2016 and Beyond: An Update From Lucifer Bernanke


In the Fall of 2011 I created this website as a method for me to spread awareness about the true plague of humanity: The Banksters. ¬†What began as a small blog with just a few posts soon evolved into a centralized location for my many efforts to expose and dethrone these ‘elite’ scum. While it’s been awhile since I have published an article, take heart in the knowledge that I have only begun to fight, and 2016 looks to be the most productive year yet!


As the pillage and rape of humanity¬†continutes to ratchet up, so must our efforts to resist! In addition to all-new articles to be published throughout 2016, be sure to seek out fresh and engaging content which brings the fight to the doorstep of the world’s true terrorists!


  • Social Media: Dethrone The Banksters / Lucifer Bernanke is active on a variety of Social Media platforms; while it’s common knowledge that Facebook and its ilk are not much more than a front for NSA surveillance, the old adage “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” applies severalfold! With nearly 10,000 friends and followers – and over one million ‘views’ – we are spreading the word in a way that would make the Founding Fathers could have only dreamed of! Follow Us!
  • Live Protests and Events: Whether attending a speech by Ron Paul; Marching against Monsanto in Downtown DC; or protesting the Bilderberg Group during their annual meeting; it’s important to remember to not get too caught up in the virtual fight! While these ‘real life’ events may seem limited in scope relative to reaching thousands on the Internet, nothing beats getting out and pounding the pavement; especially when it comes to networking with fellow activists! If you ever find yourself in the DC area (for a protest, or otherwise) — be sure to Contact Me!
  • Weekly Radio Show: The Patriot Power Hour w/ Ben ‘Lucifer Bernanke’ Cochran has been on the air for nearly three years; callers and guests have included Constitutional Scholars; Physicians; Entrepreneurs; and just regular folks who are sick and tired of being pushed around by the corporate elite and their cronies in the government! Be sure to check out the Patriot Power Hour each Thursday evening; archives are available as well; click here for more details


Of course, there is already a great wealth of information on this site, so please be sure to explore. Thank you for all of your support; let’s triple our efforts going into 2016 and beyond!

– Ben ‘Lucifer Bernanke’ Cochran