Can Ron Paul Win? YES!

“Ron Paul can’t win”

I’ve heard a dozen variations of that statement over the past six months. Most of the people who say he can’t win actually support his views on most of the issues but are so jaded by the Washington Machine that they feel there’s no way for a real Statesman to take the day. If you’re one of those people, I’m writing this post for you. I’m going to point out how Dr. Ron Paul is already winning and how he’s only getting started. He may not have a pretty face like the Barbie Twins or pretty hair like the Ken Dolls, but it’s a simple fact that there’s more substance in the doctor’s message than can be found within the walls of the entire Barbie Dreamhouse.

If you don’t know what Ron Paul is all about, let’s boil it all to one document: The Constitution. This single document is what separates (separated?) the greatest nation in history from all others that came before. If you are even slightly aware of history you will know that the vast majority of humans have lived (and died) under oppressive regimes; from Stalin and Pol Pot to Mao and Hitler, I would go so far as to say that 97% of all humans to have ever lived suffered under a tyranny. The Constitution has one simple premise: Every man derives his rights from God, and the State is the servant of the Citizen. It’s true that it may have taken a Civil War and a couple of Amendments to put this into full effect…but I digress. Anyway, without getting too technical, or delving into the meaning of God, it’s obvious that this document and its inherent philosophy laid the framework for the most prosperous and peaceful 200 years ever seen.

You see, prior to the formation of good ole America nearly every form of government was based upon Divine Right, or the assumption that the State received its mandate from God and the common man was subservient to the State. That sounds like it came out of a textbook…Translation: The King could do whatever he wanted to your wife, whenever he wanted to, because God said so. Your fourteen year old daughter too if he was feelin randy. Luckily, some fancy words changed all of that, so while it might seem a little boring it’s actually kind of important to try and stick to the Constitution. We haven’t been doing that, and things are falling apart for that simple reason.

Ron Paul is a Champion of the Constitution. He has a flawless voting record with respect to the Constitution: No on Bailouts, No on Iraq and Afghanistan, No on the Patriot Act, No on Obamacare…it’s a wonder why they call him Doctor No. The thing that Ron Paul understands is that we must fight to keep our liberty and we must fight to keep the Constitution the centerpiece of our society; he understands that there are always those who look to abuse the document for their own gain, and once you start down that particular slippery slope it’s pretty damn difficult to go back. I challenge you to spend one hour of your week watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube. Get some variety in there: The economy, healthcare, the endless wars…check out what he has to say. You may not agree with everything he believes in, I don’t, but the amount of Truth in his words makes the other candidates look like used car salesmen. I guarantee that you will be impressed, despite the fact he doesn’t have great hair or a nice pair of….eyes….like the Ken and Barbie dolls.

So, back to the question: Can Ron Paul Win? The answer isn’t just ‘yes’, it’s ‘he’s already winning’. At the coveted Iowa Straw Poll in August he came close enough to Michelle Bachmann that, although he placed second, the result was within the standard margin of error. In laymen’s terms, it was a statistical tie and there should have been a recount. Of course, this analysis doesn’t factor in Bachmann’s blatant attempt to influence the vote count in her favor. The record shows that Bachmann spent nearly one million dollars to hire country music star to play in front of more than 6,000 concertgoers; in fact, all one had to do to get their hands on a ticket (valued at $30) was register at her table and cast a vote in the straw poll. While I’m sure not every person who signed up for a free ticket cast their vote for her, that buyoff is a de facto tie-breaking win for Paul in my book.

