowledge and rhetoric!


Grow some balls


Before I’m labeled as a ‘domestic terrorist’ let me refer to a disclaimer I have posted on this site several times before – it applies to this article as well:

For the record, I do not espouse violence against any man or women, let alone the lawfully elected President of the United States of America, or any other agent or member of an government. This statement shall serve as disclaimer against potential charges stating that I call for violence against ‘The System’. Or anyone/anything, for that matter. No Violence. I find this disclaimer necessary; the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it monitors all internet activity in a never-ending quest to identify ‘domestic terrorists’. There is now no doubt that every keystroke is monitored and stored – forever. I want to put all of this in writing before continuing, lest I be disappeared under the National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation which allows for the secret and indefinite detention of any US Citizen deemed a threat to the Vaterland Homeland. I want to win this fight the right way, but again, I prefer to not be disappeared.

I hate having to post that on every article, but I gotta try to cover my ass (not like they care), plus it’s a true statement. Anyway, I get pretty intense with regard to all of this, but it’s an intense subject, and unfortunately holds a place in reality. We need a hyper sense of urgency, but need to do it all the right way. The Banksters would love nothing more than a new Civil War where millions of Americans kill each other; easy cleanup for the ChiComs and United Nations. Plan for the long-term and think in terms of solutions, not problems. We approach the Endgame but it’s important to remember that this war is still a marathon. Though events are accelerating, it’s possible that the true SHTF scenario is still a couple decades in the future, and it will be a long, slow slog of a trainwreck until then. Tyrannies run in cycles, but the concern this time around is the psychos in charge now have nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons (and God knows what else). No room for error.

Cut out most luxuries in your life and focus resources on exposing and defaming the people ruining our species. Here are some examples of how I have stuck it to the System over the past few years. Again, I’m weak and pathetic and need to do more, and will do more, but I’ve certainly made a difference in my own way. I’d be interested in hearing how you resist in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

  • Boycott Chinese Slave Goods! I wrote an article a year ago detailing the rise of Communist China and the outsourcing of American jobs. Read it when you’re done with this article. Long story short, the Banksters are purposefully moving our economy and assets to China as an act of industrial sabotage. Other countries are involved, sure, but China is the big dog, and every dime you spend on Chinese Slave Goods will be leveraged against the Patriots in every way imaginable. STARVE THE MACHINE, BOYCOTT CHINESE SLAVE GOODS! This is the single best way for the Average Joe to Fight back!
  • Get in the face of Banksters and their minions whenever possible! Protest at the next Bilderberg meeting, UN General Assembly, or Federal Reserve Meeting! Live in a place like Washington DC, New York, or Chicago where top minions operate? Do things to make sure they know that you know what they’re up to, and that you can reach out to say hello in a personal way. Again, I will refer to my No Violence Disclaimer posted above, and certainly don’t want people to get busted for trespassing/etc., but get out there and mix it up a bit, you might just put a little fear into one of these twerps. A relatively benign example: While taking a pilgrimage to Wall Street I came across the New York Fed; I promptly spat upon the building, and got the heck out of dodge, as two security guards started towards me. As I ducked into an alley (Wall Street is creepy) I came across the loading dock of a prominent skyscraper in the Financial District. What I saw was priceless. No, I didn’t write this, though I salute the person who did! They probably never read my site…but you never know…


Banksters Kill Babies


  • If you’re still paying all of your taxes then you’re doing it all wrong. Nothing makes me want to puke more than hearing sheeple get excited about their tax returns. *Cry* Do whatever you can to get over on the taxman; most of these taxes are illegal, and the tax revenue that is legitimate is mainly being used against We The People anyway, so tell the IRS to go fuck itself! You may not be able to avoid/dodge 100% of your taxes, but you can drag your feet and hide as much revenue as you can, at the least. Make them come and get it! Same with parking tickets/etc. — if the Banksters don’t pay up why should we? Fighting the system this way may come with unpleasant side-effects, but the more who resist in this fashion the more effective it becomes, so join the passive resistance! Again, starve the machine!
  • Buy Organic and ditch the Fast Food/Monsanto folks of the world. This act itself will help you stay healthy and prepare for tough times ahead (Step #4) while directly fighting back against the Agricultural-Industrial-Complex. Since everyone’s got to eat, learning about healthy food (Step #2) and sharing your knowledge with friends, family, and acquantinces alike (Step #3) makes this a versatile option for those trying to fight the Banksters on multiple fronts at once. You are what you eat!


Organic Food


More than 5,000 words so I’ll leave it at that. Let’s not embarass our ancestors and get steamrolled by these Bankster Scum. Get out there and make things happen, we don’t have much time left. We can do it. Study the enemy, recruit people to join the cause, prepare yourself and your family for the worst, resist tyranny at every turn, and most importantly, BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT!


Fuck The Fed

Bankster News


Introducing Bankster News, a wholly independent, not-for-revenue site that aggregates all of the top analysis and breaking news into one place. No longer will Patriots and Free Men have to scour hundreds of articles of lamestream media dribble in order to understand what’s really going on; instead, simply visit Bankster News a few times a week to cut through the partisan garbage and learn the truth behind the ‘Elite’ and the puppets they control.

The slogan says it all:

Exposing Bankster Scum and their Minions, one news article at a time

Bankster News is great for keeping on top of current events, but it really shines when used as a reference guide for researchers and those trying to spread the word against the corruption devouring our world. Interested in the decades long build-up of China at the expense of America? There are already a dozen articles on this topic, with more being added daily. Trying to convince a friend about the dangers of the flu vaccine? Bankster News covers these and other health topics in detail, since the most valuable asset that can be stolen from a person is their health. Interested in prepping or investing in precious metals? Bankster News definitely has those topics covered. Let’s not forget about Obamacare — such a debacle, it ought to have a whole section on the site!

So what are you waiting for — if you haven’t already, please visit Bankster News, and most importantly, subscribe and bookmark so you come back often and become a more informed person. Knowing what these scumbags are up to is our only hope to defeat them.

100% Content and 100% Free.

Exposing Bankster Scum and their Minions, one news article at a time

Bankster Scum


Press The Attack – Impeach Obama Now!

"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." - Article II Section 4 of the US Constitution

“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” – Article II Section 4 of the US Constitution

Barack Hussein Obama has committed every crime listed in Article II Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America. Treason. Bribery. A host of high Crimes and Misdemeanors. I will document his treachery – in detail – below. This is an extremely serious issue; if our country is to be saved, the line must be drawn here. Mr. Obama’s flagrant disregard of the will of the People, and his disrespect of the ideals of the Founding Fathers, leaves but one legal option for his removal: Impeachment!***

***For the record, I do not espouse violence against any man or women, let alone the lawfully elected President of the United States of America. This statement shall serve as disclaimer against potential charges stating that I call for violence against ‘The System’. Or anyone/anything, for that matter. No Violence. I find this disclaimer necessary; the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it monitors all internet activity in a never-ending quest to identify ‘domestic terrorists’. Hell, the NSA wiretapping scandal broke when this article was all but finished, so there is now no doubt that every keystroke is monitored and stored – forever. I want to put all of this in writing before continuing, lest I be disappeared under the National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation which allows for the secret and indefinite detention of any US Citizen deemed a threat to the Vaterland Homeland. I want to win this fight the right way, but again, I prefer to not be disappeared. (Edit 06/20/2013: Or blown up à la Rolling Stones Editor Michael Hastings). 




The time to strike is now! We’ve seen scandal after scandal blow up in the President’s face over the past couple months, and as I will document below, we certainly have sufficient (political) ammo to make an all-out push for impeachment, so let’s get to work! Immediately! The situation is dire; the Republic is falling off a cliff, and we can’t wait until 2016 to depose this tyrant as it will be too late by then. We must claw savagely at the open, bloody wounds that are IRSgate and NSAgate. Benghazi must not be forgotten. Obama must be taunted and ridiculed as a fraud at every opportunity! 




Should America fall, the world will fall, so in effect, all of humanity’s future is at stake here. Allowing Mr. Obama to remain in power – unchallenged – gives carte blanche to he and other Bankster Minions, guaranteeing the wholesale theft of our pension funds, the staging of false-flag terror attacks, increased rationing of healthcare, and the end to the Free Internet as it’s known today… 


…then their real fun begins…




Shit’s bad, but we still have time to avert disaster. Probably. If the People make a concerted effort to Impeach Obama Now!, victory might just be snatched from the jaws of defeat. At the very least, we gotta go down fighting, lest history label us defeatist pussies. This stand could establish a vital beachhead in the War On Tyranny, setting a precedent which would later be used to clean House and Senate.  All we need is a hearing. Obama can’t talk his way out of a wet paper bag without his teleprompter, and I know he would fold under the bright lights. It needs to be done By The Book. I’m no lawyer, but we need to make sure he is questioned no holds barred concerning the issues I am about to raise. But in order to get a hearing we need to start spreading the word and contacting various Representatives every single day. Most importantly, GET PISSED OFF!


Impeach Obama Now


The rest of this article will detail many of the charges that need to be brought against the man once known as Barry Soetoro. Even if the slime on Capitol Hill don’t respond to the will of the People and Obama escapes trial, our collective efforts will prove to Bankster Minions worldwide that We The People are watching, and will do our damnedest to expose those who are destroying our children’s future, so beware!


George Washington War


Let our fight be just and true and God will take care of the rest. By all accounts, George Washington’s Continental Army should have been smoked by the Redcoats – what was the point of even trying? – but they had Truth and Justice on their side, something that can never be war gamed. Pushing to Impeach Obama Now! may end up being more symbolic than anything, but sitting idle is for chumps, and at least we will force the traitors who defend him out of the woodwork. Besides, you never know, like Washington, we might just get lucky…


Obama Cries In Prison


Before laying out charges against the POTUS let me state one last thing: George W. Bush should have been impeached and imprisoned (executed?) for using Weapons of Mass Deception which left behind more than one million dead Iraqis. He did a lot of other shitty things, too. In fact, just about all modern Presidents could have/should have been indicted for their dirty deeds. Luckily, there isn’t a statute of limitations with regard to High Crimes Against Humanity, so bringing up a myriad of charges on a plethora of parties shouldn’t prove too difficult. After Obama is (politically) disposed of, of course, one at a time…


How can you stay mad at a face like that?! Maybe we should have mercy. Maybe.

How can you stay mad at a face like that?! Maybe we should have mercy. Maybe.


In fact, I think that the Banksters and their Minions ought to be tried in chronological order once we emerge victorious. So, does that mean Kissinger is up first? Oh wait…Kissinger is David Patreus’ hero…so he must be a good guy…







High Crimes Against Humanity

Before getting into the specifics of Obama’s transgressions against the American People, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, let’s first expose his High Crimes Against Humanity as a whole. You know, the real nasty and evil shit. While not be as prolific as a Mao or Hitler, Obama certainly deserves the title of War Criminal, despite being a recipient of the Noble Peace Prize. First on the docket: The torture and rape of men, women, and children at various dark sites across the globe. This is not an exaggeration; please click this link you want some proof (and have the stomach for the details, not pretty). Or this link. Or this one. In fact, a recent bi-partisan Congressional report noted that both Bush and Obama should be considered War Criminals. Ironically enough, this report came out one day before the Boston Bombings happened. Quite the coincidence, 

Torture of small children aside, various ‘kinetic actions’ in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and several other countries pin countless murders on this Administration, ensuring the death penalty for the likes of Hillary Clinton, in a sane world, at least. The so-called Arab Spring is but a cover for the wholesale looting of the last few countries that wouldn’t play ball with the Banksters and New World Order. Backed by NATO special forces and air support, the Muslim Brotherhood has run roughshod over its enemies over the past two years, killing tens of thousands of civilians and forcing Sharia Law on the conquered populace. Strongmen like Muammar Gadaffi and Hosni Mubarak certainly weren’t ‘good guys’, but at least they attempted to provide basic services for their people and refused to fully sell out to the NWO. The replacements? Not so much…


muslim_brotherhood AK 47


Treason against the united states of america 

In addition to High Crimes Against Humanity, Barack Hussein Obama has also committed numerous acts of Treason Against the United States of America. This simply cannot go unpunished. This accusation is not made lightly, as Treason is the most serious crime one can commit against our great nation. Per the United States Code (18 U.S.C. § 2381), “whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” 


Here are just a few of the charges of Treason that must be brought against Obama as soon as possible. At the very minimum, there must be a fully transparent trial overseen by multiple independent commissions. I’m not one for legalese, so someone else will have to comment on the best way to go about circumventing their ‘National Security’ BS, but we need to do it By The Book, all while ensuring full transparency to the American People.


Friend of the UN – The United Nations is nothing more than a Rockefeller-funded attempt to lay the foundation for a One World Government; NATO is the enforcement arm. Neither institution supersedes the US Constitution, and the only way a treaty is co-equal with the Constitution is if an Amendment is passed. Last I checked, there was no Constitutional Amendment concerning the UN, NATO, or any other globalist organization, for that matter.

Specifically concerning Mr. Obama’s impeachment: Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution states that only Congress has the power to make war. Why, then, did several members of the military recently state that NATO and the UN do not require Congressional authorization to act? Simply watch the video below, and if you don’t feel sick by the end of this 7-minute video, it’s safe to say you know nothing of Constitutional Law, basic history, or common sense. Gut-wrenching. 




Any President acting in the interest of the UN and NATO are doing so to the detriment of the Republic. Simple as that. Even this article is a whitewash of this issue; Obama is doubly at fault compared to Presidents past, because not only does he allow these foreign entities to directly influence the armed forces, he actually served as the Head of the UN Security Council in September of 2009, a direct violation of Article I Section 9 of the US Constitution, which explicitly states that no person in the US Government may hold dual offices, especially the Commander Clown in Chief!


No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.” – Article I, Section 9 of the US Constitution.


