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It’s 6:08 PM on a Monday evening and, unfortunately, I’m sitting in front of my computer writing another article about Bankster scum. Don’t get me wrong – I love trashing these tyrants – but I could think of thousands of things I’d rather be doing with the hours of my youth. I could be chasing happy hour tail at the local bar; I could be outside enjoying the Spring weather; I could be trying to start my own small business; but no, instead of participating in a myriad of ‘activities’ like many people my age, I chug a 5-hour Energy and grind through another article.


Happy Hour Tail


Each week I spend at least twenty hours researching various topics so as to keep current with the latest developments in the world while expanding my knowledge base. Another five hours or so are dedicated to building up this website. This commitment to a seemingly academic matter is unthinkable to the average twenty-seven year old bachelor with a full-time job but, for better or worse, I really don’t consider it too much of a sacrifice. Any day now the Banksters will drop the hammer and bring us into a full-blown Depression that will kill millions (billions?) around the globe. So I can think I can suck it up.



The fact of the matter is that the world economy was mortally poisoned by the Banksters years ago. The financial system has been on life support ever since – propped up by the Federal Reserve and other shadowy Bankster institutions – and the plug can be pulled at any time. The Powers That Be may choose next week, next month, or next year – but the Collapse is coming, and it’s coming very soon*.

* Note: There is always a way to avert disaster, even at the last second, but I sure ain’t sitting on my ass hoping for a miracle.


As I’ve outlined before, the overarching strategy of the Banksters involves the creation of immense panic and suffering amongst the general population; after a period of death and destruction, the masses will be so destitute that they will beg for a Solution – no matter the cost. The final aim is the creation of a one world government and the institution of a single global currency. Be sure that this New World Order would not be for the betterment of humanity like something out of a science fiction show. I think it would be great if all nations could come together to propel humanity to the stars, but the unfortunate reality is that the New World Order would more closely resemble a modern-day hybrid of Communist China and Nazi Germany than it would the United Federation of Planets. The Banksters and their shadowy overlords* are waging war on you, me, and the two-year old boy who lives next door. I think spending twenty-five hours a week trying to Dethrone The Banksters is the absolute least I should be doing as a man.

* Think Lord Corzine and Lucifer Bernanke are at the top of the Bankster pyramid? Hint: They’re not. Coming Soon – The final chapter of the “Who Are The Banksters?” series exposing the true tyrants of our time. Here is Part 1 and Part 2


As I mentioned, the Banksters have declared a war against Free Humanity. This means that we are at war with them, whether one wishes to acknowledge this or not. So, let’s talk strategy. Anyone who has studied military history knows that ‘fighting the last war’ is always a fatal mistake. For example, in the 19th Century the standard battle formation consisted of soldiers marching headlong into the enemy while maintaining rank and order. At the time it was an effective infantry doctrine because it struck the right offensive and defensive balance given the level of technology available. Employing this tactic in the 20th Century would (and did) result in massive casualties – ordering a regiment of riflemen to march across some Polish field against a squad of Panzers didn’t work very well in the Fall of 1939.

The Banksters understand this basic tenet of warfare and have adjusted their strategy accordingly. Our war with the Banksters is a socioeconomic war as opposed to a shooting war, but the theory holds true. We can’t expect that the dictators of tomorrow will look like the dictators of the past. They will still rule with an iron fist but they’re going to be much more subtle about it by posing as our intellectual superiors and stressing the importance of global cooperation and ‘harmony’ to get us through these trying times. Most of our problems stem from the Banksters and their policies…but they will save us?…puke.

The day after beginning this article I came across a story that, ironically enough, serves as a perfect example of this concerted push for global government to Save The World. The synopsis: Earth has a finite amount of nonrenewable resources and, when we start to run out, a lot of us will die. Quickly. A computer model created by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology predicts that a major economic crisis will take place which will result in the ‘reduction’ of several billion people over a couple decades. The MIT scientists state that this fate can only be prevented through the establishment of a one world government with the authority to ration resources and control all economic activity. This report was written for an organization known as The Club of Rome, a political think tank run by current and former Bankster minions. This ‘club’ is but one of hundreds of organizations that espouse the need for global cooperation to save the human race. In some regards this is absolutely true. We do need to work together to overcome our problems; defeating the Banksters is but a place to start, there’s a lot to do afterwards.

I’m going to finish this article with a copy of the ‘Limits To Growth’ graph from the MIT simulation. I have a background in economics and finance so you can only imagine how much I love graphs. They’re the best. Let me give you my analysis of these different limits:



Purple: It’s true that the modern economy is based upon nonrenewable resources, but this has been an issue since time immemorial. The key to overcoming this particular ‘limit to growth’ lies with investments in technology and research. The development of the internal combustion engine changed the entire world; if half of the Pentagon’s budget was dedicated to the development of advanced power generation (fusion, anti-matter, other??) a breakthrough would be made within a decade and we would never have to worry about running out of oil, coal or gas ever again. Since about half of the Pentagon’s budget is tied up in unconstitutional war overseas, I say we just bring the troops home and hire some scientists instead. It’s not like we got any oil from Iraq anyway.

Yellow: Same theory; if we didn’t piss all our money away on illegal, undeclared wars and instead focused our efforts on developing sustainable and efficient agriculture this limit wouldn’t be much of a problem. Furthermore, the vast majority of the cost of food stems from the energy required to grow and transport it – fix the energy issue and you’re on your way to a bountiful harvests capable of feeding tens of billions of people.

Blue: See above – advanced energy generation and agricultural methods will reduce (and potentially eliminate) pollution. I discuss this link between Food and Energy in this article.

Green and Pink: If you have an ever-increasing supply of energy you will have an ever-increasing standard of living. Sure, there could be shortages of certain rare minerals and elements, but substitutes would be developed. By the time there was a ‘true’ resource shortage we would be mining asteroids. For real.

Black: If we take care of all the ‘limits’ then, theoretically, population can continue to grow for eternity. This is a bit of an overstatement but I’m quite positive that the Earth could support tens of billions of people without exceeding its ‘carrying weight’ – assuming the appropriate technology has been developed.
In conclusion, I’m still going to chase happy hour tail this Spring, but I’m dedicated to fighting the Banksters’ plans of a fascist planetary regime at the same time. What a dual life I lead.

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