But who cares about Bachmann? Even the mainstream media now has to admit that Dr. Paul has surpassed her and is firmly in third place behind the two Ken Dolls. Of course, that’s just the mainstream media’s opinion, we know who the real ‘top tier’ candidate is. They used to try and ignore him but they can’t do that anymore. If the corporate presstitutes have to acknowledge that Paul is in third, well, that just means he’s probably at the front of the pack. At the recent California Straw Poll on September 18th Paul outright slaughtered his competition, earning 44.9% of the vote. Ken Doll # 1 (Cowboy Ken) placed second with 29.3% of the vote and Ken Doll # 2 (Businessman Ken) came in third with a paltry 8.8% of the vote. Barbie Doll #1 (Witchcraft Barbie) landed in fourth with 7.7% of the vote, while Barbie Doll # 2 (Beauty Contest Barbie) was busy signing books and leading everyone on. That same weekend the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled due to ‘lack of interest’. Yup. I’m sure there was a lack of interest in the home State of two of the top three candidates. No sir, sounds more like Governor Cowboy called up his posse and had em put an end to that there Straw Poll. Boys, we can’t git embarrassed on our home turf now!

Listen, everyone knows Obama’s a puppet, look at his approval rating. Even the Democrats are starting to question if he should run in 2012. He’s a lame duck, and barring a ‘terrorist attack’ or a third World War (Kinetic Action) he has no hope of being reelected. So, who are you gonna pick, a Barbie Doll, a Ken Doll, or The Truth?

But this article isn’t about these other bums. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll write multiple articles exposing the lies of these puppets…but this is about why Ron Paul truly can win. This being a finance-themed blog, let’s follow the money.

You need money to win the Presidency. A lot of it. Where do most candidates get their money? Well, if you don’t know that, I think it’s time for you to do you research. Finish reading this post, of course, but please go do some research when you’re done. To sum it up, it’s the Corporations and Banksters who supply the funds and influence. Sure, there are some ‘controls’ put into place, but the true support and the true endorsement comes from the Elite. Ron Paul? He’s not really into that…not that they’d back him in the first place…but that doesn’t mean he’s not bringing in huge amounts of money to finance his campaign. Ron Paul doesn’t need to sell out to the Corporate Fascists and Bankster Elite to raise funds. Why? Because he has the People on his side. Ron Paul is the master of the Money Bomb. On his birthday he raised $1.8 Million and on Constitution Day he raised nearly $1.1 Million; in fact, that was his 5th Money Bomb to raise more than $1 Million in a 24-hour period. So what’s the difference between the puppets and the good doctor? Nearly all of Dr. Paul’s donations came from small donors; the Constitution Day Money Bomb alone had 19,219 participants, which comes out to around $56.55 per donation. Just the average guy giving him money because he believes in his message. He may not have GE, Wall Street, and foreign interests pulling his strings, but he does have the People on his side.

I think they missed a string

So go and do some research. Live up to my challenge and spend 60 minutes of your week watching videos of Ron Paul. You might even want to check out the upcoming Republican debates (there’s a big one on Thursday September 22nd, a day after this has been posted). While they pretty much censor Ron Paul, at the very least you can laugh as the Dolls repeat the canned lines and talking points that the establishment feeds them. The only thing that can stop Ron Paul from winning is people not caring and not getting informed. Trust me, the shit-storm is already here, and if we don’t get a doctor on the case we’re going to bleed out.

I’d like to thank everyone who has read my blog and shared it with friends and family, both the feedback and the number of readers has been astounding. If you believe in the message of Freedom from (and their puppets), please subscribe to my blog and continue to pass it along to people you know. If you don’t like what I write, that’s fine, just please try and think for yourself and try to be informed. I love my NFL, Jersey Shore, and video games too, but they mean nothing compared to this stuff. Ron Paul 2012!

Asking The Questions

Ten years can go by pretty quickly. I remember exactly where I was that Tuesday morning, but I’m not going to bore you with ‘my story’. Over the last week leading up to this anniversary I’m sure that you’ve already heard dozens of people give you their ‘where were you on 9/11’ schpeel. No, instead of going with that angle I am going to use this article to ask some questions that are extremely obvious but rarely brought up by the general public. I feel that the best thing we can do for the victims of 9/11 is to find out what actually happened that day. I had one person imply I was selfish for using this date to post and promote my blog. If that’s how some see it that’s fine by me; because I know that the only reason I’m doing this is to get the word out about the upcoming conflict so we can be best prepared to deal with it. The day of 9/11 was the turning point for our society and there are way too many questions remaining. I want answers to them. I think you will too.