As if serving as the Head of the UN Security Council wasn’t bad enough, Obama also supported the unconstitutional UN Gun Treaty, yet another traitorous transgression against the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Despite assuring the Sheeple that he is a ‘friend of the Second Amendment’, it is clear that the Administration is desperate to disarm the American People before the Collapse. We may have won the most recent fight, but Crazy Uncle Joe and Friends will be back…




Speaking of Crazy Uncle Joe, don’t worry: Once Obama is gone, all the roaches will scatter, so we won’t have to worry about Biden having enough time (or power) to do anything too destructive before the 2016 election rolls around. Hell, I’ll write a whole article on why we should impeach this bum should we successfully oust Obama! That’s on record! Anyway, one last thing on crazy Uncle Joe before getting back on Barry’s case…





Benghazi Stand Down – For all the pomp and circumstance given to the military these days, the ambush and stand down in Benghazi, Libya evoked a tepid (if not pitiful) outcry by the American public. Our boys were left hanging because Obitch needed to cover up the transfer of high-powered weaponry (including heat-seeking missiles) to Al Qaeda rebels in Libya and Syria. Treason. To jog your memory, here is a very quick rundown of the events of September 11th and 12th, 2012:

  1. The CIA had a secret base (the infamous CIA annex) near a consulate which was being used to transfer weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qadea for use in the Middle East and Africa.
  2. The ‘bad guys’ in Libya got wind of the operation and attacked the annex and consulate where Ambassador Stevens was located. Consisting of more than 100 fighters armed with AK-style rifles, RPGs, and even truck mounted artillery, the group of ‘protesters’ made mince meat out of the consulate’s meager defenses, after which they turned down the road towards the CIA annex.
  3. Early on the morning of September 12th, the annex came under siege for several hours, pinning down thirty people and killing two US Navy SEALS. Meanwhile, at least two unmanned drones watched the situation unfold from above, all while US and NATO aircraft and special forces were repeatedly told to stand down.
  4. Finally, the CIA had a squad commandeer a private jet in Tripoli and infiltrate the area, bringing the assault to an end after more than eight hours. Four Americans were dead, including an Ambassador, because Obama and Friends (who were certainly watching the action unfold via their Eye in the Sky) didn’t want to blow their cover.


There is a lot of information out there about Benghazi so I will leave it at that. It all boils down to this: President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are guilty of allowing 4 US Citizens to die so that their policies of death and destruction in Africa and the Middle East were not exposed. Well, we know what you did, and Justice will be served. By The Book.



“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” (18 U.S.C. § 2381)



Fast and Furious – One need not look any further than our Southern border to find the next traitorous act that could single-handedly lead to the removal of Obama from office: Operation Fast and Furious, also known as the ATF Gunwalking Scandal.This humanitarian mission involved shipping thousands of illegal firearms to drug kingpins in Mexico so as to blame the importation of firearms from the US – and the Second Amendment in general – for the murder of more than 70,000 Mexicans (and hundreds of Americans) in the border drug war over the past six years. Both the Attorney General, Eric Holder, and the head of DHS, Mr. Janet Napolitano, were caught lying about this operation. They need to be tried for murder alongside their boss – NOW!





National Defense Authorization Act – Earlier in this article I referenced the NDAA; first signed near the stroke of midnight on December 31st, 2011, this dastardly piece of legislation allows the US Government to disappear any one they want, for as long as they want, anytime they want. Do I have to say much more? That’s some Nazi shit right there.


This guy is a bastard too. His law firm is Covington and Burling. Feel free to troll them if you so desire.

This guy is a bastard, too. His law firm is Covington and Burling. Feel free to troll them.


Those are just some of the charges of Treason that must be brought against Obama in the very near future. Failure to do so is the death knell of the Republic. American activists must focus all effort on exposing this Clown in Chief. This is a last-ditch attempt at a Breakthrough. We do not have the luxury of waiting until the elections of 2014, 2016, and beyond; the enemy outnumbers us and time is short, our only hope is to concentrate all (political) firepower on one target, and fire at will! This (political) attack must commence immediately – we have the dirt on Obama and momentum favors our effort – yet the enemy is quickly regrouping while growing overtly desperate in the attempts to retain control over Amerika! At this point it is not an exaggeration to state that the ‘powers that be’ are running out of options, and may soon start a major war, crash the market, or suitcase nuke a city, all to keep the Sheeple in line. We only have months to make a (political) move against the scumbag who erroneously calls himself our President. If he and his cohorts get away with all of this, they are going to take it to the next level, which is likely a nuclear or a biological weapon used on an American city(ies). What are you waiting for? Fire all weapons! Spread the message! Impeach Obama Now!




By the way, to my non-American readers: Feel free to focus your efforts on deposing a dictator of your choosing! Helping to take down Obama is certainly helpful for the whole world, but it’s a sad fact to admit that there actually are worse dictators out there than Obama, so attack (politically) where you think you can do the most damage! Oh, and to everyone else: Be sure to subscribe to this site, like it on Facebook, and all that other crap! With that self-plug over with, let me get back to the vicious political thrashing of our Clown in Chief. But first, a funny picture:


Obama Justin Bieber



Hopefully I’ve done a decent job of showing why Dear Leader should be tried for both High Crimes Against Humanity and Treason Against The United States of America. But that’s just the start of it. As noted at the beginning of this essay, Article II Section 4 of the Constitution states that there are many other crimes for which a President can be removed from office, bribery being one of them. Obama and his Republican counterparts are certainly guilty of taking bribes over the past several decades – an entire article could be dedicated to this point alone! – yet all one needs to see is the list of top contributors to Obama’s campaign in 2008 and realize how perverse and pervasive the problem truly is. Goldman Sachs. JP Morgan. Citigroup. Microsoft. Google. Globalist universities like Harvard and Columbia. These MegaBanks and MegaCorporations have no vested interest in the future of the American People or our Republic; in fact, nearly all of these organizations are foreign companies built upon a foundation of fraud, the antithesis to free market capitalism. They make outrageous profits via predatory and monopolistic practices, all while avoiding trillions of dollars in taxes – This is the real IRS Scandal! 

Obama isn’t alone. I want to note that Mittens Romney and John McCain were no better, and it’s even possible to make the argument that their backers were even more corrupt than Obama’s, but since they didn’t win the elections, they need to be put to the back burner for now. No more partisan bullshit; left versus right is a bogus dichotomy and if we are to save our Republic we must look past this garbage and go after the criminals at the top! Obama is but a puppet, but he’s the top puppet, and he’s the one who signs his name on the dotted line to authorize all of these atrocities, so he’s the first one we’re going after!



I’m getting tired of writing about this piece of trash, and I’m sure you’re getting tired of reading about his crimes, so I’ll round out this article by quickly listing some of the other charges that should be brought up against our Clown in Chief:

  • Posh Vacations on Taxpayer dime 
  • Parties with Beyonce and Jay-Z during ‘The Sequester’
  • IRSgate 
  • NSAgate
  • AP Wiretapping/etc (Oh, but we can’t video tape cops?)
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

That’s it, I’m calling it a day. If we can’t sink this puppet, we have no Hope for Change in this country. If Nixon was impeached for bugging two buildings, and Clinton was indicted by the Senate for being a bit careless with his love juice, there’s absolutely no reason that we can’t take Obitch down. If enough Patriots join the effort to Impeach Obama Now! we can begin to turn back the tide of tyranny and get on the road towards Restoring the Republic. Even if this effort to impeach is not fully successful, let history know that we tried our damnedest to draw a line in the sand, and we went down fighting! So what are you waiting for? Impeach Obama Now!

The Cypriot Experiment – or – How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love The Banksters

Dr Bernanke

Note: This article was originally posted at — I am a new writer for that website and will be covering economic and geopolitical news on a weekly basis. Don’t worry, will live on, as I plan to use this site for my more lengthy opinion pieces instead of timely news pieces. Be sure to check out The American Resolution after reading this short article!


By now you’re aware of the bank holiday and subsequent ‘haircut’ given to Cypriot depositors late last month. Even as this article goes to press – more than two weeks after events began to unfold – the radioactive dust has yet to settle on that poor little island in the Mediterranean. Was the final decision that 40% of all deposits over €100k would be plundered? Or was it 80% of all deposits? It seems that the ‘Little Guy’ avoided a haircut by a razor-thin margin, but considering his entire country has just been financially nuked by the Banksters, I’m sure that’s of little solace to him…




The testing of hydrogen bombs over Pacific atolls is analogous to the dry-run of Financial Armageddon in Cyprus for a number of reasons. In both cases the target was a tiny island that the Common Man would never be able to find on a map. Out of sight, out of mind, simple enough. Geopolitical isolation is another telltale sign of both events. Detonating the first thermonuclear device in the history of mankind (equivalent to just under twelve million tons of TNT) is best done as far away from Civilization as possible; you know, just in case the eggheads’ estimates are off by a standard deviation, or three. The same holds true when war gaming a financial weapon of mass destruction: The situation must be serious enough to produce the desired effects of fear, panic, and anger, but the contagion must be compartmentalized in such a way that the fire can be put out should the experiment get a little bit…ahh…hairy…




Several other factors point to recent events as being part of a premeditated experiment:

  • As mentioned, the terms imposed on depositors changed several times, leading to confusion and a sense of paralysis. How will people react to losing 10% of their deposits? What if threatened with total collapse if demands are not complied with, immediately? Will the ‘Little Guy’ join in the assault against the ‘Rich’ if promised that his account will be exempted from the ‘tax’?
  • The bank holiday was extended at least three times. In addition to giving the Banksters’ cronies more time to withdrawal their funds ahead of time, this strung along the Cypriot people (and the global markets), providing a wealth of invaluable data on reactions to ever-increasing uncertainty.
  • Customers of JP Morgan Chase reported balances of $0 on Monday, March 18th. The Cypriot Experiment began Friday, March 15th. Of course, this ‘glitch’ only affected checking accounts, as opposed to mortgages or credit cards – the bank still knows what you owe it, ironically enough. Coincidence? Perhaps. But…

The Banksters ran their experiment and are now in the process of analyzing the data and plotting their next move. Are they ready to strike? Not quite yet, in my estimation. The grand game of geopolitics and high finance is played on a timeline spanning decades, not months, and the Banksters will bide their time until the opportunity to strike is perfect. For now, they will continue to slowly acclimate the Sheeple all while setting the framework for future theft. Bail-ins are now being written into the Canadian budget. Eurozone Ministers flatly admit that similar action in the future is likely. Ominous voices decree that the crisis demands “One Banking Policy, One Fiscal Policy – And One Voice”

Just another step towards cementing the power of the New World Order.


 Again, be sure to check out The American Resolution — it’s time to redouble our efforts against the Banksters, spread the word!

Starve The Machine – Boycott Chinese Slave Goods

Chained Up 1

If you buy Chinese Slave Goods you are directly funding the hate crime of slavery. A simple, irrefutable fact. Spending a couple hundred bucks on shoes you don’t need, or electronics you can’t live without, supports the chaining of children to benches – literally. If you are currently thinking “I don’t care about some kids in China as long as I get my Gucci/iPhone/etc.” then you are fully controlled by the New World Order’s propaganda machine and are no longer part of the human race. All sense of empathy has been burned out of you by Madison Avenue, and you are an anathema to the Creator himself. You are also a traitor to America. But it’s not too late to change your ways….

I will be the first to admit to being guilty of supporting the Commie Scum. But who doesn’t buy Made In China? That’s the problem. Everyone may know that China doesn’t have quite the ‘stellar’ human rights record, but few realize that Chinese Slaves commit suicide en masse; the women routinely undergo forced late-term abortions; men are simply steamrolled for protesting the theft of their land; and second-born children are run over by One-Child Policy Enforcement Officials when their parents don’t abort the child/pay a hefty fine. Now that’s Chinese efficiency – Crush The Resistance.



Don’t want to sell your house to make room for the newest Slave Factory? Splat.


Feeling like a hypocrite for supporting the Commies over the years, my New Year’s Resolution for 2013 was to never purchase anything Made In/Sourced From China ever again. Granted, I’m only seven weeks in, but I haven’t faltered, and estimate that the ‘value’ of my boycott is nearly $300 thus far. Seems like chump change, but it adds up, as I shall demonstrate below. Fact is, every person reading this sentence has the ability to fight against slavery by simply boycotting Chinese Slave Goods. China is the new power base of the Banksters, and if we hope to free the West from the chains of fraudulent debt, we need to enlist the help of our Chinese cousins. We need a global revolution – 1776 Worldwide – and fermenting mass civil unrest in China is an essential part of our war against Bankster (and Commie) Scum. Starve The Machine. Question is, will you take this pledge with me, boycotting Chinese Slave Goods for life, starting today? Or, will you continue to fund a Slave State just so you can wear the latest style from Forever 21? What, you like chained-up Chinese kids or something?


Chained up 3


A few ground rules to this contest/humanitarian mission. First, receiving Chinese Slave Goods as gifts is not strictly prohibited; however, whenever possible, you must express to others your disdain for chained-up Chinese kids. Second, proper due diligence must be exercised with regard to the question of whether the Good is – in fact – a Chinese Slave Good. Google is your friend. Next, the term “Sourced In China” is defined as having more than ten percent (10%) of all components manufactured and/or assembled within China’s national borders. This includes Taiwan, as I consider them a Vassal State of the People’s Republic of China. We are working with the Honor System here; to be honest, only the chained-up Chinese kids will know whether you’re sticking to your Resolution or not.


Chained up 2


One more rule, mundane as rules seem while discussing the boycott of a regime that has forced millions of third-trimester abortions: The act of ‘buying used’ is acceptable, yet generally frowned upon, as demand in the secondary markets spurs direct purchases of Chinese Slave Goods. This caveat is particularly applicable to electronics; these devices are necessary to expose and dethrone Bankster Scum, so we can’t hamstring ourselves unnecessarily by simply boycotting these critical tools, now can we? Do your best. Spend locally when and where possible. Finding a laptop produced ‘locally’ is impossible; procuring food, clothing, furniture, etc. from producers and merchants native to your area is quite feasible.




So, are you ready to boycott Chinese Slave Goods with me, or not? Don’t worry, I’m done posting pictures of chained-up kids (and I avoided abortion pictures altogether), but ignoring these crimes against humanity makes you complicit in the hate crime of slavery. There are many other places that produce Slave Goods besides China – and I am all for boycotting them as well – but the key to overthrowing tyranny worldwide is first taking down the Commie Scum who lord over the Chinese people. If they fall, all Scum will fall. 


Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty doesn’t do Red


Before getting into the geopolitical and economic ramifications of the ‘Rise of the Dragon’, let me state this before continuing: I have a lot of respect for the Chinese culture, so be clear that this article is directed towards the small group of Commie Bastards that rose to power on the backs of 70 million murdered people. I do have a problem with those shitheads. The Chinese people? I’m actually quite the fan of them. In a previous article entitled ObamneyCare I noted that I was particularly qualified to comment on the topic of health care reform because of my education and professional background; similarly, several factors in my life have given me a unique perspective on America’s relationship with the Chinese. I also feel as if my writing skill far surpasses the propaganda-spitting drones of the New York Times and Washington Post. You be the judge.***

*** If you agree, please share this article with everyone you know. Immediately. Also, be sure to check out the 24 other articles I’ve published in the past year and a half (Happy 25th DethroneTheBanksters!).  Please also feel free to leave a comment below, as I am always interested in hearing what my readers have to say…


My best friend was born in China. Since meeting him, I have picked-up on many differences – and similarities – between the American and Chinese cultures. While we sometimes trade barbs in jest (Fat/Lazy/Stupid American vs. Commie Bastard), my friend and I still have respect for one another, and are much more alike than one would expect given our disparate upbringing. While spending countless hours with my friend has given me incredible insight into all things Chinese, the time I spent studying for my Master’s in Finance was even more eye-opening. Our class of twenty-seven was made up of no less than eighteen Chinese/Taiwanese nationals, most of whom visiting America for the first time. Luckily, their parents were wealthy enough to allow them to tour America during the various academic breaks, as God knows what lasting impressions they have of West Lafayette, Indiana…




These kids were smart, and they were hard-working. Scratch that. They weren’t just ‘hard-working’, they were robots. ‘Hard-working’ is fighting with an Excel spreadsheet until midnight, despite a full day of classes behind and in front of you. ‘Robotical’ is not leaving campus for more than thirty-six hours because the solution to question 3c eluded your team until the wee hours of the morning. I think their cutoff for sleeping in the computer lab was 4 AM. By the way, the aforementioned homework assignment was only worth 5% of the final grade, for just one course. Now that’s robotical. Perhaps it is just a matter of perspective; maybe I’m just a lazy, worthless American that gave up at question 2e  in order to get a few hours of sleep in my own bed. It’s true, I would never survive a Chinese Slave Factory, I can barely tolerate working my E-Mail for a couple of hours a day while sipping on my Dark Magic K-Cups…



I want a stand-up desk, too 🙁


America and China would be able to land a man on Mars in five years if we were able to work together in a peaceful, non-Commie way. My classmates were all very nice and (usually) great to work with. At Purdue it was always the well-balanced teams consisting of both Americans and Chinese that produced the highest-quality work; the unstoppable persistence of the East matching perfectly with the creative, flexible mindset of the West. Why can’t we all just be friends? Unfortunately, the true potential of this relationship was hijacked by none other than our beloved Bankster Scum (and their parents/grandparents) when they put Mao Tse Dung into power in 1949. I don’t know how to spell the name of that bitch, but I don’t have enough respect for him to look it up. Anyway, the Banksters are using China to help bankrupt the West all while making untold trillions off of the blood, sweat and tears of the Chinese People. Typical Bankster Bullshit.


Fuck You Bankster Scum!

Bankster Scum!


This is where the boycott comes in. As I’ve written before on this site, the entire Western financial system is based upon an intricate, highly complex series of frauds and assumptions; in reality, the only thing that gives the Banksters their power is the common man’s belief that s/he has little to no ability to affect change in the world. This is particularly true with regard to China. All of our jobs and manufacturing capacity have disappeared because we have funded their transfer to the Commies; in effect, they only have power because we let them have power. You and I have funded the enemy in the War For Free Humanity. Stop funding them. Then reverse the damage you’ve done by going on the offensive (politically). Repent.

The following is a simple Excel model showing the effectiveness of a boycott using the purchases made by an average consumer, and an average family of four, both on an annual basis and as projected over the next twenty years. If you don’t want to go through the math, know this: Should you spend $2,500 on Chinese Slave Goods every year for the next 20 years, you will have fully funded two forced abortions, and partially funded the chaining-up of another child. Blood Plastic.


Funding Chinese Abortions


Concluding that “the average family of four will purchase enough Chinese Slave Goods to chain-up one kid annually” may sound extreme, but the numbers don’t lie. It is a simple fact that more than 400 million Chinese have been eliminated since the One-Child Policy was put into place in 1979; hundreds of millions more have been abused in ways that make Black Slavery look benign, and in some tangible, real way, those of us who have purchased Chinese Slave Goods have allowed these crimes to take place. 

Even if you don’t care about abortions, or chained-up kids, you should at least concerned about China as a rising, hostile military force. China is exchanging its fiat currency reserves for Real Goods; they are being positioned by the Banksters as the enemy of the West, a rival, superior form of economics which returns humanity to the serfdom of the Dark Ages. Fuck that. Gut-up and stop supporting Bankster Scum. The challenge is out there, will you accept it? If you do, please also pass this article along to everyone you know. I’m hoping that my efforts alone will lead to the boycott of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Chinese Slave Goods, which is a truly tangible impact on tyranny. I hope some of you go do something to Starve The Machine as well. 



Introducing a new front in the war to expose Bankster Scum – Podcasts! Whereas writing an article can take more than a dozen hours of painstaking effort, this new endevour allows me to get it all out in a much shorter (yet equally informative and entertaining) format. Left-click on a file below to listen; you can also Right-click and ‘Save As’.


Down with Bankster Scum!


– Ben “LuciferBernanke”


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New America, 2016

Metal Gear Solid Codec DARPA Chief


My NSA-tracking-device-for-a-phone chimed the Metal Gear Solid ‘codec’ effect a few weeks ago, indicating an update to the mobile news reader. I’m really cool, I know. Anyway, that day’s top story was from the Commie News Network:

Gallup: 56% of Americans believe America will be better off at end of Obama’s Second Term

Struggling to squelch my disgust – lest I alert the Cubeville Overlord to a lack of Production – I gathered myself and began to ponder the meaning of the survey. Could it be that a majority of my fellow Americans actually believe we can reverse our slide into the Black Hole of Debt (Death) over the next four years…with Obama at the helm, no less? Might they see a silver bullet that I cannot? Perhaps my incessant research and ongoing effort to restore our great Republic has blinded me from the obvious Solution(s) to our ills?

Quickly, I came to my senses. Of course the vast majority of people have no idea how fucked we are; six out of ten cannot find Iraq on a map, and two out of three cannot name a single Supreme Court Justice.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help:


Obama’s most recent Supreme Court appointee: Elena Kagan. Kegan helped craft Obamacare prior to joining the federal bench, then ruled in favor of the law this past Summer. Conflict of interest? Not in New America, sucka


Before I continue, a couple of notes:

The following isn’t a strictly anti-Obama rant, and I never supported Mittens Romney. My man was (is) Ron Paul. Choosing a ‘lesser of two evils’ is for suckas, so instead of voting for scum, I used my digital soapbox to publically eviscerate both Presidential Reality Show (2012) contestants, as well as the corrupt, fetid Parties they represent. I have always said that little to nothing of material substance would have changed with a Romney victory. I submit as evidence The Life and Times of Mittens Romney, which was published in February of 2012, several months before most truly understood how perfect hair could really be. Many Obammunists were talking shit to me after the election, almost as if I were part of ‘Team Romney’, all because I didn’t vote for ‘their guy’. Listening to their mindless parroting of Party Rhetoric became quite tiresome after awhile, especially considering my advanced understanding of history, geopolitics, and high finance. These trendy yuppies are a sad sign of America’s decline, to be sure.




Anyway, much of the rest of this article is a work of pseudo-fiction based upon my understanding of America’s political and socioeconomic situation at a particular point in time, which so happens to be at the tail-end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Yes, only about six hours until the world ends, assuming they based everything off of Eastern Standard Time. However, just in case the End Of The World stuff is garbage (knock on wood), below I put together a set of headlines and stories that I hope will illustrate the sheer magnitude of the threats facing our country – and species – over the next four years.

Don’t take these ‘predictions’ verbatim; instead, understand that we are working in a range of possibilities, and all I can do is outline some of the more likely outcomes given our present situation and projected trajectory. Simply put, facts change. Should a working fusion reactor be developed by a Purdue professor next Spring, thus revolutionizing energy production and transforming Civilization as a whole, well, clearly the assumptions by which my analysis is based upon are no longer valid. Of course, if the Mayans were right, and a thermonuclear war breaks out within the next couple of days*, my analysis is also shot to shit. Anything can happen, even a Mayan Apocalypse, but I will try to describe hazards facing us that are a bit more realistic than an ancient Doomsday prophecy. Who knows, maybe the astrological milestone of December 21st, 2012 signals the beginning of an age of enlightenment and awakening; perhaps the tide will soon turn against the Banksters and their nefarious minions. Knock on wood, guess we’ll see…

*** or the planet Nibiru slams into the North Pole, or there’s a Zombie outbreak, or a solar flare fries us…well, at least I took the day off…I’ll be sure to be wasted by midnight at the International Date Line (7 PM EST), again, just in case…


Fiscal Cliff Boner Obama


‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Announced, Markets Surge

Washington Post
February 26th, 2013

Washington – President Barack Obama held a press conference early Monday morning to formally announce a bipartisan plan putting an end to the now infamous ‘Fiscal Cliff’ quagmire. The overarching deal – consisting of major tax hikes, matching spending cuts, and a vastly increased Federal borrowing capacity – seemed comprehensive enough to put a stop to the panic selling that has ensued over the past several weeks, as in early trading the Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed up 683.11 points (7.11%) to a 2013 high of 10,287.

Just two months ago it looked like agreement on the Fiscal Cliff was within sight, but negotiations fizzled just before the Christmas recess. Partisan bickering had plagued the debate until yesterday’s announcement…


Graduate with no job sucka 

Future Bleak for New Grads

Wall Street Journal
May 6th, 2013

Macy Smith, a 22 year-old business student at Virginia Tech, is set to receive her diploma this Saturday. Like most of the 1.8 million members of the Class of 2013, Macy has yet to find a ‘real’ job.

“I’m going to stay on campus with my roomies until my lease runs out in June,” explains Smith after being asked about plans for the immediate future. “After that? Well, I would love to strike out on my own, but I haven’t had an interview since March, and it’s not like I can live on my own waitressing at O’Charley’s. At this rate, I’ll be back with the parents before the Fourth…”

Smith’s story is a familiar one. The Class of 2013 faces the worst job market in modern history; while Washington and Wall Street may have averted disaster with the New American Deal back in February, new jobs are not being created in sufficient quantities for the labor market to absorb Macy Smith and her cohorts.

One metric says it all: The most recent credit reading by the New York Federal Reserve found that 17.2% of all student loans are in default, defined as delinquent by 90 days or more. This shocking statistic suggests that the student loan bubble has already burst, the ill effects have just yet to arrive onshore. Might this latest reading – up from about 13% this time last year – be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back?

“Fact is, we college kids can’t complete because we can’t get our foot in the door. If we can’t get a first job out of college – even with a good GPA and all of that – how do they expect us to pay back $50,000 in student loans? Hopefully the Baby Boomers start retiring soon, or something…”


Bank Holidays Are Fun!


PANIC GRIPS WALL STREET, Bank holiday declared

New York Times
September 21st, 2013

The ongoing crisis in Europe exploded earlier this week, sending markets reeling until Thursday, when an emergency halt was placed on trading in every financial center from New York to Singapore. Initially sparked by a failed Spanish bond auction, a destructive chain reaction wrought destruction on global markets, leading to the general collapse of fiat currency, and the declaration of yesterday’s unprecedented global bank holiday.

Widely regarded as a last-ditch measure to buy time for leaders of the Fed, ECB, IMF, World Bank, and G-20 nations to come up with a way to shore up the system, the bank holiday severely limits withdrawals from banks, and restricts all but the most basic financial activity on a global basis.

“The chickens have come home to roost,” says Michael Thompson, senior trader at AB&C Trading Firm, LLC. “For decades the Western World has been living far above its means. The wonton borrowing of tens of trillions of dollars to finance misguided wars, banker and corporate bailouts, and an unsustainable welfare state is simply a losing proposition,” explains Thompson.

“At this point, it’s clear that the Dollar is dead. The Euro is dead. The entire global financial structure has collapsed. Only radical action will pull Civilization back from the abyss. Hopefully you are in physical gold and silver, as I have been recommending for years, because if not, this is going to get really ugly, really fast…”


Iran Shock And Awe



Denver Post
February 4th, 2014

Tel Aviv (AP) – Israel launched a surprise aerial campaign against Iranian nuclear and military targets on Tuesday, aimed at halting the ‘imminent deployment of Iranian nuclear weapons against the People of Israel’. Addressing the nation from an undisclosed location, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended the armed forces for a job well done while preparing the citizenry for a wave of terror attacks that are likely to follow.

Reports of activity at US airbases worldwide are sporadic and unconfirmed, but experts agree that Israel does not have the resources required to fully decapitate Iran single-handedly…




Chicago Tribune
April 15th, 2014

Five jetliners were shot down by shoulder-fired missiles on Monday, killing 1,120 and injuring 820, in the worst act of terrorism on American soil since September 11th, 2001. The attacks were sudden and coordinated. The first plane was brought down at 11:08 AM; the fifth a burning heap less than ten minutes later. The nation’s air traffic was immediately grounded, but the damage had already been done. Emergency emergency crews rushed to the scenes of wreckage which stretched from Arlington, Virginia to Los Angeles, California. The attack was immediately blamed on elements of al-Qaeda, teamed with the remains of the Iranian Quds Force.

Eleven terrorists are dead and four are in custody – initial reports suggest at least one suspect may be on the loose. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano made a statement in the early afternoon, consoling  the families of the victims and pledging a renewed crackdown on terrorism.

“Today was tragic. No matter the politics, no matter the cost, we must ensure that something like this doesn’t ever happen again in the United States of America,” said Napolitano.

DHS raised the terror alert to its highest level as agencies across the country implemented a ‘soft’ martial law, coordinated by FEMA and enforced by the FBI, National Guard units, and state, county, and local police forces. Security perimeters have been extended to several miles at many airports, and mobile TSA checkpoints have begun to pop-up on roads nationwide.

The shoulder fired missiles are thought to have been looted from the stockpiles of ousted Libyan Dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi.

A sixth attack was thwarted by an armed veteran, who shot two men targeting a jet that was making a landing at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport…



Trade war with China?

Financial Times
September 17th, 2014

Chinese Premier Zhongsun Chang lashed out at American President Barack Obama over the weekend, calling the Obama Administration’s ongoing effort to implement an exchange rate of four Greenbacks (Old Dollars) for every New Dollar a ‘clear fraud’ and ‘the basis for certain conflict between East and West in the coming years, financially and otherwise.’

