2016 Year in Review & 2017 Preview!

2016 was one of the most important years in human history; but it’s clear to see that it served as a simple warm-up for what’s to come. As the battle against the Banksters heads into the Championship Rounds, be sure to look for new articles, videos, and features here on Dethrone The Banksters.


Of course, never hesitate to send questions or comments to Ben ‘Lucifer Bernanke’ Cochran, and follow him on social media!
Kicking off 2017, Ben was honored to participate in a virtual roundtable discussing geopolitics, economics, and keeping ourselves (and dogs!) healthy into the new year and beyond. 


Thanks to Sean Caron and Sentinel Jeff Hays, had a great time!
Also, be sure to check out the final Patriot Power Hour of 2016, with special guest Michael Howell, for a deep financial analysis of 2016 and a preview of what’s to come


Down w/ Bankster Scum!

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