How was the castle wall breached?

A 5-story, 6,500,000 square foot concrete structure known as the Pentagon sits on a 280-acre plot of land here in Arlington, Virginia. You may have heard of it. It serves as the nerve center of the greatest military mankind has ever known, and on any given day more than 25,000 of the nation’s best and brightest can be found within. To say that America’s castle wall was breached by a rogue commercial aircraft helmed by a group of terrorists from a cave is laughable at best.

The first aircraft hit the North tower at 8:46 AM, and the second plane hit the South tower at 9:03 AM. It wasn’t until more than half an hour later at 9:38 AM that the Pentagon was struck. One could see the inability of the nation’s air defense to prevent the first strike…perhaps even the second…but you’re telling me that the greatest military of all-time can’t identify and shoot down a lumbering jumbo jet, when said jumbo jet is heading straight for DC Airspace? I don’t have any military experience, but as an avid gamer I will tell you this: You never leave your capital unprotected. I’m not saying that The Pentagon and DC area have a secret laser weapon that can destroy anything in seconds, but I’m pretty sure the area was hardened against aerial attack from the Soviets decades ago. You’re telling me the DC area doesn’t have one SAM turret? You’re saying there weren’t 5 squads of F-18s in the air patrolling a 40 mile radius minutes after the first tower was hit? It’s a joke.

Let’s not forget to mention the difficulty of the maneuver in of itself. It’s been admitted by the mainstream media that the terrorists were barely proficient pilots; the flight schools they trained at (which were in the US, by the way) gave them poor reviews, and the instructors had concerns about their ability to fly by themselves after leaving the school. Of course, this training was at the helm of an aircraft much smaller and easier to fly than the one hijacked and smashed into the Pentagon. I have strong doubts that these n00b pilots could pull off these maneuvers while at the controls of a massive Boeing. It takes years and years of training before you can even operate a Boeing, and they hit a 5 story building, square-on, at several hundred miles per hour?

There are some ‘official’ rebuttals to these and the other issues I will bring up, but they’re superfluous at the best and downright falsified at worst. I’m not trying to tell you what happened on 9/11 because I don’t know what happened, and only a few people really do. All I know is 3,000 innocent people died and people have been in such a state of shock that they never asked the tough questions. Well, 10 years is long enough in my opinion.

“Building What?”

That’s a quote from former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld when he was asked a few months ago about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. When people think of 9/11, they obviously think of the towers first. Some people will then go on to think about the Pentagon or the fate of flight 93 which was downed in Pennsylvania. Almost no one ever mentions Building 7. I think this is because people either never heard of Building 7 or their memory is slipping a bit like Rummy’s. As a quick overview, Building 7 was in the World Trade Center complex near the towers. While it may not have looked impressive in the midst of the lower Manhattan skyline, it stood at over 600 feet and would have been the largest building in 39 of the 50 States. It collapsed at free-fall into its own footprint at 5:20 PM on September 11th, but pretty much no one knows that.

The story of this building is extremely interesting for several reasons, the first being that the official story has changed several times. I have one of those ‘flash memories’ of this building coming down and thinking it was demolished, and I specifically remember them mentioning that ‘they were taking it down’ at some point in the day’s coverage. I’ve gone online and found several other instances of newscasters, firefighters, and officials discussing countdowns and plans to bring the building down during that afternoon. The first flip-flop took the form of a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report that blamed the collapse of Building 7 on uncontrolled fire. This report rejected the hypothesis that structural damage from the falling twin towers was a primary reason for the collapse of the structure, and that the main reason it fell was because of fire. There was no mention of a demolition or planned collapse.

So we have firefighters telling people to get back because ‘they’re going to bring it down’, we have newscasters announcing the fall of the building before it fell (Click Here), but we have a FEMA report that says it fell from fire. Check out this video and let me know if that looks like a random collapse from fire or if it looks like a demolition. I’m not an engineer or an architect, but I do know that a building fire does not burn hot enough to weaken steel to such a point that it allows for a free-fall collapse. Only a small portion of the building was on fire, if you look at video from the day you can see that only one corner of the building is really showing flame or heavy smoke. There have been dozens of steel-structure buildings gutted by fire in the past 50 years; the only one to fall was Building 7.