Secretary of the US Treasury Jamie Dimon scoffed at Chang’s comments at a press conference on Monday morning. “Our friends in the East can be assured that the New Dollar – backed by the full weight of the Federal Reserve, IMF, and World Bank – is sound money, and legal tender by which to repay all debts, public and private. Our best analysis shows that an exchange rate of four New Dollars per Greenback is optimal for all parties involved…”



State of the Union Transcript

Remarks of President Barack H. Obama – As Prepared for Delivery
State of the Union Address
“The Path to a New America”

January 15th, 2016


“…a New America. A New America where each and every child has the opportunity to learn; where each young adult is guaranteed a job out of college; where each mother and father can provide for their child; where the indomitable American spirit is allowed to grow…

The past several years have given us crisis after crisis. The rash of mass shootings a few years back. An economic panic which made the Great Depression seem tame. The horrific nuclear fire which engulfed my hometown of Chicago just four months ago…

But we fought back. Time and again, we responded to the challenges God put in front of us. Gun control legislation to protect our children. A new currency to bring our markets back from the brink. An army of volunteers to keep terrorists off our streets. The New America may look a bit different these days, but it still shines as a beacon of Hope in this dark, war-torn world…

Some critics have objected to my actions. Many have even called for impeachment. A few have even been caught plotting my assassination. Enemies of the State must continue to be dealt with – Change can be painful – but all-in-all, our New America is poised for success for decades to come…”


Obama and his NWO Friends


I’m up against the deadline of the End Of The World at the International Date Line, so I need to publish this baby and start drinking. As I said before, the events portrayed in this article are hypothetical, but in my opinion, realistic, given current global trends. Anyone who keeps up with current events cannot deny that events are accelerating at an accelerating pace. At some point we cannot kick the can down the road, and at some point we’re going to have to face the fact that a tyrannical group of Super Elite have positioned the world on the brink of self-destruction. Be prepared for financial panics, ‘terrorist’ attacks, and all types of shenanigans. When shit hits the fan, question the official story.

All we need to do is realize that the Emperor has no clothes – that we outnumber the Banksters ten million to one – and we will dethrone these tyrants and bring about a new age of peace and prosperity. How bad do ya want it?

This site could not have become as successful as it has without the help of my dedicated readers. Thank you to all who have helped so far, and please be sure to continue to share my content with your friends and family via E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, et al. The first step towards defeating Bankster scum is waking up as many people as we can. Just about everybody knows that shit is getting crazy – they need to know why it’s all going to go down, and who to blame when the implosion takes place. The next four years are critically important; if America is lost, Humanity is lost. Get out there and do something to expose Evil before it’s too late!


Disclaimer: I do not espouse violence against President Obama, government workers/officials, or anyone else for that matter. If someone breaks into my house – yes, they’ll get a few AK rounds to the chest – but I do not call for violence or plan to conduct violent actions. Just for the record.



I’m sick of the pathetic freakshow henceforward known as The Presidential Reality Show (2012). I could certainly spend a whole article talking trash about Mittens and Obummer, but the globe is on the verge of both thermonuclear war and economic collapse, and neither of these puppets has the ability (or inclination) to save our once great Republic, so I simply don’t have time to mess with them. The point is, we must remove the current power structure*** and fix shit before billions of people – including millions of Americans – die from starvation, disease, and war over the next several years. Once you realize Obamney won’t save you and everything is deteriorating at an accelerating rate, trash TV isn’t that appealing anymore.

***Once again, for the record, I do not espouse violence against any man or women, let alone the President of the United States or a Presidential candidate. This shall serve as disclaimer against charges that I call for violence against The System. I find this disclaimer necessary; the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it monitors all internet activity in the United States to identify domestic terrorists. It’s important to put this in writing lest I be disappeared under the new National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation which allows for the secret and indefinite detention of any US Citizen deemed a threat. I prefer to not be disappeared.


These two clowns (and those who have come before them) are nothing but frontmen for those who truly call the shots in our world – The Banksters. Follow the money and you will see that both contestants are owned by the exact same MegaBanks and MegaCorporations which, in turn, are all owned by the same extremely small group of people. I’m sure you can guess what I call that small group of people (Bankster Scum). I make this assertion not as a Conspiracy Theorist, but as a student of history, and an ardent follower of geopolitics and high finance. The many articles on this website do a decent job at outlining the general threat we face, so be sure to bookmark this site and share with your friends and family. The rabbit hole is deep but – as always – everything comes down to Good versus Evil. Right now, Evil is winning, so let’s wake up and do something about it.



Anyway, the matter of ‘financial conspiracy’ notwithstanding, even nonpartisan logic dictates that the result of the Presidential Reality Show (2012) will not affect our country’s future in any meaningful way. As I wrote about in ObamneyCare, there really isn’t much difference between the two contestants, Mittens and Obummer. Both men are on record for supporting Bankster-bailouts, illegal wars of aggression, and government-mandated healthcare (amongst other attacks on the Constitution and American System), and it’s not like anyone actually likes the contestant they plan to vote for; the majority of people I’ve spoken with admit that they will be picking the ‘lesser of two evils’ on Election Day. To them I reply:

“I don’t hang out or do business with Evil, why would I vote for Evil?”

‘Leftists’ argue against Mittens’ hawkish foreign policy, fearing it will ignite the First Great War of the 21st Century. Those ‘on the Right’ feel that Hope and Change is synonymous with The Great Leap Forward. During this season of the Presidential Reality Show, the average American has been completely inundated with facts and tidbits about how the Other Guy is a socialist scumbag/vulture capitalist hell-bent on raping what’s left of our great country. Ironically, both political camps make a valid point – the Other Guy does, in fact, suck ass. A total of more than $5 Billion will have been spent on advertising for the Presidential Reality Show (2012); according to my calculations, that money could instead be used to feed, cloth and educate more than six hundred thousand needy children for an entire year. Instead, it all goes to the Presstitutes and the Bankster-controlled media conglomerates. The sad reality is that both major parties are so tainted by misdeeds and corruption that any rational person must consider them unfit to serve and represent the People. If you are voting for a Republican or Democrat, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.



Enough of the Freakshow, time to get back to exposing Bankster Scum. Those who closely follows geopolitics knows that the first Great War of the 21st Century has been raging for years, if not decades. What many don’t realize is that this conflict will eventually lead to the full and final collapse of the American System – economically, militarily, and politically – should we not execute a strategic retreat immediately. As outlined in a prior article, the Banksters have been using the taxpayer-funded American Military Industrial Complex to pillage the Peoples of the world since before the Second World War. From the conflict in Vietnam to the financing of al CIAdea ‘rebels’ tasked with taking down Assad’s regime in Syria, the wealth and might of the United States has been hijacked for use by global elite to lay the foundation of the New World Order. Recent history clearly characterizes both the Democrats and the Republicans as full-fledged warmongers more than willing to spend American blood and treasure to accomplish the objectives set by their Bankster overlords. I’m not saying that the Saddams and Gadaffis of the world were cool dudes, but their crimes pale in comparison to some of the atrocities being committed by the Tyrants of the West. Don’t take my word for it, go do a bit of research.

Even supposing that the post-WWII foreign policy of the West has thus far been perfect, several brewing flashpoints should give pause to even the most adamant of Chickenhawks. After more than a decade of conflict in the Middle East, only two major targets remain: Syria and Iran. The former is on the verge of collapse thanks to an influx of heavily armed ‘Freedom Fighters‘ and, barring outside assistance, will collapse a la Libya very soon. Outside assistance is likely already there, but let’s first take a look at Iran.




Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon, which certainly isn’t a happy piece of information no matter your political inclinations. Very heavy sanctions have yet to dissuade the current regime from its nuclear ambitions, and many have called for pre-emptive military action to prevent Iran from acquiring The Bomb. This could surely be done, but the first Law of Economics states that everything comes at a cost. Interestingly enough, Iran’s military capabilities are similar to Iraq’s circa 2003, so Boots On The Ground would require the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers. This option is (hopefully) a nonstarter. However, even a limited campaign – perhaps consisting of only drones, stealth aircraft, and cruise missiles – would still cost many service members, in addition to billions of dollars of freshly printed Federal Reserve Notes added directly to our national debt. The debate over what to do with a tyrannical regime seeks to acquire nuclear weapons is quite a contentious issue, but for now I pose this question:

“What happens to all the ‘stuff’ in the Iranian nuclear reactors once they are blown to shit?”

Maybe all that radioactive shit they’re using to create a nuclear weapon just goes away without hurting innocent people, but that sounds a bit fanciful. Even more disconcerting than pondering the fate of highly radioactive material mixed with 30,000 lbs. of high explosives is the realization that tens of thousands of nuclear weapons controlled by crazy dictators are already in play on the grand chessboard of the 21st Century. Click on this infographic to see what I mean:


Much like the Presidential Reality Show (2012), it doesn’t really matter who wins this contest if we’re all dead.


The Soviet System might have crumbled alongside the Berlin Wall, but everyone knows the Russians are too badass to ever truly be defeated. President Vladimir Putin – my third favorite Russian dictator – is leading his country back to the forefront of world politics at a time when China continues its rise to power. The Bear and the Dragon both see the Bankster Dogs using the American military to encircle their territory with military bases, proxy wars, and political turmoil; it is only a matter of time before a cornered animal strikes back. Syria is a flash point for many reasons – political and otherwise – but don’t forget that it is Russia’s best ally in the Middle East, and the site of the only Russian naval base in the Mediterranean. The same theory applies to Iran – a direct attack might be the catalyst for a greater conflict, or even a thermonuclear exchange. Neither Mittens nor Obummer will get us off the warpath, so voting for either of them is essentially voting for war with the Russians. “Bad idea!” exclaimed both Napoleon and Hitler from the depths of Hell.


Don’t Mess With Russians


I could keep on ranting about how the West is provoking China for no good reason, while at the same time preparing for internal strife as a result of a financial collapse and/or a ‘major event’, but my very own October Surprise is about to hit; I need to publish this thing before Hurricane Sandy knocks out my power for a few days. Hopefully it won’t, but we’ll see. Good things I have an emergency stash, and an ability to defend it. Listen, I’ve written about how important it is to vote, but that only applies to candidates who aren’t total scumbags. In the end, both contestants on the Presidential Reality Show (2012) lead us closer and closer to utter financial collapse and even global thermonuclear war. Please don’t support either one of them; write-in Ron Paul or even Mickey Mouse if you must, but don’t vote for the douchebag or the turd sandwich. Please. There are a lot more important things going on right now than who has prettier hair or sings the best.



Thanks to all my great readers for the support. If you are new, please be sure to bookmark my homepage, read the many articles I’ve already published, share with your friends and family, and come back often. I know it sounds like I ask a lot of you, but that’s nothing compared to what we need to turn this around. I got faith in you Humanity, but get your ass in gear!

Happy Birthday DethroneTheBanksters!


One year ago today I launched DethroneTheBanksters to expose the treacherous acts of the super elite who have hijacked the global economy. What started as a small time website on the domain soon turned into a library of articles covering everything from financial terrorism to the healthcare debate. To celebrate the one year anniversary of this endeavour, I have put together a sampling of some of the first articles I published. Unfortunately, one of the technical side effects of transferring from to my own domain in December of 2011 was the lack of traffic to the many articles written before the move. While some of these original pieces may not be as detailed or polished as a couple of my latest efforts (The Poisoning of a NationWho Are The Banksters – The Finale), they do outline some extremely fundamental aspects of our current situation and what we can do to prevent total financial and socioeconomic calamity. If we act quickly and decisively (peacefully, of course). Happy Birthday DethroneTheBanksters! Here’s to another year of Exposing Bankster Fraud, hopefully we’ll make it to 8/21/2013!


The Basics (August 21st, 2011)

So, the basics first. Trust me, I can (and may) write hundreds of pages on dozens of topics. However, I think it’s important for me to first setup the very basic framework from which to build upon with future entries. Many of the ‘basics’ will seem extreme and, in some cases, contradictory, but I hope to fill in the gaps as time goes on. I also aim to help inspire you to become intrigued enough so that you might take a half hour away from your favorite television program to research a topic in more depth than simply going to and clicking on the Top 3 stories, two of which are about celebrities. Honestly, the whole point of this is to get you ‘into the game’. Trust me, the game of Economic and Political Chess is much, much more interesting (not to mention much, much more important) than Dancing with the Stars, Jersey Shore, or Call of Duty. I do enjoy two of those distractions, but come on, put a little more effort into reality, please?

I really don’t want any of what I’m going to write about to come true. After being laid off, going back to get my M.S. at Purdue (BTFU), and then desperately looking for a job for a year, I finally made it here in Arlington, Virginia. I want to build my bankroll (pay off debt), have some fun, and chill for like 5 years. I think it would kind of suck to be laid off again and have to move back into daddy’s basement, again. I don’t have a sadistic desire for the world to turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I’m not trying to ‘get rich quick’ off a blog. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ on everyone’s Facebook status (I already am aren’t I…oh well). I wanna get paid, own fools in MMA and Fight Night, and not have to write goddamn internet blogs about our country being raped by globalist bankers. So, really, it’d be pretty cool if I am just a brainwashed conspiracy theorist and everything is fine.

In fact, I think it’s prudent to have three to six months worth of food and water, but that’s just me. It’s an insurance policy with a premium of $0 if you want to think of it that way; you can always eat the food or drink the water whenever you want, and we know that the price of food isn’t going down. Anyway, stop buying worthless Chinese slave goods at Wal-Mart and Target and buy some damn food and water.


Dethrone The Banksters (August 25th, 2011)

There are two words that describe what’s coming our way and how the Banksters will directly affect, and likely ruin, your life: Inflation and Austerity. In the next six to twelve months we will see a wicked combination of spending cuts that are coupled with an extraordinary increase in the price of everyday goods. Those living on a fixed income will be the first and most obvious casualties of inflation and austerity, but they will just serve as a harbinger of what’s to come for the rest of us. In the United States of America there are currently more than 45 million people on food stamps, with millions of additional people on unemployment. I’m not knocking on these people; I took a year’s worth of unemployment after being laid off and I’m pretty damn happy I had it because it allowed me to get my Master’s and find a job. That whole ‘get knocked down 9 times, get up 10’ thing that America is supposed to be all about. I won’t lie and say that unemployment didn’t make me a bit lazy, because it did. I could have worked at Subway instead of taking government handouts, but instead I took that sweet citizen welfare. With that said, those 10s of millions of people feeding from a digital bread line are currently scraping to get by, and most of them don’t have a Master’s in Finance from Purdue University. What’s going to happen when prices double and their citizen welfare stays at the same level, or is cut? Millions of children are already suffering from severe malnutrition, crime is going through the roof, and soon enough the riots will start. Once the riots begin in the inner-cities, non-believers will finally know that there is no ‘Recovery’ and the Greatest Recession has truly begun. Unless you’re at the top of the economic food chain, you’re next, whether through inflation or unemployment. If you’re not worth more than $150 million, you’re not at the top of the food chain.


Who Are The Banksters? – The MegaBanks    (September 7th, 2011)

So I guess I gotta define “Bankster”. It’s in my domain name, I talk shit about them, and it’s even in the title of my second post, Dethrone The Banksters, so I might as well try to identify them from the get go. I’ve heard other people use the word before and it’s pretty obvious what it means…or is it? Well, it may seem complex at first…I mean, the world is freaking huge, how is it even possible that a very small minority can manipulate and control the vast majority to such a degree?….but after doing some research (and hopefully reading my blog), I think you’ll find it’s actually not very difficult, and it’s actual the norm in the course of human history.

