Ben “Lucifer Bernanke” Cochran has been fighting to expose and dethrone Bankster Scum for several years. His efforts began in earnest in 2008 when, just three weeks before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, his company (a global insurance carrier) gave he and hundreds of his co-workers the pink slip ‘seemingly’ out of nowhere. Months passed as the world panicked and trillions were used to bailout MegaBanks and MegaCorporations alike. Wall Street was saved; Main Street was screwed. Something didn’t smell right.

Ben returned to his alma mata Purdue University to earn his Master’s in Finance, hoping to learn more about the causes of the Great Recession (and the weapons of financial mass destruction used) all while improving his odds of employment in an ever-worsening job market.

The next couple years combined extensive, formal education with meticicuolous ‘extracurricular’ research into the workings of The System. Upon graduation, Ben found a job as a Risk Analyst in the heart of the Beast – Arlington, Virginia. Sick of being just a scholar and a spectator, Ben used his newfound knowledge and income to launch the flagship site Dethrone The Banksters and a live radio show Breaking The Banksters w/ Ben “Lucifer Bernanke” Cochran; fully independent, non-partisan efforts to inform others and rally them to the cause of liberty and freedom.

Join Ben on his continued journey to expose and dethrone the Banksters and their scumbag minions each and every Thursday Night at 6 PM ET/3 PT on Freedomizer Radio!




Down With Bankster Scum!