So what’s the big deal? Maybe they just demolished the building and told everyone it was from fire so they could get the insurance money. Well, that’s possible, but I have a little surprise for you. Building 7 was a repository for hundreds of thousands of confidential and Top Secret files. The evidence and documentation for nearly 4,000 Securities and Exchange Commission cases against Wall Street was in the building, as were other federal investigative files. Many of these files were not backed up anywhere else due to their extremely confidential nature. As one agent said, “All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building”. I smell Bankster involvement.

Are we really safer a decade later?

Whether you believe the Official Faerie Tale of 9/11 or not, I’m sure you are in agreement that things were taken too far afterwards. Even if you believe that four planes could be simultaneously hijacked by men who had been living in caves, and 3 of the four would hit their targets with precision, you have to admit that the events of that day have been used to take away American freedoms for a decade. The Patriot Act is an abomination to the Constitution. A variety of Executive Orders given by Bush and continued by Obama make them de facto dictators in ‘a time of crisis’ (financial meltdown counts). That afternoon our good friend Donald Rumsfeld was quoted asking his staff to find any and all connection between the attacks and Saddam Hussein. Of course, we know there never was a connection, just as we now know that there were no weapons of mass destruction, but tell that to the nearly one million Iraqis who have died in the last 8 years. Tell that to the thousands upon thousands of US Men and Women who lost their lives, lost their friends, and lost their souls for no reason. Afghanistan is just as bad. You see, we setup al-Qaeda and the Taliban to act as a thorn in the side of the Soviets back in the 70s and 80s. Now we’re stuck fighting them, spilling countless gallons of blood and $5.5 Trillion in treasure so that more ‘extremists’ don’t pull off another impossible feat.

These are the simple facts: More people in America die per year of bee-stings or a peanut allergy than die from terrorist attacks. I’m all for preventing a suitcase nuke from being detonated in DC, mostly because I’d be dead in 0.05 seconds, but the “War on Terror” is nothing more than a cash-cow for the military industrial complex and an indoctrination into a Police State by the Department of Homeland Security. As I’ve mentioned before, this Police State was touted as the answer to preventing radical Islamists from striking again, but its true purpose will be to lock down the streets of America when the planned and coordinated economic collapse hits. Well, the collapse has begun, and it’s only going to get worse in the coming months. At this rate you will be worrying where you next meal comes from in two years, and that’s on the conservative side. The American People will be begging for the TSA on the streets and the burning of the Bill of Rights to save them from the starving masses. Luckily the Department of Homeland Security has developed a solid footing post-9/11 from which to keep us under control.

The best way to remember the fallen?

I think discussing these issues is the best way to show respect to the innocent people who perished 10 years ago. Having a moment of silence before NFL Season openers is fine, so is showing heart-wrenching documentaries on network television. However, I believe it serves as an injustice to everyone affected to take the government’s official Faery Tale as fact and not ask the tough questions. So what really happened on 9/11? Well, I don’t know, but neither does the official 9/11 Commission. Six out of the ten members admitted that they could not draw firm conclusions on events of the day because so much evidence had been deemed ‘classified’ and locked away, never to be see again. All I know is that if you look at the story in detail with an open, analytical mind, you will find that it’s a total farce. Once you realize this you begin to see who benefited from the attacks; of course, the rabbit hole usually just leads to more and more questions, but that’s fine by me. I’d rather be asking the questions than mindlessly accepting the propaganda. God Bless the victims of 9/11 and God Bless America.