Now it’s time for my favorite bedtime story, I can’t wait to someday tell it to my children. It goes like this:

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a little bear named Wachovia. The little bear was sad because it couldn’t keep up on the hunts with the big bears. One day, a big bear named Wells Fargo took pity on Wachovia and asked him to join his family. Little Wachovia was sooooo excited. The two bears lived happily ever after, laundering a total of $378.3 Billion in drug money from Mexico and Latin America over a four year period. The End.

Ok, that’s enough. Just go Google this shit for real. Search “Wells Fargo launders drug money”. Do some research on CitiGroup and Bank of America. Throw in UBS for the hell of it, maybe some Morgan Stanley. It’s easy. If you can read and tie your shoes, you know all these companies are shiesty. Unfortunately, a lot of people A) Can’t read and tie their shoes, and/or B) Don’t care because they are totally zombified by TV, Call of Duty, Pop Culture, and a solid diet of McDonald’s, Krispy Kremes, and prescription pills. I mean, that sounds fun to me sometimes too, I could certainly enjoy a Big Mac and some Xanies right now, but I kind of hate being robbed by a bunch of Bankster fucks, so I think I’ll have to choose option C) Being The Resistance. I hope you will too, but that’s on you.


Asking The Questions (September 11th, 2011)

A 5-story, 6,500,000 square foot concrete structure known as the Pentagon sits on a 280-acre plot of land here in Arlington, Virginia. You may have heard of it. It serves as the nerve center of the greatest military mankind has ever known, and on any given day more than 25,000 of the nation’s best and brightest can be found within. To say that America’s castle wall was breached by a rogue commercial aircraft helmed by a group of terrorists from a cave is laughable at best.

The first aircraft hit the North tower at 8:46 AM, and the second plane hit the South tower at 9:03 AM. It wasn’t until more than half an hour later at 9:38 AM that the Pentagon was struck. One could see the inability of the nation’s air defense to prevent the first strike…perhaps even the second…but you’re telling me that the greatest military of all-time can’t identify and shoot down a lumbering jumbo jet, when said jumbo jet is heading straight for DC Airspace? I don’t have any military experience, but as an avid gamer I will tell you this: You never leave your capital unprotected. I’m not saying that The Pentagon and DC area have a secret laser weapon that can destroy anything in seconds, but I’m pretty sure the area was hardened against aerial attack from the Soviets decades ago. You’re telling me the DC area doesn’t have one SAM turret? You’re saying there weren’t 5 squads of F-18s in the air patrolling a 40 mile radius minutes after the first tower was hit? It’s a joke.


Can Ron Paul Win? Yes! (September 21st, 2011)

Ron Paul is a Champion of the Constitution. He has a flawless voting record with respect to the Constitution: No on Bailouts, No on Iraq and Afghanistan, No on the Patriot Act, No on Obamacare…it’s a wonder why they call him Doctor No. The thing that Ron Paul understands is that we must fight to keep our liberty and we must fight to keep the Constitution the centerpiece of our society; he understands that there are always those who look to abuse the document for their own gain, and once you start down that particular slippery slope it’s pretty damn difficult to go back. I challenge you to spend one hour of your week watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube. Get some variety in there: The economy, healthcare, the endless wars…check out what he has to say. You may not agree with everything he believes in, I don’t, but the amount of Truth in his words makes the other candidates look like used car salesmen. I guarantee that you will be impressed, despite the fact he doesn’t have great hair or a nice pair of….eyes….like the Ken and Barbie dolls.


Silver and Gold (October 5th, 2011)

So why isn’t having a privately run central bank controlling the money supply a good thing? Well, besides the issue of insider trading and Crony Monopolism, the long-term trend for such a system is the overproduction of money and a vicious business cycle. Instead of a nice, steady growth curve you get a series of booms and busts that, in the long run, are less efficient and more dangerous. There are some economists who can make an argument that a central bank is necessary to prevent market volatility, but that’s just theory. In the real world, you get a Tyranny headed by men hell bent on turning the United States into a post-Industrial wasteland, because humans are kind of evil and the most evil ones always try to get to the top. If you haven’t read a history book, go to the library. Anyway, you also get inflation, and inflation isn’t a great thing either.

Gold is…well…the Gold Standard of wealth, and silver is the poor man’s gold. It’s been this way for more than 6,000 years of human history, are you really going to listen to those bums at the Fed who say that gold and silver are no longer money? That’s the whole illusion; they decree that their Federal Reserve Note is king and gold and silver are no longer money. You believe this because they wear fancy suits and are from Harvard.


Occupy Wall Street? End The Fed! (October 20th, 2011)

I’m sure you’ve all heard the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, say that he hopes his taxes will soon be raised so as to be in line with what his secretary pays, but what he fails to mention is that he and his fellow cronies set up the tax and regulatory systems decades ago and that’s why he’s in such an unfortunate, under-taxed position. You see, there’s a difference between the 1% and the Banksters; yes, the Banksters are all part of the 1%, but a large majority of the 1% are not in bed with the Banksters. We need to recognize this before we go French Revolution on the entire class. History has shown that if you get rid of the top 1%, the other 99% will unravel. Yes, we’ll all be equal, but we’ll be equal slaves under the ‘new’ 1% anyway; except this 1% will consist solely of those who sell out their species for an inkling of power in the post-industrial world of this potential future. Meanwhile, the Banksters and Super Elite will still be at the top, laughing at all of us. The battle is against the Banksters, not against Capitalism, and not against the 1%.


We’re Still Number 1! (October 23rd, 2011)

While you’re eating your nachos and throwing back some ice cold Coors Light tonight, remember that if America does collapse at the hands of the Banksters it’s only because we let them destroy us, both physically and financially. Americans have always stepped up when it matters most, so I hope that you will start to look beyond the bread and circuses and take the field against those who would see us turn into a post-industrial wasteland. Now, time to order Chinese and get ready for the Saints game, tomorrow’s another day to fight.


Black Hole of Debt (Death) (November 3rd, 2011)

Notice how I didn’t use my favorite term ‘Banksters’ here: I am not attacking Capitalism, Free-Markets, or even banks in this blog; rather I am attacking the Crony Monopolism that continues to be perpetrated by the Federal Reserve and the MegaBanks. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are included in this rant as well. It is my firm belief that a system of Capital, Credit, and, yes, Interest, is the best form of economics mankind has developed to date. It’s certainly not perfect, but history has shown that no other form of trade can produce such wealth for everyone, from the bottom 1% to the top 1%. Go ask a North Korean eating tree bark how well Communism is working for her if you doubt Free-Markets. The further you get from fair, open markets, the worse it gets. It’s just a fact.

Obviously I have an issue with Bankster Debt. Why is it so bad? Well, there are a few reasons. First and foremost, WE DON’T OWE IT. This is what happened, and what will continue to happen, until we do something about the Banksters:

  • The Banksters rig the system to get everyone sucked into the Ponzi scheme
  • The Banksters destroy said system and threaten a total economic meltdown unless they get bailed out
  • The Federal Reserve/IMF wing of the Banksters bails out the MegaBank wing…of the Banksters
  • The American People are told they are on the hook for all of the debt
  • The Banksters smoke a cigarette
  • Repeat

To be honest, it really is that simple. You can boil down all of the derivatives, special instruments, rampant speculation, and stock market fraud into the first two bullet points. The bailouts of 2008 and 2009, as well as the current situation in Europe, are shining examples of the last four. Simple.

It’s totally ridiculous. It’s a total Black Hole of Debt (Death). There are $1.5 Quadrillion worth of derivatives out there. Yes, that’s the correct figure, $1.5 with a Q Quadrillion. That’s $1,500 Trillion, or about 1,000 years of American production. Good luck supporting that with some budget cuts and tax hikes.
This Bankster Debt cannot be paid off, and even if it could be paid off, WE DON’T OWE IT. As soon as people realize this, we are out of the Bankster’s grip. They will disappear like a vampire at dawn. Until then, they’re going to suck the life out of you and your children. Once we shrug off this Bankster Debt we can get to work on fixing the other two types of debt. Now who wants some candy? This guy.


The Forever War (November 17th, 2011)

Regardless, the primary reason for the escalation of our Forever War is to inspire (read: force) a duty of national sacrifice during a time of struggle. In reality, it’s a smokescreen set-up to cover Bankster pillage and rape. You know how it goes, the old “sacrifice for the Cause!” and “your rights are suspended in a time of War!” crap. The Banksters’ intention is to overload our senses with so much war, chaos, and economic hardship that we break down and look to them as our only hope. With that mandate, they will implement the new system of control and technological serfdom which will prove to be the most efficient Tyranny in history. They’re also looking to bring it to the next level because they just love to blow shit up and waste our money on ammo and new toys. You know how much they make off this shit? I don’t, but it’s A Lot. Like, enough to feed the entire world several times over, A Lot.


Who Are The Banksters? Part Deux – The European Central Bank and The International Monetary Fund (December 1st, 2011)

What is their plan? The short of it is that the ECB will continue to print fiat money to monetize debt (read: inflation) while the IMF imposes strict austerity measures on the countries that it bails out. In other words, the ECB is a printing press much like the Federal Reserve whereas the IMF is more of a loanshark/vampire hybrid that serves as the Banksters’ enforcer. I’ve discussed the impact of inflation and austerity in detail in many prior articles but I’ll challenge myself to explain the concept in just one sentence:

Inflation and austerity will lead to a sharp decline in the standard of living that will leave millions starving in the street; in an effort to survive, those millions of refugees will turn to theft and violence which will result in the implementation of a brutal Police State that will have the general public begging for a Solution.

The Age of Technocracy has dawned; no longer do the people have any say in their governance. Just look at what has happened to Italy and Greece in the past month. Former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi (a scumbag in his own right) was ousted by former EU Commissioner Mario Monti…who just so happened to be an international advisor for Goldman Sachs back in the day. A similar scenario unfolded in Greece when former Prime Minister George Papandreou sought a referendum for the Greek people on the country’s austerity measures; he was quickly replaced by Lucas Papademos, a former vice-President of the ECB and an ex-senior economist at the Boston Federal Reserve. Current President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy said it best, “The country [Italy] needs reforms, not elections”. Nope, what every country needs to do is DETHRONE THE BANKSTERS!



As you can see, I was quite prolific in my early days; however, I think you will find that my overall style has evolved for the better since the early days — I used to crank out an article every week or two, now it takes me three or four weeks to write the ObamneyCare article, for example (it’s awesome, read it if you haven’t). Anyway, you can expect a new post in September, until then, Happy Birthday DethroneTheBanksters, and keep fighting everyone, they’re starting to crack at the seams! But watch out for a big ‘terror’ attack and/or War with Iran et al to cover up the financial raping of America…any day now it could all pop off and the world will be turned upside down! Research and spread the word while we still can!





Everyone agrees that the Healthcare System is a joke. The doctors know it’s a joke, the patients know it’s a joke, and the financial analysts project a complete fiscal shitshow starting about….five years ago. In a time of such anguish and anxiety America is in luck; there are two men who – together – have provided the Solution to our problems. The first Hero of the People, Mittens Romney, laid the foundation for success when, as Governor of Massachussettes, he signed a ground-breaking bill enacting an individual mandate, thus ending the suffering of every Bay Stater overnight.* Just a few years later another courageous man – Barry Sotero Barack Obama – expanded upon his Republican counterpart’s efforts with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. ObamneyCare was born!

* Statement not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Many realize that ObamneyCare is an affront to what made this country great; a top-down takeover of the healthcare system that transfers authority and resources from the Individual to the Federal Government, eroding personal freedoms and throwing bureaucratic red tape into the mix. Not good. Interestingly enough, there are some who actually support the lovechild of Mittens and Barry. To the best of my determination, these people are those who ______.


A) personally gain from the bill

B) believe the bill will result in a net benefit for society

C) parrot anything that comes out the mouths of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Piers Morgan and Fareed Zakaria, without second thought

D) Any/All of the Above


Let’s take these one at a time. First off, supporting legislation that benefits oneself is only logical, so attacking someone who personally benefits from ObamneyCare is a bit inappropriate. Even the Bankster-owned and operated insurance companies that helped to write the bill acted in their self-interest and are (almost) exempt from scorn. Those who fall into ‘Category A’ might be a bit selfish, but it’s a cold world. Do you.

The likely well-meaning souls falling under ‘Category B’ truly believe that ObamneyCare will result in a net benefit to society. These people are wrong, but their heart is in the right place, so that’s a start, and I can’t hate on them. Some benefit will come from the new laws and regulations, but be assured that the vast majority of Americans will see a major reduction in their quality of care – and standard of living – as a result of ObamneyCare. Given the fact that the full document is more than twice as long as the Bible it is understandable that not everyone foresees the toxic effects of this legislation. While I haven’t even read 1% of the bill, I feel that I have a great shot at explaining its practical ramifications to a casual audience, which I will get into later. Finally, I can’t be mad at those who can only parrot the talking points of the ‘mainstream’ corporate media. Literal victims of brainwashing and pre-programming, this cohort would throw their child into a furnace if a teleprompter-reading, $3,000 suit wearing presstitute instructed them to do so. True victims.



The only people I can blame for this abomination are those eugenics-loving Bankster scumbags that I hold so dear to my heart. And – of course – their minion Obamney.



This will be quite the article so I hope you take the time to read all of it. It’s not that long, a mere 3700 words, chump change as compared to the estimated 2.16 million words comprising ObamneyCare and its related regulations. Take fifteen minutes out of your day to educate yourself on the implications of this legislation so that you can make an informed decision about how you and your loved ones will be affected by this abomination. Should you be impressed with this essay, please pass it on to everyone you know: Family, friends, co-workers, classmates – anyone who needs independent commentary and analysis on the issue. I am a one-man operation that gets no revenue from this site; it’s all about the page views baby, help get the word out if you like what you read.



Wait up. Even I think I sound a bit cocky right now, so I must be pretty bad. I talk a big game, but why should you listen to my healthcare rant? Well, besides holding both a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Finance from Purdue, I believe I am wholly qualified to comment on the topic because:

I work in the industry. As a former workers’ compensation adjuster for a major insurance company, most of my job involved authorizing and coordinating medical treatment for a myriad of ailments. From Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Black Lung to broken femurs and a couple dozen amputated fingers, I have witnessed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – well, from across a phone line and monitor, anyway. My current position as a Risk Analyst affords me the advantage of seeing the industry through the eyes of a company that provides workers’ compensation coverage for tens of thousands of injury-prone associates. Considering I’m a twenty-seven year old kid, I know a lot about insurance, and the Healthcare System in general.

