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Introducing Bankster News, a wholly independent, not-for-revenue site that aggregates all of the top analysis and breaking news into one place. No longer will Patriots and Free Men have to scour hundreds of articles of lamestream media dribble in order to understand what’s really going on; instead, simply visit Bankster News a few times a week to cut through the partisan garbage and learn the truth behind the ‘Elite’ and the puppets they control.

The slogan says it all:

Exposing Bankster Scum and their Minions, one news article at a time

Bankster News is great for keeping on top of current events, but it really shines when used as a reference guide for researchers and those trying to spread the word against the corruption devouring our world. Interested in the decades long build-up of China at the expense of America? There are already a dozen articles on this topic, with more being added daily. Trying to convince a friend about the dangers of the flu vaccine? Bankster News covers these and other health topics in detail, since the most valuable asset that can be stolen from a person is their health. Interested in prepping or investing in precious metals? Bankster News definitely has those topics covered. Let’s not forget about Obamacare — such a debacle, it ought to have a whole section on the site!

So what are you waiting for — if you haven’t already, please visit Bankster News, and most importantly, subscribe and bookmark so you come back often and become a more informed person. Knowing what these scumbags are up to is our only hope to defeat them.

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Exposing Bankster Scum and their Minions, one news article at a time

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