Starve The Machine – Boycott Chinese Slave Goods

Chained Up 1

If you buy Chinese Slave Goods you are directly funding the hate crime of slavery. A simple, irrefutable fact. Spending a couple hundred bucks on shoes you don’t need, or electronics you can’t live without, supports the chaining of children to benches – literally. If you are currently thinking “I don’t care about some kids in China as long as I get my Gucci/iPhone/etc.” then you are fully controlled by the New World Order’s propaganda machine and are no longer part of the human race. All sense of empathy has been burned out of you by Madison Avenue, and you are an anathema to the Creator himself. You are also a traitor to America. But it’s not too late to change your ways….

I will be the first to admit to being guilty of supporting the Commie Scum. But who doesn’t buy Made In China? That’s the problem. Everyone may know that China doesn’t have quite the ‘stellar’ human rights record, but few realize that Chinese Slaves commit suicide en masse; the women routinely undergo forced late-term abortions; men are simply steamrolled for protesting the theft of their land; and second-born children are run over by One-Child Policy Enforcement Officials when their parents don’t abort the child/pay a hefty fine. Now that’s Chinese efficiency – Crush The Resistance.



Don’t want to sell your house to make room for the newest Slave Factory? Splat.


Feeling like a hypocrite for supporting the Commies over the years, my New Year’s Resolution for 2013 was to never purchase anything Made In/Sourced From China ever again. Granted, I’m only seven weeks in, but I haven’t faltered, and estimate that the ‘value’ of my boycott is nearly $300 thus far. Seems like chump change, but it adds up, as I shall demonstrate below. Fact is, every person reading this sentence has the ability to fight against slavery by simply boycotting Chinese Slave Goods. China is the new power base of the Banksters, and if we hope to free the West from the chains of fraudulent debt, we need to enlist the help of our Chinese cousins. We need a global revolution – 1776 Worldwide – and fermenting mass civil unrest in China is an essential part of our war against Bankster (and Commie) Scum. Starve The Machine. Question is, will you take this pledge with me, boycotting Chinese Slave Goods for life, starting today? Or, will you continue to fund a Slave State just so you can wear the latest style from Forever 21? What, you like chained-up Chinese kids or something?


Chained up 3


A few ground rules to this contest/humanitarian mission. First, receiving Chinese Slave Goods as gifts is not strictly prohibited; however, whenever possible, you must express to others your disdain for chained-up Chinese kids. Second, proper due diligence must be exercised with regard to the question of whether the Good is – in fact – a Chinese Slave Good. Google is your friend. Next, the term “Sourced In China” is defined as having more than ten percent (10%) of all components manufactured and/or assembled within China’s national borders. This includes Taiwan, as I consider them a Vassal State of the People’s Republic of China. We are working with the Honor System here; to be honest, only the chained-up Chinese kids will know whether you’re sticking to your Resolution or not.


Chained up 2


One more rule, mundane as rules seem while discussing the boycott of a regime that has forced millions of third-trimester abortions: The act of ‘buying used’ is acceptable, yet generally frowned upon, as demand in the secondary markets spurs direct purchases of Chinese Slave Goods. This caveat is particularly applicable to electronics; these devices are necessary to expose and dethrone Bankster Scum, so we can’t hamstring ourselves unnecessarily by simply boycotting these critical tools, now can we? Do your best. Spend locally when and where possible. Finding a laptop produced ‘locally’ is impossible; procuring food, clothing, furniture, etc. from producers and merchants native to your area is quite feasible.




So, are you ready to boycott Chinese Slave Goods with me, or not? Don’t worry, I’m done posting pictures of chained-up kids (and I avoided abortion pictures altogether), but ignoring these crimes against humanity makes you complicit in the hate crime of slavery. There are many other places that produce Slave Goods besides China – and I am all for boycotting them as well – but the key to overthrowing tyranny worldwide is first taking down the Commie Scum who lord over the Chinese people. If they fall, all Scum will fall. 


Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty doesn’t do Red


Before getting into the geopolitical and economic ramifications of the ‘Rise of the Dragon’, let me state this before continuing: I have a lot of respect for the Chinese culture, so be clear that this article is directed towards the small group of Commie Bastards that rose to power on the backs of 70 million murdered people. I do have a problem with those shitheads. The Chinese people? I’m actually quite the fan of them. In a previous article entitled ObamneyCare I noted that I was particularly qualified to comment on the topic of health care reform because of my education and professional background; similarly, several factors in my life have given me a unique perspective on America’s relationship with the Chinese. I also feel as if my writing skill far surpasses the propaganda-spitting drones of the New York Times and Washington Post. You be the judge.***