I was once uninsured. For more than two years (3/2009 – 7/2011) I was one of the millions of Americans who could not afford health insurance, and thus went without. Laid off at twenty-four, I decided to roll the dice; I could have squandered my meager savings on a minimal coverage policy at an astronomical price, but I made the choice to forego a medical safety net because I thought it was the best available option to me. This is known as an economic decision made by Rational Man in his own self-interest. While the term Rational Man is certainly debatable, the fact of the matter is that the ability to make decisions in one’s own self-interest – Freedom – is the basis of Capitalism, and the foundation of The United States of America. You have a much better gauge of your needs than the Government does, do you not? Giving up the ability to choose is quite the slippery slope to Tyranny. This country should be the envy of the world; a land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit isn’t supposed to be easy, and woe to a fool taking unnecessary risks solely for short-term benefit. If you hate the Founding Fathers feel free to leave my website, and my country.

I got lucky. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, and I was pretty damn lucky. I took many factors into account before making my decision; in the end, the fact that I was entering the physical prime of my life without a significant medical history (or children) made the analysis fairly straightforward, especially considering how expensive a policy was. Still, I was quite fortunate to never fall ill while uninsured. Serious accidents and injuries were also avoided, save a sprained knee and a broken nose from a couple drunken nights. That said, I didn’t plan to be uninsured for more than a few months, so there was definitely an element of luck involved. Furthermore, it’s not like I got away scot-free, my nose is still a bit crooked and I had my first ever fillings last Fall – perfect teeth, tainted; a cavity-free streak of more than a quarter century, broken. I should have visited the dentist at least once, even on my own dime, but the truth is, I was both good and lucky. Knock On Wood. Thankfully, as of this writing, I have a comprehensive, private insurance policy should disaster befall me.


Knock On Wood


During my decision-making process I was fully cognizant of the fact that being Unlucky would result in (hundreds of?) thousands of dollars in medical bills. This is important because, in order for Freedom to work, it is necessary that people fail at times. A key point in this article is that those who incur medical bills while uninsured must be forced to pay the full balance out-of-pocket, even if it takes a lifetime to do so. This is an area requiring much public debate, as numerous humanitarian factors are involved; however, for the sake of this discussion, I think it’s fair to say that if I had racked up $200,000 in medical bills while choosing to be uninsured it would have been my responsibility to pay off every penny.*

* Assuming an affordable policy had been made available at the time of decision. See below.


Most of the risk stemming from my decision to roll the dice was borne by me; however, Society did carry part of the burden, a key talking point of Obamney and his henchmen. The worst-case scenario for Society would have been if I had died and/or accumulated more debt than I could have reasonably paid off within my lifetime. Without an insurance policy, Society would have suffered a net loss: Massive amounts of Doctor Hours, Nurse Hours, and Medical Supplies wasted on keeping me alive, only to lose me in the end. Quite difficult to collect from a dead customer, especially if he didn’t have an appreciable amount of seizeable assets. While certainly bad luck for the hospital, I will assure you that the potential for the uninsured to bankrupt society is simply overrated. The vast majority of Citizens would be gainfully employed in a healthy economy – private insurers would compete in the open market and nearly everyone would purchase policies of their own volition, especially if they have dependents. Most people are risk-averse and would rather pay a reasonable premium so as to avoid catastrophic bills and/or a lower quality of care. Uninsured patients dying en masse, causing hospital after hospital to go bankrupt, is a non-starter, assuming decent jobs and affordable quotes are available to John Q. Public. The Banksters want you to have neither, of course.


They have your best interests at heart


Now that you know a little about me (too much, probably) let me present to you the basic tenet of this article, and my overarching stance on HealthCare:

“Those who choose to purchase insurance must always be provided with an affordable quote; those who choose to be uninsured must never be forced to purchase a policy.”

The ideal system would efficiently allocate our scarce medical resources via a Free-Market, Capitalist framework, yet it would also dull the sharp edge of Failure so as to protect the Unlucky from being overwhelmed by unfortunate circumstances and events. I’m not such a Capitalist that I believe someone should bleed to death at the door of an emergency room because they can’t afford treatment; however, as alluded to earlier, all Citizens must be held responsible for the medical debt they incur, within reason. There is a direct and exponential correlation between personal responsibility of the People and the efficiency and prosperity of Society. In other words, the less incentive for people to be worthless pieces of shit, the better things are for the rest of us who want to play by the rules. This last part is always a hangup for people. Parasites will try to game any system, but the principle ‘innocent until proven guilty’ must reign supreme, even if that causes some inefficiency and waste. Distinguishing between the Unlucky and the Parasites is a tough task – I’ve had to try many times in my career – so it’s only proper to err on the side of caution when confronted with a complicated situation involving someone’s health and bank account. Further fodder for public debate. For now, know that Obamney and his Bankster overlords will continue to stress the need for ‘everyone to have skin in the game’ as reason enough for ObamneyCare and the individual mandate. Rational people already know that they have skin in the game and will act accordingly when presented with reasonable choices. We don’t need the Bankster-controlled Federal Government interfering with our decision-making process.



Remember my philosophy on HealthCare:

“Those who choose to purchase insurance must always be provided with an affordable quote; those who choose to be uninsured must never be forced to purchase a policy.”

The first pillar of this philosophy rests upon some sort of re-allocation of resources; strictly anti-Capitalist in most regards, but the life of a human is too important to be guided solely by the Invisible Hand of the Free Market. A cold and strict interpretation of Failure in a purely Capitalist system would result in suffering and death for any and all unable to take of themselves. Harsh. That being said, the more power taken from the Invisible Hand, the more subjectivity required of the Designers and Administrators. It’s a slippery slope – the key is to find a balance between economic efficiency and humanitarian concerns. They don’t call Economics the dismal science for nothing. Still, I would personally find great joy in constructing a model that determines the Price of health insurance as a function of one’s ability to pay and overall need…but I have an M.S. in Finance and work as a Risk Analyst, this is my shit. At the end of this article I will outline a model I came up with in an effort to illustrate how everyone can be given a quote at a Fair And Equitable Price. Feel free to check out this model now, later, or never, but it’s pretty cool, I swear.*

* This is an extremely rudimentary attempt to represent highly complex socioeconomic factors to determine the Fair and Equitable Price of healthcare. I would need at least 30 hours to create the Perfect System. I kid. 20 hours. Keep It Simple Stupid. Of course, my Perfect System wouldn’t match Society’s, so in the Real World it would be important to have months – if not years – of public debate by professionals, academics, and patients alike. Get to work people.


I have laid out a lot of theory but haven’t really gotten into the meat and potatoes of ObamneyCare. Why does it suck so much ass? As I said before, there are a couple Pros in the mountains of regulations, but there are several dozen Cons. As I know your attention span is growing short (and I’m getting tired) I will try to give the 30,000 foot overview:


  • One of the major benefits of ObamneyCare is the fact that insurance companies must disregard pre-existing conditions when issuing and maintaining policies. A nightmare for insurance underwriters, but a necessary sacrifice to protect the Unlucky from unfortunate circumstances.
  • The qualification process for Social Security Disability, Medicaid and other government programs is simplified under the new law. In reality this was done so that the Banksters could get as many people dependent on Government as possible, whereas in my ‘ideal system’ any simplification would be for the sole purpose of reducing the corruption and costs associated with bureaucracy. See below for further discussion.
  • Under Mittens’ and Barry’s lovechild, all restaurant chains (>20 locations) must list calories and other nutritional information on their menu. America is too fat, and I like the idea of forcing large chains to tell you how bad their food is for you, so this one stays, even if it’s a bit authoritarian. Slippery slope.
  • ObamneyCare allows children to stay on their parent’s coverage until the age of 26. This benefit didn’t come into effect until I was ineligible, ironically enough, but I feel that it is only fair to give young people a few extra years to get their life together before feeding ’em to the sharks of the Real World. My model completely re-works the current system by guaranteeing quality care for all children, and I would ensure this feature is grandfathered into potential reforms.
  • Preventative measures are encouraged under this new legislation, which is certainly a good thing from nearly every point of view. However, I am confident that this would be more effectively accomplished in the Free Market. Nothing motivates like fiat money!


  • The individual mandate removes a Citizen’s ability to choose what is in their self-interest. It is a clear and present danger to our freedoms and liberties, and a blatant power grab by the Banksters and their minions who have infiltrated ‘our’ Government.
  • Check out this chart.


  • The IRS is in charge of administrating all of the programs, fines and fees associated with ObamneyCare. That sounds awesome.
  • More than 30 million new customers are put on a silver platter for the Bankster-owned MegaCorporations. Think of all the drugs Big Pharma will be pushing and all the skimming the AIGs of the world will get away with. All sponsored by Obamney!
  • 1212 companies received exemptions from key provisions until at least 2014. If you are unwilling to click on the green link and look at the list, you are implicitly trusting that Obamney gave out these waivers in an impartial manner. Who knows, maybe he did.
  • A ridiculous amount of taxes are buried in this behemoth. So-called “Cadillac Plans” (top-notch private plans) will be subject to a surcharge of 40%. Additional taxes will be levied against the ‘rich’ – those making $125,000 ($250,000 married) will see rate increases of several percentage points; more private wealth sucked into the Machine, never to be seen again. In all, those who create jobs will be punished, and they will be less inclined to, well, create jobs. Bad for Us. Good for Banksters. Easy Math.
  • Any Socialist system will result in rationing and waiting lists; ObamneyCare is no different, and you can expect a major reduction in your quality of care no matter what insurance policy you have. Many doctors have already stated that they will be forced to reduce the number of patients seen, if not close their practice entirely, as the result of Obamney’s lovechild. Prepare to wait months – if not years – for minor procedures and treatments that you used to be able to get same-day just a few years before. Sinus infection or chest cold? Take some Tylenol, drink some water, and if you don’t get better in a few weeks, come back. Oh, you say you will pay out-of-pocket for antibiotics? Too bad, you haven’t hit the waiting period, here’s some Prozac you Conspiracy Theorist. Move along! Next!

I’ll leave it at that. Feel free to do your own research from here. If you think this piece of legislation is a great step forward for America, please feel free to comment below. There are some benefits – true – but at its core ObamneyCare is about forcing people to purchase health insurance from Bankster-owned insurance companies at an artificially high Price. Treasonous. I’m just a Conspiracy Theorist, though, because the Supreme Court ruled that we are not being forced to purchase insurance, rather we are being taxed. Oh, I see, another tax directly to the Banksters – pathetic. A failure to repeal this bill (and replace it with a legitimate system) will result in the total destruction of our economy, or at least what’s left of it. Of course, the main reason the Banksters are pushing for socialized healthcare is to encourage the continued deterioration of America’s health — sure, they want to bankrupt us, but their Endgame is ensuring we are too sick (or dead) to fight back against their many Ponzi Schemes. In reality they want 95%+ of us dead in the next decade or two, but I digress.

That’s it for this article, you’ll find my hypothetical HealthCare model below. If you agree with what I’ve presented please share this article with everyone you know.As noted earlier, I receive no revenue from DethroneTheBankstersand I rely 100% on my readers to spread the word. This isn’t a game and this site isn’t a gimmick. They’re coming after Free Humanity and if we don’t fight back we will enter a Dark Age of epic proportions. If we don’t all die first. Educate yourself, spread the word, then go out and do something about it in your local community! Finally, be sure to subscribe to this site using the box at the top right of this page. You will receive a quick note whenever there is a new post and I can guarantee that you will not receive any spam. Thanks for reading and God Bless America!


HealthCare Premium Allocation Model 1.0

HealthCare Premium Allocation Model 1.0


This is one small part of my HealthCare model. I will probably not build any more of it, but who knows, maybe I’ll be bored someday and will construct the whole thing. The purpose of this model is to allocate premium amongst those Citizens wishing to purchase insurance from a government-backed entity. You heard me correctly: My model provides government-backed health insurance policies for those who cannot purchase private policies on their own. It’s sorta Commie, but as I said before, human life is too important to be fully at the mercy of Capitalism. The degree of suffering experienced by the Unlucky and the Parasites would be up for debate by Society as a whole. The closer to pure Capitalism the better for Society – and the Average Person – but there is a bit of, ah, collateral damage at times. As the pendulum swings towards Socialism, those unable to take care of themselves benefit, but things are rather inefficient and corrupt, weighing down the overall prosperity of the nation. If you get too far everything falls apart – ObamneyCare goes too far.

The first thing you may notice is the fact that nearly everyone is able to get coverage for free. If you are physically and mentally able to perform Community Service then you have the opportunity to work for your insurance, no matter your current financial situation. This system would provide for the elderly and disabled; it would also ensure the best possible care for the children of America, independent of parents’ life choices.


A child should have stellar healthcare no matter the life choices of his or her parents


I only spent like 30 minutes on this model. It’s parameters should be debated and many simulations would need to be run, but it’s all about Keeping It Simple Stupid. Complicated systems degrade and are prone to mismanagement and fraud. You have to keep it simple and transparent.

Who Are The Banksters? – The Finale

I talk a lot of shit about Bankster scum. With every article I further expose their acts of financial terrorism against humanity – but who exactly are ‘The Banksters’? Answering this question is key to successfully spreading my message. Throughout my writings I often point out specific groups or individuals that I consider ‘Banksters’, but identifying such a complex and secretive foe warrants an entire trilogy of articles. The first in the series outlines the Big 6 MegaBanks that serve as fronts for Bankster operations, both domestically and abroad. The second installment uses the crisis in Europe as the backdrop for a lesson on international financial terrorism, as carried out by the Banksters’ various central banks and monetary organizations.

If you are a new reader let me preface by stating that I am a staunch believer in Captalisim and the Free Market, I don’t hate on the ‘1%’ for having more money than I will ever see. Besides, my current income places me in the top 1% globally, so I can’t be too critical of the upper class because, well, I’m one of them. While not perfect, time and again Capitalism has been shown to generate the most prosperity for the greatest number of people as compared to any other socioeconomic framework developed to date. There are a lot of people in the 1% who are hard working Americans and helped to make this country great. There are also a lot of scumbags and cheats. The thing is – while some crookedness and theft is to be expected – the transgressions on the part of the Banksters go far beyond the good ole boy Boss Hog corruption that is par for the course under any type of economic structure.