Who Are The Banksters? – The MegaBanks

Goldman Sachs, now that’s a MegaBank

So I guess I gotta define “Bankster”. It’s in my domain name, I talk shit about them, and it’s even in the title of my second post, Dethrone The Banksters, so I might as well try to identify them from the get go. I’ve heard other people use the word before and it’s pretty obvious what it means…or is it? Well, it may seem complex at first…I mean, the world is freaking huge, how is it even possible that a very small minority can manipulate and control the vast majority to such a degree?….but after doing some research (and hopefully reading my blog), I think you’ll find it’s actually not very difficult, and it’s actual the norm in the course of human history.

The loosely defined name ‘Bankster’ has several related terms: Globalist, Collectivist, Technocrat, Monopoly Man, Robber Baron…and those are just a few off the top of my head. The thing is, when people ask me “Who runs the New World Order?”, it’s tough for me to come up with a definite list because it’s more of a philosophy and an undercurrent of power as opposed to a group of men sitting around a table smoking cigars. By the way, know that New World Order (NWO) is yet another term similar to Bankster (and no, Razor Ramon and Hulk Hogan are not members of this NWO). While it can be tough to pinpoint the exact parties who are pulling the strings of power, I hope to sketch a basic outline of the financial wing of those men behind the curtain.

This “Who Are The Banksters” series of articles will attempt to identify who the Banksters are and how they operate. I’m going to start with the banks everyone knows; you know, the “Mega Banks”. You probably have an account or three with them like i do. Yes, even I’m so sucked into the system that I bank with one of these sick creatures After writing this post I vowed to change that by cancelling my accounts and switching everything to a local bank. In future articles in this series I’ll discuss the inner workings and the goals of the other half of this global banking cartel: The IMF, The World Bank, and The Federal Reserve System.

But first, some quotes, because everyone loves quotes.

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply”

– Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”

– Thomas Jefferson

” I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe”

– Abraham Lincoln

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and  monetary system; for if they did,  I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”

– Henry Ford

JP Morgan Chase

I’m putting JP Morgan Chase at the top of the list because I have some personal connection to it. When I was a Sophomore in high school I opened my first ever checking account with BankOne, which was eventually bought out by JP Morgan, so I have had the pleasure of feeding this particular beast for several years now. I don’t even want to know the amount of interest, penalties, and fees I’ve given up to this behemoth. That’s not why it made the top of the list though. The thing with JP Morgan is that it always seems like it ends up on top no matter the situation. Take the whole derivatives crisis of the 2000s that led to our current “Greatest Recession” (as quoted by little Timmy Geithner at the Treasury): Not only was JP Morgan the architect of the whole derivative Ponzi scheme, they benefited immensely from the havoc that resulted from the implosion of the market and its eventual ‘recovery’.

Take the collapse of Bear Stearns as a simple, recent instance of JP Morgan ‘luckily’ being at the right place at the right time. At the height of the real estate Ponzi-scheme, on January 17th, 2007, Bear Stearns’ closing price was $169.33 per share. A little more than a year later, their stock had lost half of its value, closing at $85.88 on February 27th, 2008. This was just the build-up; financial collapses always pick up momentum and ferocity, and in March of that year, facing collapse, Bear Stearns sold out to JP Morgan at $10 per share. Don’t forget the little tidbit about the initial price being $2 per share…but not even the Banksters thought they could get away with that level of plunder, so they ended up raising their bid. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me, especially considering that the ill-effects of any toxic assets on Bear Stearn’s balance sheet would be wholly negated by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury through various forms of stimulus, ‘quantitative easing’, and banker bailouts.

I’m also a fan of the Washington Mutual acquisition, where JP Morgan paid $2.6 Billion for the bank (which had $327 Billion in assets)…not bad at all. I’m particularly keen on the fact that the CEO of WaMu ended up receiving his full $7.5 million signing bonus in addition to his $11.6 million golden parachute…all after 17 days on the job. Seriously, that’s pretty impressive, all in all it comes out to $46,813.73 per hour assuming a 24-hour workday and no weekends…not too shabby! Heck, JP Morgan even got some tax benefits for that purchase, that’s some slick accounting alright. To cut to the Chase (ha), JP Morgan is probably the most elite of the MegaBanks; it doesn’t have to get its hands too dirty, and it usually gets first dibs on the loot.

