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Democrat? Republican? False Paradigm. There are only Banksters, and the minions who serve them. Will you join in the fight to expose their fraud or will you cower in fear from your debt masters? Explore this site to learn who the Banksters are, how they are fleecing you and your family, and how we can dethrone these moneychangers once and for all. Send feedback to DethroneTheBanksters@gmail.com

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Tired of being financially raped by Bankster Terrorists and the MegaCorporations they own? Join me in the fight to expose and defeat these scum!

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"Good humor, no doubt. There are so many that need to be exposed to the truth and this is a great website for that."

"EBB" - Expose Bad Banks

"My favorite part about listening to the Patriot Power Hour is the variety of topics and guests that Ben brings to his listeners. Each episode has its own flavor, and it's always fun to call-in to participate! If ever there was a 'talk show for the people' it would be the Patriot Power Hour."

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