As I’ve discussed at length, the Banksters’ self-proclaimed Endgame is the complete and utter domination of humanity. The object is not Money, but Power. This very small group of Elite already own most of the world, so it’s only natural that they become a bit restless and bored after generations of living in the lap of luxury. Why do the 0.000001% always want to kill and enslave everyone? Hell if I know, but history has shown that Tyrants – be they Kings, Emperors, or Führers – lust after the blood of children once securing power. Psychology was only my minor so I can’t hope to fully explain why the Banksters want to destroy Free Humanity; I just want people to wake up the fact that forces are trying to destroy Free Humanity, and are on pace to accomplish this goal within the next decade or two (if not sooner), unless we do something about it. But, if forced to give an opinion, I would postulate that all of this angst comes from Small Penis Syndrome (SPS). Does that explain these two Bankster minions? Not sure, and No Comment.

Big Sis Is Watching


My God.

Anyway, in the days of the Ancients, the primeval craving for death and destruction was sated by good old-fashioned physical violence: Invade a neighboring village, behead the men, enslave the boys, and rape the women. After singing some songs and drinking some drink, pack up the spoils of war and move on to the next enclave. Repeat until reaching an ocean, desert, or impassable mountain range. This is a natural human trait and we have yet to evolve beyond it; unfortunately, advances in technology and exponential growth in Industry have spawned ever more effective ways of slaughtering both neighbors and disobedient peasants. Not Good.

Where once taking a human life involved a full cleave of an axe, soon multiple executions required merely the pull of a trigger, or the opening of a valve. The first half of the 20th Century introduced chemical warfare and mass Death From Above, but the rubicon was crossed with the dawn of the Atomic Age in 1945. Nuclear weaponry raised mankind’s Potential Destruction by a factor of, well, a shit ton, and forevermore just one slip up will mean

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the weaponized super viruses capable of killing 99.9% of the world population…there aint no going back if that shit gets out. Many other Doomsday Weapons exist and could be unleashed at a moment’s notice, whether intentionally or by accident. Still, even though I live just two miles from the Pentagon, I don’t fear being Nuked. For one, I can be killed anytime, anywhere, and anyplace, just like anyone. I would expect that, currently, the greatest risk to my life is being run over by an immigrant driver while walking home from work. Besides, I would barely register the blinding flash before being totally annihilated by any potential nuclear blast wave, it would be a nearly painless, dare I say cool way to go out, don’t you think? Much better than dying from cancer or bleeding out at the scene of a car wreck, I would imagine. Catching Smallpox would be lame, though. I suggest that you don’t Google image search “Smallpox Victim”. Here is a pretty flower instead.

I’m not as worried about my own fate as I am worried about the survival of the human species. I’m going to die someday, and it’s going to suck, but there’s nothing that can be done to change this eventuality. The major issue is that, for the first time in recorded history, it’s not a given that humanity will go on after the Individual dies. It used to be (and still is) a good idea to fight Tyranny because Tyranny is Evil, and Evil should be exorcised at all costs. In the 21st Century such a ‘noble cause’ may not provide enough motivation to turn off the TV and join the fight, but consider now that the mere continuance of our mankind hangs in the balance every time another person with SPS decides to try to take over France, or attack Iran. With this much on the line, I think it’s only prudent to monitor both the competency level and overall intent of those with access to the Doomsday Button, don’t you?

With this in mind, let’s return to the question at hand: Who Are The Banksters? They are not a Council of Thirteen holding Secret Meetings inside the Vatican or under the Great Pyramids. On the other hand, the term Bankster does not simply serve as a metaphor for income inequality as the result of fraud by the upper class. The Banksters I hope to Dethrone are a hybrid of these two extremes; while they are a group of individuals actively working to steer the fate of humanity, their power is more than the sum of a few hundred billionaires’ bank accounts and stock holdings. The current power structure of the Western World – the Banksters – have been in control for quite some time, and have been planning their final heist for more than a century. Time for a history lesson – I’ll be brief.

There are three types of Banksters: Royalty, Old Money, and New Money. Royalty is best personified by the British Crown, one of the most evil regimes to have ever existed on this planet. Here is a list of the crimes that Queen Elizabeth and her ancestors have committed (if I’m to keep it brief then I can’t go on rants, now can I?). The whole family – Queenie, the Princes, the Princesses, and all the Dukes and Barons and shit – are fantastically wealthy; holdings include incredible amounts of stock in Fortune 500 companies, savings accounts containing billions, and a collection of gold, gems, and artwork that puts any single museum to shame. Their real estate portfolio is astonishing; Buckingham Palace was recently appraised at $5 Billion, and the family owns dozens upon dozens of castles and estates worth many billions more. The above only considers those assets that have been disclosed – I have a feeling they have a secret-stash or two.

They prefer Gold over Fiat

Note that the British Crown is less than half of the equation; their cousins from the other side of the Channel, headed by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, have at least as much power as Queen Elizabeth et al., they just don’t flaunt it. Many other royal families from across the globe are simply ‘along for the ride’ – think about it, Kings and Queens have spent millenia controlling vast sums of wealth all while exerting power against the peasantry, why expect things to have have changed in modern times? America was founded on despising these inbreds for a reason, and it’s not like they just ‘went away’ after George Washington and the Founders beat them off. They are still around and as diabolical as ever. They are at the heart of the Banksters.


The next layer of Bankster-garbage are those familial dynasties to be considered Old Money. I’m pretty sure this was in The Great Gatsby or something, but whatever. For record’s sake I will consider my upper-limit for consideration as Old Money to be 1939, the start of World War II. If a family or group came into power prior to the second Great War, legitimately or otherwise, they have passed their power on for several generations and thus have had a major seat at the table for decades, if not centuries. There are many familiar names that are Old Money but two of the most well known are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. I will write a whole article about these two families in the near future, but for now know that they are Bad. This quote sums things up pretty nicely:

“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have…attacked the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global, political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” – David Rockefeller, from his own book, Memoirs.

Those currently in charge are the great grandchildren of the monopoly men and robber barons of the 19th and early 20th centuries; similar families include the Carnegies, the Morgans, and the DuPonts, amongst many others. The web of power and influence is complex – hundreds of dynasties are directly or indirectly tied to these ‘super’ families, and you best believe they will ask ‘how high?’ when told to jump.

The least decrepit and crusty of the Banksters are the newly-minted Super Elite, hereby dubbed New Money. This group of individuals rose to power, seemingly overnight, during the Postwar Era. They are often the foot soldiers and enforcers of the international financial conspiracy and come from a variety of backgrounds and fields. Whether a geek assembling the first personal computer in a garage or a Cornhusker turned Oracle, those from this caste often achieve positions of great power after striking it rich. These Banksters are subordinate to Royalty and Old Money – to be sure – but collectively they are a powerhouse to be reckoned with unto themselves. Many of these entrepreneurs and inventors created wealth in legitimate ways and simply sold out to the power structure; however, my research shows that a majority of the ‘obvious candidates’ actually didn’t do much themselves and are instead agents of the Defense Department and various clandestine organizations. Oh the rabbit hole.

There. I defined the Banksters as best as I could in three articles of (somewhat) reasonable length. It would be easy to write a book or two on the subject, but many who have come before me have already gone that route, so no need for me to repeat their work. Still, I think I’ve successfully laid a framework for future research into the families and individuals that control our society, which is certainly an accomplishment and should help me put out my message more effectively.

Let’s put aside all of the ‘conspiracy theory’ for a second and think about our current situation like this: If the Powers That Be fuck up just one time, we’re all dead, and the entire species will be wiped clean. Isn’t it important to vet those who have the power to kill us all? Isn’t it important to expose that they are psychopaths on a war path against humanity? Of course it is, so keep researching, keep reading my site, subscribe at the top right of this page, and go spread the word to everyone you can. A group of Super Elite are in control of everything, and they are going to blow it all apart sometime between tomorrow and, oh, 2020. For real, they’re gearing up to go all-in. God Bless America!

Triple Whammy – Facebook, Europe, and JP Morgan

This entry will be a smörgåsbord of Bankster-related news and trivia. Most of my articles focus on just one issue, be it The Life and Times of Mittens Romney or The Poisoning of America, but I decided that I didn’t want to be constrained to a particular subject this time around. I had planned to begin writing the final entry in my ‘Who Are The Banksters?’ series of articles but quickly changed course after realizing that the grand finale will take upwards of 20-hours to properly research and write. It will be the ultimate exposé on the handful of Super Elite seeking to hijack mankind’s mind, body and spirit – to be sure – but it’s not something I can pull together in a couple of evenings after long days in Cubeville. I hereby promise my faithful readers that the top of the Bankster pyramid will be revealed in my next effort. Until then, here’s a little of this, and a little of that.

It’s not easy taking on the Banksters after a long day in Cubeville

I would like to start by commending Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan Chase for the constant and diligent supervision of his company’s trading activity. Stoic leadership and a sound risk management philosophy ended up earning the MegaBank more than $-2 billion over a three-month period. My official Cubeville job title is Risk Analyst so, naturally, I can appreciate the extreme care Mr. Dimon takes while making the tough decisions. At the helm of the largest bank in the world, the blue-eyed CEO of JP Morgan surely knows that a crisis on his watch could lead to a series to a catastrophic events that would spell poverty and death for billions of people, right?

Of course he knows what’s up – he’s a Bankster Capo, not many people are higher in the pyramid than the CEO of JP Morgan, although there are a few (next article!). The same can be said for that MFer Jon Corzine, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs who stole billions of dollars straight out of customer accounts and has yet to be charged accordingly.

Knowing that the foreign banking cartel had his back, Dimon and his team at JP Morgan placed extravagant, highly leveraged bets on credit default swaps and other black holes of debt (death), hoping to make billions of dollars on what was intended to be a relativly risk-neutral position. Luckily for us, this botched trade did not result in another crisis of confidence a la Lehman Brothers in the Fall of 2008. Another narrow escape doesn’t mean that the bough won’t break next week, next month, or next year, though; it just means that our economy lives or dies based upon the result of a friendly game of dice played on Wall Street. Big Money Big Money No Whammies!

Let’s head across the Pond for the evening’s next selection; I will try the frame brulee with a side of Greek austerity, but I’ve heard the crêpes are to die for, so feel free to browse. Yes, as I warned several months ago, the periphery of the Eurozone is on the verge of shattering. Several countries have already hit the Point Of No Return with regard to their ability to service their debt and my research and analysis suggests that only two options are on the table: Print or Collapse. The later would likely lead to a global Depression that would last a decade or more, so let’s hope the Banksters aren’t ready to pull out their big guns quite yet. If the Banksters running the European Central Bank hope to save the currency, their only option is to flood the market with trillions of Euros. The subsequent devaluation of the currency would result in massive inflation, thereby ‘reducing’ sovereign debt to a ‘manageable’ level, buying more time for the beleaguered economic pact. Such an action would also cause the prices of all goods and services to increase by triple digits in a year or two, if not overnight. Once more, the Banksters’ firms and the governments that they have infiltrated are bailed out through a tax on the average Jacques – sound familiar? This is only one side of the equation, though, as the Print-option would surely be accompanied by major austerity measures and tax hikes, further robbing the people of their wealth and freedom. Over the summer I expect a climax to the financial crisis in Europe. I think that the Banksters will choose the Print option so as to kick the can down the road a little further; they aren’t ready to attempt their final takeover quite yet, but the time is coming sooner rather than later, so spread the word and let’s get ready to disrupt* their treacherous plans.

* Peacefully. I have to make this caveat once more because the NSA and other government agencies have admitted to spying on all internet activity to profile for potential ‘domestic terrorists’. I must make it clear that I do not promote violence, lest I be disappeared under the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act. I’m not expecting to be taken away or anything, just saying.


Last week Facebook went public; one of the most anticipated IPOs in recent memory, this event holds a special place in my heart because I was one of the founding members of the social network. I became a Facebook Stalker in 2004 when it was still known as The Facebook and required a university E-Mail address. Since the glory days of college I have watched as hundreds of millions of fellow humans – Mother included – joined the site and learned the art of Facebook Stalking. The stock debuted as $38 and, as of this writing, it has fallen to $32 per share after losing nearly twenty percent in the first two trading days. This poor showing is in of itself is not a ‘Bankster conspiracy’; as a student of finance, I will be the first to tell you that risk is an inherent and necessary feature of the market, and IPOs can be quite volatile. That being said, let’s look at a few simple facts:

Facebook‘s valuation stands at 56-times earnings at a price of $38 per share. That’s an incredibly expensive stock and it should be a significant red flag to any potential investor. Look at the following graph:

Notice the two spikes of the blue line – 1929 and 2000 – the setup for the Great Depression and the height of the DotCom bubble. During each period of irrational exuberance the price to earnings ratios of stocks skyrocketed as investors piled into equities; a short time later, the house of cards collapsed when people realized there’s no such thing as a free lunch. At 56-times earnings, much higher than competitors Google at 18-times and Apple at 20-times, it will be tough for Facebook to meet expectations, even if it does have massive growth potential.

– Just days before the offering, lead underwriter Morgan Stanley (yes, Bankster) increased the price range of the IPO by more than ten percent so as to entice stakeholders to offer a larger percentage of their holdings. This double whammy of more shares at a higher price diluted demand, eroding the support needed to sustain the $38 price, let alone fuel a bounce. Concurrently, a Morgan Stanley analyst informed clients that he was cutting his revenue projections for the soon-to-be-public Facebook. More stock, higher price, less revenue – the triple whammy.

– Major ‘technical issues’ cropped up before, during, and after Facebook hit the market. Thousands of brokers and individual investors alike reported difficulties tracking, placing, and cancelling orders as the day progressed. I’m sure it was all an honest mistake and no one gained from the glitches; after all, the NASDAQ was co-founded by one of the most honest men of our era, Uncle Bernie.

– Everyone knows that the Zuck made fat bank last Friday. Congrats Zuck. Sure, he and his buddies made billions upon billions of dollars, but they weren’t the only ones poppin bottles that night. In addition to Morgan Stanley, 30 other underwriters – including Goldman Sachs – collected hundreds of millions of dollars for their part in the IPO. In addition, Wall Street as a whole raked in more than a hundred million betting that Facebook‘s value would drop on opening day. Get Zucked.

Perhaps it wasn’t an inside job, but it probably was. The good part is that their Pump and Run may have backfired since so many people are (rightly) suspicious of the actions of the MegaBanks and their subsidiaries; if there was foul play, they may not get away with it so easily this time. The stock market is a crazy animal so it’s possible that FB will  fetch upwards of $50 six-months from now (assuming the Banksters keep printing), so not all is lost for those who were caught on the wrong end of the trade. Unfortunately, it’s also quite possible that the stock will tumble to $25 or lower over that same period. To get back to (and sustain) the initial offering price of $38 the company will have to increase earnings by more than forty percent – every year – for the next five years. That’s very tough to do for any company, especially in a stagnant economy like we have right now. Should the actual revenue fall short of the forecasts by even just a slim margin there will be a cascade of selling activity and the stock will nosedive.