All you need to do is do some rudimentary research and you’ll see that JP Morgan has had a long history of working behind the scenes with the centers of power. It has been a chief financier of every war since World War I, when it established itself as the sole underwriter of war bonds for the United Kingdom in France. Who knows what type of cash flow the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are producing for this global banking conglomerate. In addition to financing war, the bank (along with its former investment arm Morgan Stanley) is a primary dealer of US Treasuries to the private Federal Reserve. In layman’s terms, a company that is a primary dealer to the Fed has massive influence on monetary policy, which in turn can be used in a way similar to knowledge of inside information. Taking a quick look at some of the alumni of JP Morgan gives a great portrait of the power and influence the bank has throughout the world. This laundry list of Bankster alumni include former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as well as former US Secretary of State George Shultz, who also served two years as the Treasury Secretary. Of more recent note, William M. Daley, youngest child of former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, and brother to former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, is the White House Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration. That’s change you can believe in.

Goldman Sachs

Everyone knows Goldman Sachs, and pretty much everyone hates them. Back when I was a kid in high school and college I always thought people were just hating on the big banks because they were jealous of their size and success. Then again, back then I was also proud to pay my taxes because I felt that my money would be used wisely to improve America…so you live, you learn. Now, why do people hate Goldman? Well, it’s true that they are the biggest and baddest, and it’s true that many aspiring business students dream of working there and may be miffed when they don’t receive an offer (trust me, I never applied). But there is much more to it than that. If JP Morgan is the head of the Bankster’s commercial banking arm, Goldman is the King of investment banks. If you want to do a big time transaction, you have Goldman on the  phone. If you think JP Morgan had a nice list of alumni, wait to you see some of them from Goldman: Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, current World Bank President Robert Zoellick, and President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William C. Dudley, to start. If you make it past the intense screening process, drink the Goldman kool-ade, and donate 80-90 hours of your life per week for a decade, you can really go place with Goldman Sachs.Much like JP Morgan, Goldman also serves as a primary dealer of US Treasuries to the private Federal Reserve. In all, it’s probably fair to say that Goldman has more political and economic influence than JP Morgan, while using its power in a more subtle way. The thing is, just because the average Joe doesn’t interact with Goldman or some of these other Bankster organizations doesn’t mean that the banking cartel doesn’t directly affect his life. In reality, that’s my primary purpose behind this blog; exposing these Banksters is what I do now.

Goldman serves as the grand conductor of finance for the Fortune 500. There are a few other MegaBanks with the knowledge, know-how, and connections, but if you’re serious about doing it big, you’re doing it with Goldman Sachs. Try this exercise: Write down the name of 5 large companies (I chose Google, Ford, Wal-Mart, Microsoft and GE) and search “Goldman Sachs + (company name)”. I can pretty much guarantee you that all five searches return a large number of results about both the various finance deals struck between the two entities, and Goldman’s public outlook or forecast of ABC Company’s future stock price. That goes to the heart of what Goldman is all about; it makes the inside deals with the corporate conglomerates, while at the same time giving investment advice about said corporate conglomerates. Conflict of interest anyone? Don’t forget that this MegaBank also does a very large amount of business with municipalities and States; if there’s a major market, you can be sure that Goldman has a tentacle or three in it.

Goldman Sachs really showed its true colors leading up to the Financial Crisis of 2008. It has been caught in ‘ethically questionable’ practices hundreds of times, but my personal favorite was the surfacing of an internal E-Mail written by a top Goldman executive that labeled a financial deal backed by mortgage-backed securities a, well, “shitty deal” (I just realized that this article is quickly just becoming a collection of my favorite stories…too bad). In the months following the distribution of this E-Mail, Goldman went on to sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of these derivative products to investors, while at the same time making massive bets on the failure of those products. Yes, in case you didn’t know, Goldman Sachs is pretty evil.