*** If you agree, please share this article with everyone you know. Immediately. Also, be sure to check out the 24 other articles I’ve published in the past year and a half (Happy 25th DethroneTheBanksters!).  Please also feel free to leave a comment below, as I am always interested in hearing what my readers have to say…


My best friend was born in China. Since meeting him, I have picked-up on many differences – and similarities – between the American and Chinese cultures. While we sometimes trade barbs in jest (Fat/Lazy/Stupid American vs. Commie Bastard), my friend and I still have respect for one another, and are much more alike than one would expect given our disparate upbringing. While spending countless hours with my friend has given me incredible insight into all things Chinese, the time I spent studying for my Master’s in Finance was even more eye-opening. Our class of twenty-seven was made up of no less than eighteen Chinese/Taiwanese nationals, most of whom visiting America for the first time. Luckily, their parents were wealthy enough to allow them to tour America during the various academic breaks, as God knows what lasting impressions they have of West Lafayette, Indiana…




These kids were smart, and they were hard-working. Scratch that. They weren’t just ‘hard-working’, they were robots. ‘Hard-working’ is fighting with an Excel spreadsheet until midnight, despite a full day of classes behind and in front of you. ‘Robotical’ is not leaving campus for more than thirty-six hours because the solution to question 3c eluded your team until the wee hours of the morning. I think their cutoff for sleeping in the computer lab was 4 AM. By the way, the aforementioned homework assignment was only worth 5% of the final grade, for just one course. Now that’s robotical. Perhaps it is just a matter of perspective; maybe I’m just a lazy, worthless American that gave up at question 2e  in order to get a few hours of sleep in my own bed. It’s true, I would never survive a Chinese Slave Factory, I can barely tolerate working my E-Mail for a couple of hours a day while sipping on my Dark Magic K-Cups…



I want a stand-up desk, too 🙁


America and China would be able to land a man on Mars in five years if we were able to work together in a peaceful, non-Commie way. My classmates were all very nice and (usually) great to work with. At Purdue it was always the well-balanced teams consisting of both Americans and Chinese that produced the highest-quality work; the unstoppable persistence of the East matching perfectly with the creative, flexible mindset of the West. Why can’t we all just be friends? Unfortunately, the true potential of this relationship was hijacked by none other than our beloved Bankster Scum (and their parents/grandparents) when they put Mao Tse Dung into power in 1949. I don’t know how to spell the name of that bitch, but I don’t have enough respect for him to look it up. Anyway, the Banksters are using China to help bankrupt the West all while making untold trillions off of the blood, sweat and tears of the Chinese People. Typical Bankster Bullshit.


Fuck You Bankster Scum!

Bankster Scum!


This is where the boycott comes in. As I’ve written before on this site, the entire Western financial system is based upon an intricate, highly complex series of frauds and assumptions; in reality, the only thing that gives the Banksters their power is the common man’s belief that s/he has little to no ability to affect change in the world. This is particularly true with regard to China. All of our jobs and manufacturing capacity have disappeared because we have funded their transfer to the Commies; in effect, they only have power because we let them have power. You and I have funded the enemy in the War For Free Humanity. Stop funding them. Then reverse the damage you’ve done by going on the offensive (politically). Repent.

The following is a simple Excel model showing the effectiveness of a boycott using the purchases made by an average consumer, and an average family of four, both on an annual basis and as projected over the next twenty years. If you don’t want to go through the math, know this: Should you spend $2,500 on Chinese Slave Goods every year for the next 20 years, you will have fully funded two forced abortions, and partially funded the chaining-up of another child. Blood Plastic.


Funding Chinese Abortions


Concluding that “the average family of four will purchase enough Chinese Slave Goods to chain-up one kid annually” may sound extreme, but the numbers don’t lie. It is a simple fact that more than 400 million Chinese have been eliminated since the One-Child Policy was put into place in 1979; hundreds of millions more have been abused in ways that make Black Slavery look benign, and in some tangible, real way, those of us who have purchased Chinese Slave Goods have allowed these crimes to take place. 

Even if you don’t care about abortions, or chained-up kids, you should at least concerned about China as a rising, hostile military force. China is exchanging its fiat currency reserves for Real Goods; they are being positioned by the Banksters as the enemy of the West, a rival, superior form of economics which returns humanity to the serfdom of the Dark Ages. Fuck that. Gut-up and stop supporting Bankster Scum. The challenge is out there, will you accept it? If you do, please also pass this article along to everyone you know. I’m hoping that my efforts alone will lead to the boycott of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Chinese Slave Goods, which is a truly tangible impact on tyranny. I hope some of you go do something to Starve The Machine as well.