It’s OK Facebook, I still <3 you, even if you are the hellspawn of the NSA and CIA, like most major tech companies. Spy on all of my actions, I’m quite transparent in my fight against Tyranny and love to use you to get the word out.
Of course, all of this equity analysis hinges on the assumption that the Banksters keep stringing us along for a little while longer. Sooner or later they’re going to pull the trigger (literally, figuratively, or both) and we’re going to have to deal with a shitstorm of one form or another. What awaits us cannot be predicted with any certainty; the trigger may be Europe, it may be war with Iran, it may be a ‘terrorist’ attack, or it may be a ‘random’ event that comes out of nowhere to smack us in the face. Whatever it is, you can be pretty sure that the Banksters caused it and are going to use it to take your money, your freedom, and your life. Unless it’s an alien invasion, then perhaps it’s not the Banksters’ doing. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past them, since they do possess technology decades ahead of what is public knowledge. I’ll have to do an article on that topic someday. Get prepared, we can beat whatever they throw at us.

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Share this article and read the rest of my website. Then go do something about all this crap in your own way; my niche happens to be finance and geopolitics, but there are tons of ways to fight against the Banksters’ agenda. Just look for bad things and try to make them better – and remember, events are rarely a ‘coincidence’.

The Poisoning of a Nation

The purpose of this site is to expose the treacherous acts of a small group of ultra-powerful elite that have taken over our country. Committed to the total domination of humanity, these scumbags – collectively known as Banksters – hijacked the global economy nearly a century ago through crony capitalism and the issuance of fiat debt. Within the next few years (months?) the entire financial system will be brought down by these cowards. The ensuing chaos from the Collapse will have Americans desperate for a Solution to their woes. The Solution will be provided by the same people who created the Problem, of course, and they aim to end Free Humanity as we know it. All financial and military power will be consolidated on a global scale – think the United Nations on steroids – and the notion of national sovereignty will be a relic of the past. I’d like to think that the many articles I’ve written have done a good job of explaining the precarious financial and geopolitical situation we find ourselves in. What I have yet to get across is how truly Evil the Banksters’ plan for humanity really is. I have a feeling this post will accomplish that goal.

Like most psychopaths from history, the Banksters’ thirst for power cannot be quenched by Gold and Women alone. To them, real joy is inflicting pain and death upon the peasantry – especially the children. The tyrants of the past raped, pillaged and murdered to get their fix of Evil; the Banksters partake in these activities as well, of course, but scientific progress has allowed them to become more effective, efficient and discreet than ever before. Countless millions have already perished at the hands of the Banksters – billions more may follow unless we do something about it. Now.

Before I list some of the ways the Banksters and their MegaCorporations are poisoning you and your progeny let me plug a very short article I published last Fall. If you haven’t read this yet I would encourage you to do so now. For those who don’t feel like taking the time (I don’t hate you) let me summarize: America has become the fattest, sickest, and most drugged-up civilization of all-time. The incidence of every type of cancer is up several-fold over the past couple decades. The number of Americans with diabetes doubled between 1998 to 2008. Within the next few years that figure will have doubled once more. The life expectancy of the average American recently dropped to 28th internationally; this despite the fact that our healthcare spending far outstrips all other countries on a per capita basis. Of course, the children are the ones who are taking the brunt of the Banksters’ chemical and biological attacks. Let’s take a look at a chart that the U.S. Department of Education released a few years back:

I’ve replicated this chart in Excel so I can play with it.

You don’t have to have a Master’s in Finance to realize that this graph is pretty ugly. If you remember your high school algebra you may recall that the shape of this curve is nearly identical to that of an exponential function. The data from the USDE study is represented by the blue curve and the black curve represents the exponential function that ‘best fits’. This all means that the incidence of autism is increasing, at an ever-increasing rate. I’ve used a bit of Excel Magic to expand this model out to the year 2020 and it gets pretty sickening.

The blue curve from the first chart is still present in this second chart; I merely extended the x-axis to by a few years to see what would happen to the black curve as the years went on. he result of this simple analysis? Nearly 1 in 16 children will be autistic by 2020 if the trend from the USDE study continues unabated.

This sounds ridiculous, so let’s spot check for accuracy. According to the black curve, 125 out of every 10,000 children will be autistic by the year 2012 (orange line). Let’s compare this to a study published March 29th, 2012 that found that 1 in 88 children in America is now autistic. This incidence rate falls almost exactly in line with the model’s projections (1.25% in my model vs. 1.14% in the March study), which is quite disturbing. Also note that boys are particularly susceptible to the disorder, with nearly 1 in 54 (1.85%) being diagnosed according to the 2012 study. In other words:




From 2008 to 2012 my model’s accuracy is nearly flawless. If I could predict stocks with this level of certainty I could have made billions during the same period. Let’s look a few more years into the future…

The horizontal line at 10,000 represents the maximum limit of this function; at this point, the rate of autism cannot increase because, well, a kid can’t be autistic twice. A ceiling will form at – or below – this line. This begs the question: Will the rate of autism plateau once 5% of kids are autistic, or will it happen when 25% are classified as such? Perhaps things won’t level off until seven out of every ten children can’t speak? For the sake of our future generations let’s hope that my model falls apart in the next year or two. I’m not holding my breath.

I will go on. As I was writing this rant I came across a news article stating that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030. That’s literally going to smother the healthcare system. If you think the medical system is jacked up now, trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The number of people hooked on Big Pharma’s candy is, of course, at record highs as well. You get sick, they give you drugs, you suffer side effects, they give you more drugs, and they make tons of cash money.


It’s true that part of the obesity epidemic can be blamed on modern society’s sedentary lifestyle and love of Happy Meals. It can also be surmised that improvements in screening and detection methods account for the surge account for some of the surge in autism and cancer rates. Each and every individual example could be argued against. Go for it. What I’m saying is that a small group of ultra-powerful elite is trying to fry our kids’ brains and get us fat on purpose.

Everybody knows that there’s ‘something wrong’ but very few seem to put all the pieces together. That’s what I try to do in my spare time – I’m cool, I know. Even people that care very much about these issues are looking in the wrong direction. While millions of people were racing for the Cure I was reading for the Cause. My exhaustive research has led me to conclude that the Banksters and their MegaCorporations are intentionally poisoning the species; their final goal, the sterilization of the human race and total control over our Mind, Body and Soul. They already have the Gold and Women, they want Us.

As I know your attention span is waning I will get to the evidence in a rather condensed manner. I will preface by stating that the Banksters’ war on your health is in the style of Death By A Thousand Cuts. No particular vaccine accounts for the exponential increase in autism, just as McDonald’s isn’t the only reason Americans are fat as shit. There are thousands of factors at play, Bankster-controlled and otherwise, but let me assure you that what is happening is not a ‘coincidence’ and it’s only going to get worse unless we get off our fat asses to do something about it.


I don’t have to spend much time discussing how poor the American diet is because, with an obesity rate of 42% quickly approaching, you can go to any mall and see the proof for yourself. What I want to point out is that self-control and exercise can only go so far when the food we eat is void of substance and smothered in pesticides. The farming methods used by Big Agra have stripped the nutrients right out of the soil. To steal a quote: “Instead of eating cereal you might as well eat cardboard, at least you’ll get your daily fiber intake”. Think of all the artificial substances have been created and added to our highly-processed food. Look at the back of a frozen dinner in your fridge…try to guess what half of the ingredients are. Go do some research on high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and aspartame. Unless you grow your own food – or know the farmer who does – you’re likely eating a bunch of crap. The Banksters make money and sicken you at the same time? Easy Money.


Genetically modified foods grow their own pesticides. This means the food has poison grown into it. Farmer Joe still has to spray the fields, though, since bugs are becoming resistant to the ‘natural’ pesticide and still require ‘spot treatment’ when they get a bit out of control. Oh, and by the way, studies have shown that mammals brought up on GMO suffer from all types of health problems, often become sterile by the third generation. We’re about a generation into GMO in America, so I guess we won’t know its effect on humans for a little while yet. We’re mammals though, right? Maybe we’re immune. I trust Monsanto.


There really is something in the water: It’s called fluoride, and it has been shown to lower IQ by several points. Sodium Fluoride has also been linked to bone cancer and other major health issues in both children and adults. When used topically on the teeth this chemical can prevent cavities and strengthen enamel, just ask your dentist. You should also ask your dentist to comment on the effectiveness of fluoride when ingested internally, without dosage controls. I specialize in economics and geopolitics – not medical research – but I find it hard to believe that ingesting the primary ingredient in rat poison helps protect teeth. This toxic substance, found in 70% of America’s water supply, is a byproduct of phosphate mining and is chock full of uranium and other heavy metals and poisons. Drink Up!

Did you know that vaccines contain mercury and aluminum?  How about the fact that the EPA quickly raised the ‘safe’ levels of radiation after multiple reactor meltdowns at Fukishima? I could keep citing examples to show how we are under chemical assault by the Banksters and their MegaCorporations, but I’ll leave it at that. Again, everything I’ve referred to can be explained away or rationalized to some degree, there is no smoking gun. All I know is that my model predicts that, if I have kids, they’ll probably be fucked up. The prepoderance of evidence suggests that it will be the Banksters’ fault. I’m Mad.

Go share this article with everyone you know. Do your own research and fight against the Banksters in your own way (peacefully). The rest of my website is a good place to start, but don’t take my word for any of this, go find out yourself. Good luck, we’ll need it!

1.4375 Bullets – Just For You!

****UPDATE: August 13th, 2012 – Make it 3.8338, give or take 0.001****

America, we have a problem. I know…we have many problems…but the particular ‘opportunity for improvement’ I’m referring to deserves special attention because it presents a clear and present danger to all people residing within the borders of the United States of America.

Last month the Department of Homeland Security entered into a contract for the the delivery of 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. That is quite a lot of ammo; in fact, it translates to 1.435 bullets per American man, woman and child, to be exact. The kicker is that the  majority of these bullets happen to be of the hollow-point variety. That tidbit is important for a couple of reasons:

  • Hollow-points are much more expensive than ‘normal’ ammunition and generally aren’t used for training purposes. These types of bullets are meant for shattering bones and tearing organs – not target practice.
  • The use of HP ammo on foreign soil is prohibited by the Geneva Convention and several other international agreements – no such limits restrict use within the borders of one’s own country. In fact, US law enforcement often prefers to carry HP ammo because it has exceptional takedown power.

Here’s a bit of simple math. It seems logical in my mind…but maybe I’m just a paranoid Conspiracy Theorist.

  1. HP Ammo is used on the street, not the gun-range
  2. HP Ammo cannot be used in a foreign country, but it can be used on domestic soil

1 + 2 = ???*

*Answer: The government is preparing to shoot us in the face if we don’t do Exactly What They Say when the next crisis hits


Why would DHS want to buy 1.4375 bullets for every man, woman and child in America? One might surmise that they are trying to shore up the border with Mexico. The recent uptick in drug-related violence along the border might well call for a heavily armed force to defend America. Without getting into the scams that serve as our immigration and drug policies (perhaps in a future article), I can assure you that 450 million bullets would satisfy our need for legitimate border protection – I would venture to guess that after a decade of serious enforcement there would still be a surplus of 449 million rounds. Sure it’s a killing zone down there, but it’s not like the US forces are getting into dozens of firefights per day. It’s estimated that less than 300,000 small-caliber rounds were used every day at the peak of Operation Iraqi Freedom; I think an order of 450 million is a bit of overkill if we’re looking to defend the border. Then again, there are the Canadians…



If someone has another explanation for this purchase by DHS, I would love to hear it. I really can’t think of any other reason for buying 450 million HP rounds but, hey, we can’t win em all. This piece of news strongly suggests that the government is preparing to take on some very angry and/or desperate Americans in the near future. There are many hypothetical scenarios one can drum up, but my research points to the intentional implosion of the financial system as being the next Big Crisis that may well bring martial law and ‘other measures’ our way. I cover this topic in several of my other articles which you can find on my homepage.

A Police State has been under construction for quite some time in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In fact, one could argue that we are already living under a Police State, it just hasn’t ‘gone hot’ yet. The current situation can be likened to a frog sitting in a pot on the stove – if the water is slowly brought to a boil, poor Kermit won’t even notice that he is being cooked alive. For decades there was a power grab here or a new regulation there; after a sunny Tuesday morning in 2001 the heat was turned up. Slowly but surely the Federal government garnered evermore power over its Citizens. Legislation including The Patriot Act was passed, stripping the rights of all Americans deemed ‘terrorists’. The TSA was formed and now exercises its ‘administrative right’ to grope everyone, be it a 6 year-old girl or a World War II Veteran. Just last year the National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law by Obama. As I’ve discussed before the NDAA literally legalizes the murder of any American Citizen for reasons undisclosed.



Still not convinced that the Feds are planning for a war against the American People? The Federal Aviation Administration recently authorized the use of unmanned drones over American soil for security and law enforcement purposes. In of itself perhaps not a horrible thing (hmm…), but certainly another piece of the puzzle. Still don’t believe that the Banksters are pushing America into a second Civil War? Check out this bad boy.

I can keep naming examples but, for brevity’s sake, I’ll leave it at that. It is an undisputed fact that the government has invested huge sums developing a domestic security force to deal with some sort of internal threat. The real question isn’t the existence of this system but whether or not it will be unleashed against the American people in the near future. Right now the processes are being beta tested – roadside checkpoints in Tenneesee, children being arrested, attempts to instigate race war – but thus far the Machine hasn’t resorted to overt violence. Defending this line in the sand is of utmost importance if the Republic is to survive the onslaught of the New World Order. The Banksters would love nothing more than to sit offshore while America turns into a war-zone, so we have to do everything as peacefully as we can.

I have hope that we are better than the Banksters think we are. A lot of people out there know what’s going on and are peacefully protesting against the trampling of our Constitutional Rights. One of these people is Ron Paul who, interestingly enough, received more than 70% of all donations given by active military personnel during 2012 Presidential campaign. The military is awake and so are the cops, hopefully they won’t fire on their own people if there’s another false flag terror attack or a financial meltdown. Since many of them support Dr. Paul I have hope that we’ll overt a potential disaster. However, fear is a powerful weapon and, as seen in the past, people commit heinous crimes to save themselves and protect their family. Plus, there are a lot of sick fucks out there, especially in the TSA.



Check out the rest of this website and be sure to share this article with your friends and family. We have to try to wake up as many people as possible before the next crisis comes down the pipeline. I can’t predict the future, but after a lot of research it’s quite obvious that the Banksters are planning for something big. Let’s duck their punch and stick em with a counter left!