Bank of America, CitiGroup, Wells Fargo, et al

Before I go any further I’d like to once again mention that 90% of the employees at these companies are so heavily compartmentalized and bogged down with corporate red tape that they can’t even tell which way is up. However, as the Nuremberg trials showed us, using the defense of ‘I was just following orders’ isn’t going to save you from the firing squad when you have been caught red-handed performing heinous crimes. Goldman may be a bit of an exception since it’s much more tightly knit, but at the vast majority of companies the common worker is unaware of the purpose of his or her work product. I’m not saying that the customer service representative at your local branch who signed off on fraudulent mortgages deserves a decade of hard time, but perhaps the Regional Vice President who ordered the Branch Manager to push Jumbo loans off on people making $40,000 per year needs some lovin from Bubba. While the decisions are made at the very top, the true power of each organization, and the Banksters and NWO as a whole, comes from the hundreds of thousands of underlings who put policy into effect; either willingly and of their own accord, or unknowingly through what they see as their harmless 9-5 office job.

Now, back to the MegaBanks. Truth be told, if I wrote a profile on every Bankster organization I could easily fill a 400-page book without trying very hard. So, in the interest of keeping this post somewhat ‘blog friendly’, I’ll briefly discuss a few more of these scumbags. One good example to start us off on was a 2010 incident involving Bank of America wrongfully foreclosing on a couple’s home in Florida. The MegaBank broke into the home, seized belongings, and changed the locks. The only problem? The couple had purchased the home five years earlier, in full, with cash. Not only was Bank of America never involved in that transaction, it never even had a connection to any of the previous owners. A simple ‘coding error’ led to the ransacking of the dream home of two law-abiding citizens. Should the analyst who made this error be strung up for his mistake? As a risk analyst myself I’d prefer to not have that precedent set, because sometimes mistakes are made, but it gets much better…Bank of America continued the foreclosure process for weeks after the mistake had been found, and, despite the insistence of its own realtor, the bank didn’t give up the wrongly seized house until the local Sheriff’s office entered a local branch and threatened to take the money owed to the family out of the bank’s vault. The Bankster’s hate bad press (lucky for them they own most of the mainstream media), so the situation was quickly rectified. This is but one of countless untold stories of a similar nature; and they all have one common thread among them. To the Banksters, humans are only good for profit, and once the profit is sucked out of us, we’re crushed and discarded like an empty can of Keystone Light.

Now it’s time for my favorite bedtime story, I can’t wait to someday tell it to my children. It goes like this:

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a little bear named Wachovia. The little bear was sad because it couldn’t keep up on the hunts with the big bears. One day, a big bear named Wells Fargo took pity on Wachovia and asked him to join his family. Little Wachovia was sooooo excited. The two bears lived happily ever after, laundering a total of $378.3 Billion in drug money from Mexico and Latin America over a four year period. The End.

Ok, that’s enough. Just go Google this shit for real. Search “Wells Fargo launders drug money”. Do some research on CitiGroup and Bank of America. Throw in UBS for the hell of it, maybe some Morgan Stanley. It’s easy. If you can read and tie your shoes, you know all these companies are shiesty. Unfortunately, a lot of people A) Can’t read and tie their shoes, and/or B) Don’t care because they are totally zombified by TV, Call of Duty, Pop Culture, and a solid diet of McDonald’s, Krispy Kremes, and prescription pills. I mean, that sounds fun to me sometimes too, I could certainly enjoy a Big Mac and some Xanies right now, but I kind of hate being robbed by a bunch of Bankster fucks, so I think I’ll have to choose option C) Being The Resistance. I hope you will too, but that’s on you.

I appreciate everyone who has been sharing my articles with their friends and family, my last article Dethrone The Banksters was viewed by twice as many people on its published date than my first entry, The Basics, and I hope that this post doubles up on that figure. I’ll be back this week with a special on the 10th Anniversary of September 11th; trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss that one. Just look at what’s happening in Europe: We’re approaching the tipping point, and the more people we get informed this minute the better our chances against the Banksters when they pull the rug out from under us and the true collapse occurs. Plant the seeds! Ron Paul 2012!